Making a Battery by LisaB1982



And it all started when……

 At

the University of Bologna  Made a frog leg jump using a static electricity generator  Called this “Animal Electricity”  Achieved this also with two different metals brass and iron pressed into a frog’s spine

 Disputed

Galvani’s idea of animal electricity  Used an electroscope to detect a charge from two dissimilar metals  Listed the electrochemical series  Created the first battery with zinc, silver, and dilute acid

Dry cell

Wet Cell

 Simplest

battery contains two plates or rods called electrodes that are immersed in a solution called an electrolyte  Dry cell batteries use a paste

You have 15 minutes to make a battery that produces a spark when the wires are held close to one another

-If you achieve this, you will get 5 points added onto your next quiz. -foil, salt water, at least ten pennies, paper towels, tape, and two wires

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