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									        Colby Center for Dance 2008-09 Policies and Procedures (this is a two-sided document)
         2008-2009 COLBY CENTER CLASS CALENDAR                                     DANCE SHOES & DANCEWEAR NEEDED FOR CLASS
July 28-Aug 1: Young & Recreational Summer Dance Program                     Ballet slippers, tap shoes, leotards and tights will be sold at the studio
August 4-8: Invitational JCD Team Dance Camp                                 beginning at Open House on August 4th. You may also purchase these
Tuesday, August 12, 2007: First Day of Regular Classes                       or any other needed shoes or dancewear at any dance store.
Class Observation: Tues September 16 - Sat September 20
Fall Vacation: Closed Mon November 24 - Sat November 29                      Intro to Dance 3-5 & 5-6: Any pink ballet shoes, any pink tights and
DECEMBER – Holiday Show (TBA)                                                any one piece pink leotard & any tan tap shoes.
Winter Vacation: Closed Monday December 22 - Sat January 3                   Acro: No shoes. Any one-piece leotard. Stirrup tights or convertible
Spring Vacation: Closed Mon Mar 30 - Sat April 4                             tights will be used. No footed tights & no students without tights.
MAY - Recital Photo Day at Studio (TBA)                                      Ballet: Pink ballet shoes. Any one-piece leotard. Any pink tights.
Friday June 12: Recital Dress Rehearsal (at studio)                          Hip Hop: Jazz pants or shorts & t-shirt. Dance sneakers.
Sunday June 14: Annual Recital Shows (at Bahia Shrine Temple)                Jazz: Any one-piece leotard & tights. Split-sole tan jazz shoes without
WE ARE OPEN FOR CLASS EVERY TUESDAY THROUGH                                  laces – No street clothes.
SATURDAY INCLUDING HOLIDAYS DURING THE DANCE YEAR                            Tap: Any one-piece leotard and tights. Tan buckle tap shoes. No street
EXCEPT FOR THE VACATIONS LISTED ABOVE!                                       clothes.
                                                                             Boys: Black shorts, solid color shirt, and black shoes (ballet, tap, or
                         YOUR POSSESSIONS                                    jazz depending on class). – Hip-hop, shorts & t-shirt, dance sneakers.
Please bring all personal items (clothes, shoes, schoolwork, etc.) in a      Jr. JCD Classes: Same shoes as Intro to Dance. Must have any color
bag that closes securely. Loose items are liable to get lost or picked up    convertible tights. Any color leotard. No shoes for jazz. – no skirts or
by another child accidentally. Please label ALL personal items with          street clothes.
child’s name in permanent ink to cut down on lost items. If your child
misplaces a belonging, please check at desk for Lost & Found. We                                 ST
                                                                               AFTER SEPT. 1 , STUDENTS WITHOUT PROPER CLOTHES
discard unlabelled items at the end of each month. We are NOT                       OR SHOES WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN CLASS.
responsible for lost items ... do not bring expensive items to the studio!

