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									AdaptAir™ – Mobile Java™ Producer


§ AdaptAir™ is Windows based authoring tool that
  enables users to compose and create Mobile Java™
  MIDlets from wide range of file formats (text and
  images) and/or from the internet links without any

§ No programming skills or Mobile Java™ technical
  knowledge is required to use AdaptAir™, as creating
  of MIDlets becomes as simple as creating PowerPoint
  presentations, just inserting and editing text and/or
  image content

§ AdaptAir™ can be used either as professional
  authoring tool for mobile content publishers or as
  utility for any kind of business and professional who
  needs simple, fast and inexpensive way to export
  some information to mobile phones or to have some
  information accessible from their mobile phones

                                                                How does it works?

§   Simple demo MIDlet can be created just with few mouse clicks
§   With popup menu options just import files into new (blank) project

                                                            Import Offline Content

§   Imported content is displayed within project window ( in this example, MS Word file and
    bitmap image are imported)

§   On content import, AdaptAir converts it to the format acceptable for MIDlet (e.g. MS
    Word file into plain text, and bitmap image into JPEG or PNG image)

§   Content can be imported either through dialog boxes (e.g. “Open file”) or by simple drag
    & drop of the content files into item panel

                                                           Import Offline Content

§   Now it takes two just (2) more mouse click to create this simple MIDlet: Save & Compile

§   After demoproject is compiled to Mobile Java™ MIDlet, it can be run in Sun WTK
    Emulator that is invoked directly from AdaptAir.

                                                Import Content From Internet

§   To import content from internet into your MIDlet, you can just drop the links into
    project window or, type the URL addresses into item’s property dialogs

§   Internet item in this example is created from GNU Free Doc. License
    (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl-1.3.txt ) as Text Item and of dynamically generated
    PNG image from StockCharts.com (http://stockcharts.com/c/mini?s=homepage)

                                    Content From Internet – MIDlet View

§   After Save & Compile actions, demoproject MIDlet now can display internet content
    from the imported links

§   Long text can be scrolled up/down by single line or by “page” (display size of mobile
    device). Images then exceeds size of display can be moved with up-down & right-left
    buttons on mobile device.

                                        Import content from MS Excel Files
§   MS Excel file (“spreadsheet”) is converted to CSV files on import into project and
    displayed as table

                                      MS Excel Spreadsheet – MIDlet View

§   MIDlet displays imported spreadsheet as list of item where each item represents the
    single row of the table
§   On select action on single item, table row is displayed as single page of information on
    MIDlet screen

                                                Import Table From Internet

§   In this example, dynamically created .CSV content
    (http://biz.yahoo.com/p/csv/775conameu.csv ) is imported to project and it is
    displayed as a table within project window

                                         Table From Internet – MIDlet View

§   As with imported offline tables (.CSV files or MS Excel documents), in case of .CSV
    content from Internet, MIDlet displays imported spreadsheet as list of item where each
    item represents the single row of the table
§   On select action on single item, table row is displayed as single page of information on
    MIDlet screen

                                    Table Of Content, Items And Chapters

§   Within Table Of Content panel of project window, you can move items of your midlet or
    organize them within separate chapters etc.

                                    Schemas (Colors, Icons, Languages)

§   Schemas or predefined sets of colors, icons and words& messages enables user to
    quickly change look and feel of MIDlet without changing it content or properties, but
    just by assigning another schema to the project and recompiling it again.

§   Screenshots bellow displays same MIDlet but compiled with 3 different color schemas
    and 3 different icons schemas.

                                                                   Schema Editors
§   Within schema editors you can create new sets of colors, icons and text
    (languages) to be assigned to your MIDlets
§   Example bellow displays Color Schema Editor, similar editors are provided for
    Icon Schemas and for Languages (captions & messages)

                                                                        Image Editor
§   Image Editor provides basic image editing functions for images imported to your
§   Within Image Editor you can perform
     q Image Resize
     q Cropping
     q Brightness and Contrast Adjustment
     q Convert to Grayscale
     q Insert Text into Image
     q Adjust Image Quality (Change Compression Rate)

                                               Some more features

§   Internal FTP Client – To upload MIDlets to your web server for
    OTA distribution (of course, if you have FTP access to your
    web host)

§   Password protection option for MIDlets – To protect your
    MIDlets from unauthorized users

§   Text encryption option – to protect your MIDlets even more, if

§   Logo Banners option – to display some Logo on start & exit of
    MIDlets, e.g. when MIDlets are created for mobile marketing

§   Etc.

                                      What Can Be Done With AdaptAir?

§   Mobile Java is preinstalled on huge number of mobile phones in use today

§   Using AdaptAir you can easily and quickly create Mobile Java MIDlets with
    mobile content for any purpose:
     q mobile books or mobile databases
     q event schedules
     q marketing campaigns
     q travel guides
     q conference agendas
     q hotel directories
     q maps with driving directions
     q … all kind of information and documents

§   Also, you can aggregate any existing internet content suitable for without
    MIDlet presentation or extend information provided from your mobile internet
    sites with OTA MIDlets with wrapped data

§   Anything else it turns to be useful to have exported to or accessible from mobile


§   System
     q Windows 2000/ Windows XP / Windows Vista
     q min 256 MB RAM
     q min 32 MB of free disk space

§   Sun Java Software
     q JSE (Java Standard Edition) version 1.5.0 or higher
         (http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp )

     q Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (WTK) for CLDC, version WTK 2.5.2 or higher

                                                                 How To Install?

§   AdaptAir Setup program can be downloaded from

§   After successful installation on your computer AdaptAir will be fully
    functional during trial period of 7 (seven) days

§   If you wish to use AdaptAir after trial period, please register for license on

                                      colovare srl
                                  Via Primo Maggio, 6
                            21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) - ITALY

                               e-mail: info@colovare.com


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