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Interest is the best teacher.
Enter the job market, job seekers may get a job or work to find a good treatment,
regardless of the content of the work would take the job, and work hard. Over time,
you will find they simply can not work into the state of tired of doing their work,
continue to do so will only make their own physical and mental fatigue. At this time,
job-seekers into confusion in career development.
For those who lost employment, is often a lack of awareness of their own, many
people may not have been good to analyze what type of work they like, do not know
what the work environment in order to realize their potential maximum. Study, work
is often "short-sighted", the only measure from the current
situation, not from his own career to consider sustainable development.
100 pedestrian network ( and Nankai University psychology
experts and other professional organizations, human resource experts to prepare a
"professional        orientation,    primary    evaluation,"      the
characteristics of the applicant's career interest in depth analysis, and gives
"and the applicant's career interests match the" work,
and career development proposals. Through testing and analysis, so that job on their
own have a more objective and accurate understanding of their future career choices
and career development for its reference, to avoid blindness.
Way through the 100's "primary professional orientation
measurement," you can obtain the following information:
1, your type of career interests
2, detailed analysis of your career interests
3, you need to pay attention to career development issues
4, the direction of your career development and recommendations
Now, Let's read the evaluation report.

Theoretical background

This test is based on Holland's vocational interest American psychologist
based on the theory of your hobbies, and objective analysis of the data obtained to
accurately draw the type of your career interests.
Holland from the perspective of interest to explore the issue of vocational guidance,
personality and environment interaction under the point of view, the people are
divided into six major categories: real type (R), research (I), Artistic (A), community
type ( S), business type (E), conventional-type (C), professional environment with the
same title is divided into six categories.

Career interest and vocational environment match is to determine the success of one
of the most important factors. People often tend to choose self-employment and
occupational interest type matching, such as the tendency of individuals usually have
a realistic hope that in the real type of professional work environment in order to
maximize their individual potential.

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Expert team:

Yue Guoan: China Association of Social Psychology, Chinese Psychological Society,
vice president, Head of the Department of Social Psychology, Nankai University,
China University of Political and Social Sciences Dean, Professor, Ph.D. advisor,
special allowance, Ministry of Education of psychological Teaching Steering
Committee Member, International Council of Psychologists Board (ICP) senior
members, foreign members of the American Psychological Association.
Wang New: Nankai University, Zhou Enlai, vice president of government
management, professor, Ph.D.; director of the Association of Chinese Social
Psychology; the Chinese Psychological Society, Psychology and the History of
Professional Committee, University of Minnesota in the United States, Portland State
University, University of Hawaii, Canada Haideleike University and Chinese
University of Hong Kong academic visit or lecture.
Boqing: Deputy Director of the Sociology Department of Nanjing University,
Professor. Worked in the Department of Nanjing University of juvenile (now
strengthen the Department), Nankai University, Department of Sociology, Nanjing
University, Department of Sociology, bachelor, master's and doctoral
degrees. Research areas are contemporary Western social theory, sociology of
emotions, the history of consumer psychology and sociology. With a
"social psychology methodology," "consumer
psychology" and other scholarly works of psychology.
Turin To: Doctor of Psychology, Nankai University, Associate Professor, Applied
Psychology master instructor, Nanjing University doctoral business administration;
global professional planner (GCDF) 9 of cadets; at home and abroad Shi Yupian core
journals published papers, published " Career Management
"(Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, January 2006 edition),"
Students Career Planning and Development "(Hohai University Press,
August 2005 first edition, June 2006 Second Edition) on occupational planning two
Let's work together to read your test report it!
Data analysis based on your evaluation, your professional interest in the arts of
conventional type!
Score Description:
You type in a career in the higher score indicates that you are more suitable for the
relevant work of the professional environment, with the highest score is the most
suitable for your item type of occupation; the other hand, you type in a lower score,
indicating that The more you are not suitable for this type of job.
You should try to avoid in choosing the type of occupation chosen the lowest scores,
because this type of work and your self-interest in very different, may not help you to
be happy in their work performance and satisfaction and to make; if you have two
species (or more) of the professional type of scoring the same, that those two (or more)
types are more in line with your career.

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Social type like working with people, good at understanding and understanding others,
outgoing light.
Influence and persuade business model like others, have organized leadership,
talkative optimistic and energetic.
Conventional-type things like a clear, specific plan, follow the rules, strict carefully.
Real type of the operation, very interested in technology, like to use tools to solve the
problem, down to earth.
Research curiosity strong, with the study spirit, like logical thinking, explore, analyze.
Artistic pursuit of individuality and imagination, artistic cells, like innovation.

