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									       LIME WIRE LLC                                                                                 

Company Background
Lime Wire LLC ( develops powerful, sophisticated software offering an unparalleled user experience. Its signature
products, LimeWire BASIC and LimeWire PRO, run on the decentralized Gnutella Network and are among the world’s most popular
peer-to-peer file sharing applications. Founded in 2000 by CEO Mark Gorton, Lime Wire is a leader of innovative peer-to-peer software
development and solutions in the file sharing industry. With a dedicated staff of seventeen people, the company currently employs the
largest number of expert Java developers at the forefront of the file sharing revolution. The Lime Wire team enjoys a dynamic work
environment at company headquarters in New York City.

   The LimeWire Application                                                                Revenue Stream
Within weeks of the company's creation, the Lime Wire team developed a router          Lime Wire LLC is supported exclusively by its
that made connecting to the Gnutella Network fast and easy. This router became         sales of LimeWire PRO. Unlike many other file
the prototype for Gnutella peer connections. The LimeWire program was                  sharing programs, Lime Wire does not include
launched to guide and accelerate the evolution of advanced features on the             any bundled software with any of its programs.
network, solving bandwidth congestion problems and making it easier for                Lime Wire LLC understands that users do not
consumers to connect to the Gnutella Network.                                          want and should not have adware or spyware
                                                                                       sneaked in with LimeWire PRO or LimeWire
Less than one year after its debut in August 2000, LimeWire was downloaded over        BASIC. Noted spyware expert Ben Edelman
three million times. Spurring the growth of the Gnutella Network and introducing       ( did a study in 2005
consumers to the advantages of peer-to-peer networks, LimeWire's success has           that confirmed LimeWire's as one of the very
continued to grow. Since early 2005, LimeWire has consistently been one of the         few file sharing applications free of bundled
most popular downloads on, with downloads in the hundreds of              software. Since its 2004 decision to remove all
millions.                                                                              bundled software from LimeWire, the number
                                                                                       of LimeWire users has increased dramatically,
As one of the first peer-to-peer programs to run on the Macintosh platform,            with as many as four million unique users each
LimeWire has dominated the Mac file sharing market and continues to leave its          day.
competitors in the dust. Of course, Lime Wire is proud to be compatible with all
major operating systems including Microsoft, Linux and Sun.
                                                                                           Recent Developments
In October 2001, Lime Wire LLC went open source, making the LimeWire source                at Lime Wire
code available under the General Public License (GPL). The move sparked outside        In early 2006, Lime Wire began development
development and interest in both LimeWire and Lime Wire LLC. One short month           on its beta filtering system to further support
later, Lime Wire's reputation for fairness and neutrality in the Gnutella developer    intellectual property rights. In the filtering
community led to the appointment of Greg Bildson, COO/CTO of Lime Wire, as             system, copyright owners are encouraged to
Administrator of the Gnutella Developer Forum (GDF), the key venue worldwide           register files that should not be shared,
for communication between Gnutella developers concerning network standards             downloaded or uploaded using the LimeWire
and policies.                                                                          client. With filtering, Lime Wire hopes to make
                                                                                       its network a safer place for responsible file
As a leader in the open source movement, Lime Wire actively encourages and             sharing. Users and copyright owners are
supports contributions from developers in the open source community. The               invited to review Lime Wire’s Copyright Policy
company rewards active members of the Lime Wire open source community with             to learn more and sign up.
cash rewards or other gifts. It frequently looks to hire those developers who have
made significant improvements to the code. One developer, Sam Berlin, began
sharing his efforts on the code in 2002, landed a paid internship in early 2003, and
joined the team as a full-time developer upon his graduation from NYU in May of
2003. Lime Wire LLC is committed to open source and firmly believes that with
the open source community's help, LimeWire will remain the best P2P software
for distributed search and content distribution

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