The Power of 2

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					        Service/Funding          By Shawn Welsh

The Power of 2
Partner Programs can mean strength in numbers

                 or the independent security dealer, Part-       selling to you, the dealer? The sales literature
                 ner Programs provide a number of stra-          provided to you by the manufacturer should
                 tegic advantages—ones that will help            appeal directly to the end-user. This is critical
          your company stand out in an increasingly              for the independent dealer, who doesn’t have
          competitive marketplace.                               room in the budget for extensive marketing.
            In choosing a Partner Program, consider the          Also, does your Partner Program provide
          specific advantages and benefits and whether it          you with qualified sales leads—leads that are
          can be customized to your needs as an indepen-         backed by demographics research and real, lo-
          dent dealer. Here are some important questions         calized customer knowledge? Or are they giv-
          to ask before entering into a manufacturer’s           ing you “Yellow Pages” leads that go nowhere?
          Partner Program:                                       The best Partner Programs give you the sales
                                                                 advantage by providing marketing assistance
          • Are there sales volume requirements?                 and custom tools that help you sell systems.
            Many Partner Programs have strict sales quotas
            that must be met in order to remain in good       • Does your Partner have a solid and
            standing. Sometimes these mandates are too          long-standing reputation in the field?
            burdensome for the independent dealer as            Ideally, you’ll partner with a manufacturer
            concerned with nurturing existing customer          that’s already an established leader. These
            relationships as they are with increasing sales     Partners are familiar with the challenges
            volume month after month. Worse, in some pro-       unique to the industry and are better prepared
            grams, unmet sales goals can lead to penalties.     for the emergence of future technologies. For
             For many independent dealers, a more inclu-        instance, 
Description: Almost all Partner Programs offer hardware discounts, but fewer offer hardware discounts and monthly monitoring discounts. And still fewer increase those discounts through easily reachable membership tiers - that is, the discounts don't end once you join the Partner Program. The discount programs that provide the most advantages to the independent dealer reward consistency over raw sales volume and allow for easy advancement to the next higher levels.
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