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                                       Ancient Egypt Map
Use the following maps in The World and Its People; pages 72, 74, 82, 84, 621, and 626.

Assignment Requirements
Follow all directions closely and label all and only the items listed below.
1.   Label the following cities and identify location with a ! (6 points)
     a.    Abu Simbel                     e.    Luxor                          i.    Sidon
     b.    Akhetaton                      f.    Memphis                        j.    Syene
     c.    Giza                           g.    Meroë                          k.    Thebes
     d.    Karnak                         h.    Napata                         l.    Tyre
2.   Label and color the following rivers and bodies of water blue (4 points)
     a.    Blue Nile River                                  e.    Nile Delta
     b.    Gulf of Aden                                     f.    Nile River
     c.    Lake Tana                                        g.    Red Sea
     d.    Mediterranean Sea                                h.    White Nile River
3.   Label the following geographic features and regions (4 points)
     a.    Arabian Desert                                   e.    Nubian Desert
     b.    Arabian Peninsula                                f.    Sinai Peninsula
     c.    Libyan Desert                                    g.    Somali Peninsula
     d.    Lower Egypt                                      h.    Upper Egypt
4.   Draw and label the following features of modern-day Egypt (2 points)
     a.    Aswan Dam                                        c.    Lake Nasser
     b.    Cairo (Capital City)                             d.    Suez Canal
5.   Label all six cataracts of the Nile River and show their location with a         (2 points)

6.   Color the map to show fertile land or desert. Use the map on page 82 to find the fertile area (3

7.   Draw a compass rose that includes the four cardinal directions and the four intermediate
     directions (2 points)

8.   Use the box in the upper right of the map to create a legend (3 points)
     a.    Include a title for the map (in the legend).
     b.    Explain colors and symbols.
9.   Quality of work (4 points)
     a.    Neatly and lightly color the map in color pencil, not markers. Color in one direction and stay
           within the lines.
     b.    All labels must be written neatly in pen so they are easy to read.
     c.    Capitalize the first letter of proper nouns. Spell words correctly.

Total Points _____ / 30

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