Positive attitude and negative attitude

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					Positive attitude and negative attitude
Positive attitude compared with the negative attitude
A positive attitude
      ?Only small differences between people, but the difference is often the result of
life caused by the huge difference that small differences in life attitude is positive or
negative difference is the result of the tremendous success and failure!
   ?The success of the 1000 American College of successful people in the
world-renowned research results show that; positive attitude determines the success of
  ?At the same time the following conclusions:
  ?What kind of mentality you deal with life, life is how to deal with you;
  ?What kind of mentality you treat others, they will use what kind of attitude towards
  ?The mentality of the task before the final decision of how much success;
  ?Position in the organization, the more able to find the best state of mind;
  ?So, what kind of mindset, there is what kind of thinking and behavior, there is what
kind of environment and the world, there is what kind of future and life.
(A) What is the state of mind
Mentality of the inner thoughts and outward show.
Mentality of only two, positive and negative, positive attitude, is the heart of health
and nutrition, such as heart, to attract wealth, success and happiness, and when the
health body.
Negative attitude, but it is heart disease and waste, such souls, not only the exclusion
of wealth, success, happiness and health, and even take away all the life there.
(B) how it affects the mentality of people
Everything has its positive side and negative side. This is the mentality you see
positive or negative, if you are positive, what you see is optimistic, progressive,
progressive side of your life, work, relationships and all around are successful up; if
you are negative, you can see on the pessimistic, disappointed dark side, your life is
not up naturally optimistic.
Negative is a failure, the root causes of disease and pain; positive success, health and
happiness guarantee.
All you get are determined by your attitude.
(3) Why negative people can not succeed
  ?A negative attitude lost opportunities
To the critical moment, a negative attitude will spread Supremacy fog, even if there is
not clear grasp opportunities.
2 negative attitude to the disappearance of hopes
Negative attitude by the end is the blame, blame, blame excuses to shirk
responsibilities. Because of the loss of a sense of responsibility for the sake of
self-confidence, so that hope vanished. Do not see hope for the future, also stimulate
the absence of any power.
Limit the potential to play a negative attitude 3
People can not get their own pursuit of success. People do not want him to achieve
success, he would not go for it. Negative attitude would not only think of the
world's worst side, but can not think of their worst side. They dare not seek,
has become its own worst enemy potential.
4 negative state of mind 90% of the energy consumed
Negative by day after day, struggling in a negative situation.
5 negative by despair, drift, unable to fully enjoy life.
In the life of the whole voyage, all the way negative state of mind are seasick. No
matter how the current situation, their future is always disappointed nausea. In the
"nausea" of the situation, do not intend to aim for, unable to
control course, had to follow the crowd, let the drift. What about happiness, success,
health, let alone the full enjoyment of life's journey, the scenery beautiful.
(D) causes negative and positive, impact and performance
In the back of two typical "tree of life", the mentality of a causal
It is a very refined way to "a world of" direct, general, concise
and complete manner shown. In comparison, people have mixed feelings;
(1), how is life and nature; what kind of root, look like a tree, what kind of fruit knot;
(2) natural law is serious, it does not deceive people, and people only deceive
(3) a "read" the difference, as much big difference!
.... In the eyes of the negative, glass is never half full but half empty.
A man-made things and how much anger there is much of his mind.
A positive attitude is that everyone may learn, regardless of the situation he had the
strength to temperament.
Negative attitude

1, the lack of meaning and purpose in life
2, a waste of time
3, fear of failure
4, fear of being rejected
5, fearful of the responsibility (excuses)
6, to do things halfway
7, pessimistic about the future
8, fantasy vanity, ambitious
1, 2, destructive criticism, blame and responsibility 3, conclusion
(Note: self-validation, that is, actively looking for support in the life of the negative
attitude of the reasons)
Positive Mental Attitude
1, goal
2, time management
3, do be afraid to do.
4, self-worth
5, persist until I succeed
6, always optimistic expect the best
7, full of love
8, create a successful personality (a good relationship)
1, 2, to eliminate destructive, forgiveness, tolerance 3 others, repeated self-validation
1 smile 2 others 3 others 4 reward compliment to listen to the dedication and not
argue 5
(Note self-worth is their favorite)
Five positive attitude practice law
One of the alternative state of mind
This is the principle of training from a psychology, that at the same time, only one
person's idea, that human consciousness in a table can only make a
decision, sit sit, stand is the station that is entered into the retreat is back, smiling that
smile, cry is the cry; can not they take another stand, and begin to pull, laugh and cry.
Same time, people make every decision is emotional, intense emotions dominate the
weak sentiment.
The resulting success of science "alternative law"; human
psychology and emotions either negative or positive, the two were separate, one or the
other, which the negative not positive, no negative and positive time. The people will
never have the power to make a choice or alternative.
This is an ad hoc training, but must be guaranteed within a month.
1, do not talk about negative people, negative things, that the negative words.
2., The psychological expectations of a positive alternative to negative psychological
expectations of a positive alternative to negative emotional feelings.
How to replace it?
The second, vowed to inspire
How to set up their own vows
1, the first person "I";
2 with a positive tone;
3 goal-oriented individual, and to clear and specific;
4 to express the feeling of achieving objectives.
Write your pledge:
You are right, that the world is right.
Do you think you can, you will do.
1, one day