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									                         IAM/Boeing Health & Safety Institute
                               Guidelines for Approved Safety Shoes
 When purchasing & submitting a Safety Shoe Reimbursement Form, the following information serves
 as primary criteria for determining if purchased shoes/boots meet reimbursement category approval.

Categories               Definition                          Example’s Only (Mens)                                     Additional Details
                    Metallic toe cap shoe            Brand: Shoes For Crews Brand: CAT-Burlington                  Numerous models & styles
Steel-toed          that meets or exceeds
                                                                  Style: 8089       Style: 94043-709
                                                                                                                   available. Visit with a SHEA
Shoes               ANSI compression and                                                                           rep., approving manager,
                    impact test requirements.                                                                      safety or monitor/shop steward
                                                                                                                   regarding which products best
                                                                                                                   protect in your work area.
                                                               Brand: Iron Age         Brand: HYTEST
 Composite Sometimes referred to as                            Style: 608              ID:13106
                                                                                                                   Shoes/boots of this nature
             a “tech toe” lightweight,                                                                             provide toe protection yet
 -toed Shoes non-metallic toe cap that                                              GORE-TEX
                                                                                                                   reduces concerns associated
                   meets or exceeds all six                                                                        with electrical and cold
                   ANSI safety standards.                                                                          temperature work conditions.
                                                              Brand: WORX                     Brand: Nautilus
 Non-Skid          See Non-slip, Slip                           Style: 5597
                                                                                                                   See Non-slip, Slip Resistant
                   Resistant Sole Shoes                                                          Style: S105       Sole Shoes
 Sole Shoes

               Footwear made of rubber,                             Brand: Bata Hazmax        Brand: Lehigh        Shoes should be resistant to
Chemical-      vinyl or plastic & having                                Style: 145-4226          Style: 1108       chemicals commonly used in
Resistant      synthetic stitching.                                                                                your job or work area. Shoe
Shoes          Designed to keep hazard-                                                                            design must protect the entire
               ous chemicals from                                                                                  foot for chemical resistance
               penetrating the shoe/boot.                                                                          beyond just the shoe’s sole.
               Non-slip, slip resistant             Brand: Dr. Martens                                             Shoes can only be slip resistant
Non-Slip                                                         Industrial Series:         Brand: Carolina
Slip-Resistant sole shoes. Shoes with                                    8836                 Style: Regent
                                                                                                                   and never non-slip. Under some
Sole Shoes     tread design characteristics                                                         (Slip-on)      conditions slips are unavoidable.
               that most effectively resist                                                                        No one sole design is best for all
               slippage where conditions                                                                           conditions. Must be slip/skid
               may exist for accidents.                                                                            resistant per ANSI Standards.

Anti-Static Reduces the accumulation                 Brand: Red Wing                  Brand: Hush Puppies          Designed for employees who
               of excess static electricity.                    Style: 8662                     Style: 30201
Static                                                                                                             work with sensitive electronics
Dissipative    Commonly used in                                                                                    or highly flammable products.
               electronically sensitive                                                                            Static electricity discharge can
Shoes          areas.                                                                                              lead to dangerous situations or
                                                                                                                   damage sensitive parts.
                                                                              Pro static dissipative + steel toe
            Also referred to as puncture                Brand: Lehigh                       Brand: WORX            Preventing injuries from shoe
 Metal Chip resistant. Corrosion                               Style: 1115                         Style: 9245     sole punctures is most critical
                                                                                                  + Slip Resist.
 Resistant  resistant stainless steel mid                                                           + Steel Toe    feature. Puncture, cut and tear
 Shoes      sole. Withstands punctures                                                                             resistance is important for shoe
            up to 270 lbs. of force.                                                                               /boot upper as well.

Note: The intent of the language in Article 16.4b of the 2002 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the IAM and Boeing is to further the
longstanding commitment to individual employee safety and regulatory compliance. Appropriate personal protective equipment and safety
devices such as safety shoes in the above categories should help our joint pursuit of an injury-free workplace. Safety shoes that qualify for
reimbursement are intended to be of an industrial grade nature. In general, tennis shoes and/or casual style shoes that are not steel or
composite-toed, WILL NOT qualify as “approved” safety shoes. If such shoes are advertised by the manufacture as non-slip or non-skid or
slip/skid resistant per ANSI standards they may qualify as reimbursable. Such approvals will be made on a case-by-case basis. Neither the
Boeing Company nor the HSI is recommending or endorsing any particular brand or model of safety shoes/boots.

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