children's onomatopoeia poems

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					                              Onomatopoeia Poems
Onomatopoeia is when a word imitates the sound is represents.

Boat                                        The Act
Swoosh, swish                               Flick, the lights go on,
paddling down a creek                       Clap! Shout! The show must go on
splish, splash, whump                       Screech, bump, the microphone's gone!
a fish jumps on me                          Click, clack, goes the shoes
                                            Swoosh, creak, the curtains open
Watery Mess                                 Ding, dong, the bells ring
Drip, drip, drip                            Ting, Tang, the triangles go,
The faucet had a leak                       "And they lived happily ever after."
slop, drop, plop                            Laughter, cheering, "encore" the show is
It fell in a spot                           done.
slippery, sliding, slip
Puddle underneath the sink                  The Storm
Time to clean it up,                        Boom, snap, crackle
What do you think?                          The thunder starts
                                            Bang, bump, boom,
                                            It's all fine
MARCHING BAND                               Thud, thud, thud,
boom! boom!
                                            the rain begins to fall harder
bang the drum
ta-diddy-ta!                                Splash, sploosh, splash
here they come                              Strong men try to save the town.

pah! pah!                                   Skeletons
trombone grand                              The sharp were eaten,
bright silver sound                         humming melodies turned bone.
in marching band                            Unexpected home
                                            cut soft.
ting! ting!                                 Secrets shelled timidly,
triangle ring                               like rippling leaves.
sharp and high
                                            Water exiling
sound in sky
                                            slipping stone.
wrreee! wrree!
whistle blow
leads the row

wah! wah!
bagpipes moan
wheel around
and head for home

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