Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis by fdjerue7eeu


									Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Training time: 24-25 April 2009 Shanghai
Training costs: 2850 yuan / person
Participants: system design, product designers, quality personnel, quality engineers,
product procurement staff, design department head, director, reliability engineers
Course Objectives:
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (Failure Mode and Effective Analysis) Why is
commonly used in reliability engineering practices, the U.S. military official in 80
years as a military specification (MIL-STD-1629A) aimed at improving the reliability
of products and manufacturing sex; in the design, production stage can enhance the
design and manufacture of quality, lower cost of losses and one for the modern
technique used
FMEA grasp the fundamental spirit and intent of understanding of reliability
engineering in the design and planning stage can be planned and improved, and the
use of examples, so that students have to apply their knowledge to personally direct a
taste of the benefits of FMEA and meet contemporary quality Xitong and other
requirements such as QS9000
Course Outline:
1, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) description
?1.FMEA development process
?2. The benefits of the implementation of FMEA
?The purpose of 3.FMEA
?4. Preparation for the implementation of FMEA's
?5.FMEA method development
Second, FMEA type
?1. System FMEA
?2. Design FMEA
?3. Process FMEA
3, FMEA implementation of the steps (procedures)
?1. FMEA five steps to implement the system
?2. System unit and system architecture
?3. Function and functional structure
?4. Defects
?5. Risk Assessment
?6. Optimization
?7. (System FMEA process the input for each possible way to determine error
?8. Design FMEA for each failure mode, determine the impact
?9. Process FMEA identified the underlying causes of each failure mode)
Fourth, the interaction of the system FMEA
?1. Within the system
?2. Between different systems
5, FMEA implementation of organizational processes
?1.FMEA Task Group
?2.FMEA group identification and application of tools
?3.FMEA input and output
?4.FMEA failure mode and effects in the corresponding relationship
?5. Fault tree analysis (FTA)
6, FMEA application in improving the project
?Case Study
Instructor Introduction: Liu
Education: Sichuan University, metering testing and control of a professional degree;
MBA Master of Business Administration; Motorola Black Belt Instructor (Black Belt
Instructor); MOTOROLA TTT qualifications recognized lecturer; National Register
ISO9001: 2000 quality management system auditors.
Work experience: Management Consulting in Shanghai Senior Trainer; Bosch Power
Tools Co., Ltd. office production manager; MOTOROLA mobile communication
company as manufacturing manager; MOTOROLA Semiconductor Co., Ltd. in
charge of any quality assurance.
Customer service: Lg Nature (Hangzhou) Recording Media Co., Ltd.; Shanghai
Shunda Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. United Kingdom (Taiwan); Shanghai
Inventec Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan); Shanghai Kostal-Huayang Auto Electronics
Co., Ltd. ( German capital); Shanghai Hitachi Electronics Co., Ltd. (Japanese);
Shanghai Super Industrial Co., Ltd. Sheng (Singapore); Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. of
Taiwan in state-owned enterprises (Taiwan); Shanghai Hao Han Industrial Product
Design Co., Ltd. (Taiwan); Beijing Suo Aipu Mobile Communications Group;
Xi'an-Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (United States); Nanjing Saint
Gobain Glass Co., Ltd. (French Korean joint venture); Ningboboge Warner Auto Parts
Co., Ltd. (German capital); Suzhou, Hong Kong and China Gas Holdings
(HongKong); Changzhou Abe Garments Co., Ltd.; Suzhou Baldor Strong Electronics
Co., Ltd. (German capital); Fuzhou Cang-Yue Electronics Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Mrs. Le
(Nestle) Food Co., Ltd.; Ningjiang Zhao and shock absorber Co., Ltd. ( Japanese);
Ningbo Da Feng Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taiwan); Ningbo, Beijing, Shanghai Plastics
Co., Ltd.; Hangzhou all groups; Ningbo Ke force sensor Co., Ltd.; Ningbo Huarui
Electronics Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Sanhua Refrigeration Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Huali
Communications Group Limited; Zhejiang Huali Instrument Co., Ltd.; Hefei
Rongshida Midea Air Conditioning Co., Ltd..
Good course: Statistical process control SPC; Measurement System Analysis MSA;
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis FMEA; total quality management (TQM);
problem-solving tools and models (leading to 6 Sigma Six Steps); fully productive
maintenance ( TPM); line competent management skills; site management.
Lecturer style: in Motorola Tianjin, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Germany, the Bosch
factory training headquarters. Familiar with the foreign company's
operations and management, specializing in Six Sigma quality management and
statistical techniques (SPC, MSA, etc.) in the actual production application. Has
extensive consulting, training, experience and skills, good at the advanced
management concept and the reality of business, and provide effective consultancy
and guidance. In training, good at using the various training methods, clear, logical,
good at using plain language to teach the curriculum, and cases detailed, thorough.
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1. Training cost: 2850 yuan / person (including training fees, handouts, etc.)
2. Registration Tel :0755-83813301 Fax :0755-83813302
3. Duty phone: 13632566840 Miss Li lily lee
4. Contact E-mail: rqnet@126.com
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