                                                                                                    CLASS OBSERVATION
In December, we hold an informal Holiday Show featuring each of our          We’re sure you agree that the purpose of dance classes is to teach the
classes! The cost for the show will be $15 + tax ($15.98) per dancer,        students to dance, NOT to put on a show. Even the quietest observers
which is charged with December tuition, which includes a “Show T-shirt”      do distract the students and sometimes make them self-conscious and
which acts as their costume! You may purchase tickets at the door at a       shy about attempting new skills. Moreover, the age, type of
nominal fee for as many “fans” as you’d like to bring along! * The show      construction, and physical configuration of our leased building make
is optional for everyone, but 99% of families participated last year!        unobtrusive observation either impossible or prohibitively expensive.
                                                                             Therefore there is no observation in Studios 2 & 3, and only limited
All “Young Dancer” (Intro to Dance) and Recreational Classes will            observation through the glass doors to Studio 1 where we schedule all
perform one routine at our awesome Annual June Recital Shows. Each           of our “young dancer” students. WE WILL HAVE AN “OPEN
family may choose whether or not to participate. In the past, close to       CLASSROOM” CLASS OBSERVATION WEEK FOR ANY
98% have chosen to participate.                                              RECREATIONAL CLASSES WHICH MEET IN STUDIO 2 OR STUDIO
                                                                                                                  TH                             th
                                                                             3 IN SEPTEMBER (Tuesday the 16th THROUGH Saturday the 20 )
If you choose to participate in Recital, your Costume fee for each class
in which your child (children) are enrolled will be $85 (includes tights)            ONLY COLBY CENTER STUDENTS IN CLASSES
plus tax and is charged with November tuition. Costume fees are paid         Due to safety and insurance requirements, we cannot allow trial
to costume manufacturers immediately & therefore must be non-                classes or permit students to “bring a friend” to class. In addition, no
refundable.                                                                  one (not even parents, friends, siblings) should ever be inside the
                                                                             classrooms except the teacher and dancers enrolled in the class.
In March, each FAMILY will be charged a single Recital Participation         Dancers should NOT enter the room before the teacher. These policies
Fee of $85 plus tax which will cover a Recital Music CD for home             minimize accidents and maximize time and attention for the tuition-
practice, a T-Shirt with the names of every Recital dancer, our Recital      paying dancers!
Program, a Recital DVD of one show mailed to your home, and a
special gift & card for your dancer! Extras may be purchased by                           PLEASE DROP OFF & PICK UP PROMPTLY
families with 2 or more dancers.                                             We have a very small lobby so please drop off and pick up your
                                                                             children promptly before and after class. Also, siblings not participating
               DRESS CODE / STUDIO BEHAVIOR                                  in class must be accompanied by an adult at all times. If you are
• THE PARKING LOT AND THE OUTSIDE PORCH ARE NOT                              enrolled in the last class of the day, a late pickup fee of $25 is imposed
  PLAYGROUNDS. Parents must monitor their children when they are             if we have to wait more than 15 minutes with your child before we can
  outside of the studio including on the porch and parking lot. They         close the studio.
  should only be outside when coming to class or leaving class.
• No t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, pants, legwarmers or skirts are                                 COMMUNICATIONS
  permitted in class because they hide technical flaws in dance that         We will be sending out many notices with your children. We have a
  the teacher cannot correct when hidden. No school or street clothes.       24 hour answering machine at 407 - 599 - 5560, and a web site at
• Hair may be worn in a high ponytail for all other class provided it We use e-mail
  does not whip the face when turning.                                       ( every day except Sundays,
• No jewelry may be worn in class except stud earrings.                      Mondays & school holidays. Our front desk is normally staffed
• No gum, food or drinks are permitted in the classroom.                     during classes. Our mailing address is 540 S. Maitland Ave.,
• Excessive talking or other misbehavior will result in student being        Maitland, FL 32751.
  asked to observe class instead of participating.
• NO PETS IN THE BUILDING – some of our dancers have allergies!
The Colby Center has an 11 month dance year with tuition the same each month
regardless of the number of classes held in a particular month. Over the full year,
each class has 42 sessions including recital dress rehearsal and recital. Most
classes are one hour in length each week. Tuition is $49 monthly for the first one-
hour class with discounts for students taking multiple hours. Any additional
children in the same immediate family receive a 50% discount (for example, the
first one-hour class for a second child would be $24.50 per month). The maximum
tuition for a single student is $195 and for a single immediate family is $292.50
per month. A detailed Tuition Chart is posted in the lobby.

TUITION IS DUE THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH and is non-refundable. After eleven
years of experience, we have found that families today are very busy, and often
forget tuition payments – and we HATED late fees, although as a small business,
they were necessary. For these reasons, we have instituted an “auto-pay” system
this year where tuition will be charged to a Visa or MasterCard on file with us on
the 1st of each month IF payment is not made by check or separate card (we do
not accept cash payments) by the close of business on the 1st – this eliminates
late fees, which we know everyone will be happy about! If you prefer to pay by
check or by internet banking service, we welcome you to do so, but it must be
received by the 1st in order to “zero” your account, and therefore not charge the
amount due to your card-on-file…for returning customers, this means that if you
choose, the card-on-file is only a “backup payment method” that will be used in
case you forget or are absent from class, and eliminates the need for us to have to
use late fees – you can pay just the way you are used to in years past (other than
cash, which we no longer accept)! ***We charge an additional fee of $25 if your
bank does not honor any checks you bring in, and if your card-on-file is declined,
payment will be due by the 10th or your dancer will not be permitted to attend
classes. After two refused checks, all payments must be made by money order.

When you enroll in a class, you are paying us to hold a place in class for your
student. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes. If you must miss a
class, you may attend another regularly scheduled class at the same level (if one
is available) as a make-up. If the Colby Center cancels classes due to bad
weather, etc., we will schedule a make-up class. Tuition is not per lesson or per
week, and is not pro-rated for partial months if a student misses class. We do,
however, pro-rate the first month’s tuition for new students who begin class in
the middle of the month based on the number of lessons that particular class has
in that particular month.


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