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                                       Shipping Container Homes in Costa Rica

       By Container Homes Costa Rica
       Dated: Dec 22, 2008

       Our company builds homes in Costa Rica using the shipping container as the main
       building block for construction. We prefabricate the home at our factory site in San Ramon in less than 90
       days, then ship it to the site.

       We are
        and our goal with our business is to connect people in Costa Rica with Shipping Containers.
         Raw Shipping Containers, Shipping Container Homes, and or just Building Consultation.
         Our companies mission statement is to help answer any and all questions regarding shipping containers in
       Costa Rica.
        We have established strong relations with other builders around the World who are using the shipping
       container as the main building block for construction.
         So if we cannot answer your question we will certainly find someone who can.
        The following link is a video of a 45ft home on wheels. This unit is all finished and ready to be lived in.
        This home is like an RV. You basically have it dropped off on your land and plug it into the your
       electricity, water and septic and start living.
        “No Building Permits required! Enjoy living on your property now, while your dream home is being built
       then Re-sell the container home
         It’s a very “green-eco” purchase and it can be delivered to you in 3-5 weeks.
        There are in fact building permits required, however because our company prefabricates the homes at our
       factory then these permits are much easier and faster to get.

        What our Company can offer you:

        1. Raw used shipping containers:
         “Build your own home” “We just supply the building Blocks”
        1. 40 ft Steel Shipping Container Block (no wheels)
        2. 20 ft Steel Shipping Container Block (no wheels)
        3. 45 ft Aluminum Container with its wheels
        4. Wheels

        2. Finished 45 ft Aluminum Home on Wheels:

        3. Contract our company to build a larger home for you and your family using Shipping Containers as the
       building blocks. We can supply you with a quote.
        First go to our web site
        and choose the model you wish to have.

        The 45 ft Aluminum Home on Wheels includes:
        1. The wheels. This unit is attached permanently to its base.
        2. Total insulation on all walls and the ceiling, backed by fibrolite board. “The inside of the container
       actually maintains a cool temperature.”
        3. All bathroom fixtures. Shower, toilet, sink, mirror, shelves All tiled.
        4. Kitchen counter, sink and faucet, shelves, breakfast bar with two benches.

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5. Two Bedrooms, Bedroom rug, shelves and bamboo curtain rod installed.
6. All windows and doors are equipped with metal bars.
7. Ceiling fan in master bedroom. And lights throughout the home.
8. All electricity outlets and light switches through out the home..
9. Painted

The home does not include the following:
However our company could supply the following for an additional cost.
 1. Refrigerator
 2. Stove
 3. beds and couches.
 4. furniture, TV, etc.
 5. Second bedroom if requested
 6. Transportation to your destination
 7. Solar Power
 8. Rainwater catchment system
 9. Hot water pump
10. Bamboo roofing (the container naturally has its own roof, this would be above that)
11. Deck

 Purchasing and ordering procedures.
 1. Step one is for you to visit our prototype and decide what changes you would like to make. We are
located in San Ramon. Interior color, Size of bedroom, bathroom, and if you choose to have a one or two
bedroom units. If you cannot visit, and wish to place an order then as soon as our model home is picture
ready we will send you the photos.
 2. A deposit of 50% is required for us to begin the building of your portable home. Estimated time to
completion is between 3-6 weeks. Once the shipping container is purchased, before construction begins, we
will put the serial number of the container in a contract along with all the required information to bond us
legally to finish the product you ordered. Along this note, my company has a page of references for you to
contact in order to do a proper back round check.

Thank You
Jimmy Lee
San Ramon , Costa Rica

### builds homes in Costa Rica using shipping containers as the main building block for
construction. These steel homes are perfect for the security of your home and can be prefabricated at our
factory in San Ramon, Costa Rica in one month.

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