Professional Interests: Art tendency

Your main interest is reflected in artistic tendencies
Communication in your circle, you are a relatively personalities.
For you, living out of character to live out your own. Every detail of life, you are
eager to demonstrate their unique aspects. Rules and traditions of the mechanical
work will make you feel tired and tired. Instead of the default rules in step by step, as
lines like life, not as hard to learn to experience your favorite, original, unique.
You always have a lot of weird ideas, there are always other people think of ways to
deal with what had happened, this may be where your personality, like innovation, do
not take unusual way.
Artistic side of things always attract your eye, you have to spend a lot of spare time
such as music, movies, art, literature and other cultural aspects of. Perhaps now you
have a field on which to spend a lot of time, and adopted the materials from deep. I
believe that literature and art on the way to go if you work hard heart will go more
smoothly than others.
In the emotional, you seem delicate and emotional, very often, nostalgic state of mind
would you take, you miss the past and lost.

Professional Interests: General tendencies

Second, you tend to also show some general interest.
You do things in order, you will start a task before, usually planned in advance, and
then methodically, step by step step by step to achieve. Everything orderly, your heart
will not panic, life will be discrepancies.
Of course, in some people's eyes, you may be a relatively conservative
person, you are always cautious to learn, to work, to life. May be because of your
rules and discretion, the student, your discipline, a teacher like a good student; in your
career, you are steadfast, loyal and reliable, would be a good boss assured trust staff.
You do not make a good decision, especially a very important decision. Because you
do not like adventure and competition, you try to maintain a peaceful and calm state,
the failure of decision-making may be to break the inertia of your life, so calm your
life lost. Are you afraid to face the confusion in the situation. Therefore, more often,
you will readily accept other people's leadership and command, rather than
hands-on, their hands-on organizing an event, or lead some people.
In addition, you must have patience than others will pay attention to minute details,
confidence, patience and will let you find some people ignore the facts.

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Attention to the problem:

The pursuit of individuality is not a bad thing, but sometimes it may hurt others, or
even hurt themselves. After all, society is composed of different personalities, if
everyone went wayward to life, may it will hurt other people. Therefore, the Institute
of empathy is very important personality in full play, when you try to stand in
someone else's point of view the problem under consideration, perhaps this
will make you go more smoothly, and farther.
You have some emotional feelings you more vulnerable to outside influence, may be
of great volatility in the short period of time. Also, you do something idealistic,
striving for perfection, some do not pay attention to reality, the total looking to find
the most simple, or special methods to solve the problem, but sometimes the problem
can be resolved step by step step by step.
Do not forget, the so-called perfect world, only a concept, really perfect does not exist.
While these ideas in your imagination, sweeping away to consider the feasibility of
your plans and get down to solid ground to complete. Otherwise, just your personal
profile, not your real life conditions.


Like requests with artistic accomplishment, creativity, skills and intuition, and used
language, behavior, sounds, colors and forms of aesthetic, the work of thinking and
And attention to detail like some of the requirements, accuracy, systematic and
coherent work. Some have the records, archives, according to specific requirements or
procedures for organizing data and text information professional.
Such as: literature, music, art editor, photographer, costume design

Interest, occupation and hobbies and interests,

The initial evaluation of vocational interests mainly personal dimension as the only
study, evaluation results are the subjects of career interest in the real reaction on
career choices.
According to the breadth of interest, depth and stability, the level of interest can be
divided into primary (fun), secondary level (fun) and senior level (inclination). The
development of general interest to the fun from the fun, the fun to the inclination.
Interesting, is interested in developing the first phase and the initial level, young
people and adults are often the opposite sex for the things that attracted new interest,
this interest often intuitive, blind and diffuse, and is often unstable and change.
Fun, is interested in developing the second phase and the medium level, it is
interesting to developed on the basis of. When the gradual interesting specificity and
focus, and an object of special interest generated, will be fun. Fun with specificity,
spontaneity and a certain degree of persistence.
Inclination, is interested in developing the third phase and the high level. It is
developed on the basis of fun together. And with high ideals and lofty personal goals
linked. Inclination with consciousness, orientation, and persistence, and has social
Between people in the interest rate on the development of a greater difference, and
some people can quickly read the fun from the fun to develop the sense of fun, some
people have long-term stay in an interesting and fun stage, reach inclination state.

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How to achieve the inclination?
Psychology that affects people's career choices psychological dimensions,
not just a personal interest, but also individual natural abilities and personality traits.
Only people interested in high ideals and goals in life linked to the development of the
sense of fun, but the realization of the noble ideals and lofty life goals, only interest
and enthusiasm are not enough to fully take into account whether the ideals and
objectives of individual ability and personality are good at adapting, scientific goal in
life and career direction should be the personal ability, personality and interest such as
an organic combination of the three. Choose your career is a personal interest in
becoming a bridge inclination.
100 pedestrian network in the launch of "professional orientation, the
primary evaluation" basis, while providing "high-level
evaluation of professional orientation" services, from the subjects natural
ability, personality traits, career interest assessment of a comprehensive analysis of
the three dimensions, which draw more comprehensive and scientific evaluation
report of professional orientation.
Welcome to 100 Advanced Assessment service
professional orientation purposes.

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