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									How To Buy A Used Car

 Renbo Song
 September 06
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 Why used car?
 Useful information about used car
 Buy from private seller
 Do's and Don'ts when buying a Used Car
Why used car?

 For most newcomer, limited budget,
 no credit record and no driving
 experience make the used cars be
 the better choice over new cars.
 Useful Information
Disaster Damaged Cars
  Cars damaged in disasters will be salvaged, rebuilt, sold at car
   auctions and have their titles rebuilt, most likely out of state. Even if
   you live in another state, run a CARFAX Record Check on every used
   car before you buy. Major vehicle disasters:

  Hurricane Katrina in 2005 totaled and flooded tens of thousands of
  vehicles in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama
  4 Hurricanes, Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne battered the
  Southeast in 2004
  WTC attack on September 11, 2001
  Tropical Storm Allison Flooded 20,000 Houston homes and cars in
  In 1999 Hurricane Floyd flooded or totaled 15,000 cars in the
  In 1999 Hurricane Irene flooded hundreds of cars in South Florida
Useful Information
What a vehicle title search gives you?
  Odometer actual mileage check, alerts if the odometer was
  rolled back (digital odometers!)
  If the used car was in an accident, it may show up in the auto
  title search
  If the used car was flooded, totaled by insurance, whether it
  was sold at an auction, if it has a salvage title
  Number of owners, dates when each owner bought the used
  car, if it was leased, a rental car, or a fleet car, or
  government vehicle
  Any auctions such as salvage or normal off lease wholesale
  auctions it may have been sold at
  When the dealer took delivery. Use this to haggle a lower
  price if the used car has been sitting on the lot for months
Useful Information

     Websites to check for car price:

  You should price out a used car on Edmunds, and Kelley Blue Book to
                        get a consensus on price
 Be sure to use the forum of Edmunds to ask your questions and for help
Steps to buy:
 Determine what you want
 Call the seller
 Go check out the seller's used car
 Start Working On The Seller
 Test Drive The Seller's Used Car
 Check All The Fluids
 Negotiating the Price With The Seller
 Complete the sale
Determine what you want
Website: (private & dealer) sales

Paper media
 Morning call and other local papers
  Free brochure in most food market,
 such as wawa, Giant
Call the seller
     A lot of data you need before you can
     properly negotiate the price of the car, so
     call the seller to ask:
1)   Why are you selling the car?
2)   How many miles are on it?
3)   Do they have all the maintenance records,
     proof of tune ups, and oil change receipts?
4)   Is there any other known issues or needed
     repairs that you should know about?
Go check out the seller's used car

Check the driveway or garage floor
  for signs of fluid leaks:
 Rust colored stains: a leaking radiator.
 Black or Brown puddles and stains :oil
  or transmission fluid leak,
 Purple puddles: transmission fluid leaks.
Start Working On The Seller

 Have your partner be negative, be
 picky, and confidence, but not rude.
 Tactic: rub your finger over every
 major scratch or dimple, and shake
 your head no in disappointment
Test Drive The Seller's Used Car

 Listen for noises, rattles, or grinding sounds.
 Check the heater and the A/C, drive it in
 the daylight when the sun is hottest, to see
 how the A/C performs.
 Battery, radio, CD player
 Feel the shift of transmission, drive to
 check the alignment; bear to one side?
 Check all the lights
Check All The Fluids
 Check under the hood to see how
 clean the engine is
 Is the radiator fluid green? (brown!)
 Transmission fluid, it should be purple
 if it's fresh, slightly brown if it's older.
 It should NOT be black.
 Ask the seller to point out all known
 defects, problems, issues, etc. with
 the car.
Negotiating the Price With The Seller
   Offer what the car is worth based on
   market values given by car pricing
   sites. They will all have varying
   values, so get an average figure, and
   print out from all the sites. (Refer to
   website info.)
   Choose ads that are lower priced than
   the seller's car, to prove he is asking
   more than others.
Complete the sale
If you buy from a private seller, it's "As
Is", you have no choice, Have a good
mechanic perform an inspection of the
NEVER take delivery of a used car from a
seller without the title! If the seller does
not have the title, they are not the owner
of the vehicle.
Do's and Don'ts when buying a Used Car

   Do Check a used car history report This does not give you a 100%
   warranty that the car is OK, but may save you some money if it will show you
   some bad records.
   Do ask someone knowledgeable to inspect the car for you;
   Don't buy a car after a serious accident - especially following a frontal
   Don't buy a car as soon as you see it. Take your time, test drive the car
   as long as you can.
   Don't base your decision on what you have been told. "One Owner,
   highway driven" in fact, may be an ex-rental, heavily abused vehicle.
   Don't buy a car if you have reservations or hesitate for one reason or
   another…if you don't have a good 'gut' feeling about it. If the transmission
   shifts harshly, etc. - move on.
   Don't buy a car if it needs some "minor" repairs. Often this results in
   spending big bucks for repairs that never seem to end.
   Don't buy a flooded car; it may look good and still be drivable but later a
   flooded car may develop many expensive to fix problems: corrosion, electrical,
   electronics, wheel bearings, transmission, etc.
   Don't be rude to a salesperson at the dealership. Be persistent but not rude;
   treat them well and they will be willing to help you...
BTW: daily deal hunting (hot deal forum)
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