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Pizza story


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									Pizza story
Pizza story
"Pizza" is a special cake from the bottom, cheese, sauces and
stuffing baked with Italian style food. This food has gone beyond the language and
culture barrier, global access, subject to national consumers. But when and where
food really comes from, and now have no way elegant. Now, in the face every day
throughout the world, "pizza specialists" - Pizza Hut restaurant
baked millions of pizza, we all naturally think this is a baker in Naples, Italy 400
years ago, first of its kind.

3rd century BC, Rome's first historical reference: "round bread
add olive oil, spices and honey, put stone baked"; and "thin
bread topped with cheese and honey, and flavored with geraniol" . In the
ruins of Pompeii, archaeologists also found a similar site today pizza room. Although
the food is very similar to today's pizza, but pizza is now required two
ingredients: tomatoes (tomatoes) and Mosalila cheese _mozzarella, was not yet
reached Italy and the Mediterranean.

Some people think pizza originated from China, the legend of the famous Italian
traveler then Marco. Polo travels in China like to eat one kind of popular rou north pie.
Back to Italy he has been to be able to taste again, but not baked nowhere to be found.
One Sunday, he gathered with friends at home, one of the chefs from Naples, Marco.
Polo inspiration, the chef who called around, "such and such"
picture of northern China from Hong onion pie to. Chef who has great interest by
Mark. Polo described the process to make up. But Mangliaobantian still unable to
filling into the dough. At this point has been almost 14 o'clock, we have
been hungry. So Marco. Polo proposal would put bread on the food filling. We eat, the
call "good." The chef has done a few times then back to Naples,
and Naples, accompanied by a cheese and condiments, unexpectedly greatly welcome
diners, from "pizza" to spread open.

According to statistics, a total of 20 000 more than the Italian pizzeria, where there
was not Jin Si region 1200. Most of it is not Jin died before at least a week to eat a
pizza, some people eat lunch and dinner almost daily. Patrons, rich or poor, are used
to is the pizza folded up in our hands to eat. This will become the basis of the merits
hand signed one of Pisa. Pizza must be soft and hard medium, even if its like
"wallet-like" fold up the outer layer will not break.

Currently, the world's most famous specialty pizza chain was founded in
1958, Kansas continents than the appearance of a significant customer win mark. In
more than 90 countries around the world and regions, more than Pizza Hut has more
than 12,300 branches, including 50 restaurants in China, received more than four
million customers each day, more than 170 million baked pizza.
Types of pizza:

New York-style pizza (New York Style)

New York-style pizza can be traced back to the 17th century, Spanish soldiers during
the occupation of Naples, Italy, when the soldiers most popular snack in Naples, who
was called "Sfiziosa" a soft, crackers and top with the filling of
the surface cake. Locals like New York pizza on top of each piece of walking, eating,
Spanish soldiers who formed the dough into shape and the quartet built a small book
in his hand to eat. New York-style pizza is one of the main features of its very thin
crust to chew more sense, but it is not the full definition of the New York-style pizza.
Many people might say it's time to eat at your left elbow, yellow grease,
otherwise it is not a New York-style pizza. This is because they use due to the high-fat
cheese. Big DaveOstraner said that most of New York pizza is with Grande
mozzarella (Mozzarella) cheese to achieve this feature. The terms of the New
York-style pizza, fresh mozzarella (Mozzarella) cheese is not an option, but a
requirement. New York-style pizza is the predominant style and template style
fireplace oven baked and thin it with pizza sauce and top with only a few pie filling.
Dough is made of high protein, high gluten flour degree (usually in the 13.5-14.5%
protein content), and chewy with a slight sense. New York, there is an ancient local
legend, because the unique hard water here, so we can produce only in New York, real
New York-style pizza. New York does have hard water, but is where its secret formula
is still a controversy.

Chicago-style pizza (Chicago Style)

Chicago-style pizza is a feature of the definition of deep dish pizza (Deep Dish). In
1943, Ike Sewell created a deep-dish pizza (DeepDish), Ike believed that if you do
pizza with a large number of fillings (especially sausage), it will become the choice of
sumptuous food. The fact that he is, he opened a pizzeria called PizzeriaUno, which is
specialized in deep-dish pizzeria featuring pizza, and thus began the phenomenon of
the Chicago-style pizza. Normally, the Chicago-style pizza eating better hand than the
use of knives and forks, because it is thick and heavy. Dough but with the imagination
of many people against, not very thick, but it has a muffin like texture as the United
States and in the taste of deep dish soaked in fat, pan up and lift up all of the fillings.
Cheese cake was placed directly on the bottom, and then put the filling on top. Pisa
was placed above the pizza cheese and thick sauce, and pizza sauce spread
sporadically placed on top of a small amount of cheese. As the thick pizza, baking
time is usually longer. This pizza dough is usually between the protein content of
10.5-11.5%. The use of margarine in baking to add a touch of fried crisp and with a
keen sense of smell, can easily Pisa remove from pan.

California-style pizza (California Style)
California-style pizza is a feature of the definition of the top cake fillings.
California-style pizza tend to use the attractive combination of fillings and toppings.
But the California-style pizza is difficult to determine the origin, it was that it began
in the seventies or early eighties. In the seventies, like Wolfgang Puck cooking experts
began to try a different, non-traditional fillings. Subsequently, in the mid-eighties, like
California Pizza Kitchen (California PizzaKitchen) began selling the West Coast-style
pizza. Protein content of the dough with the same Chicago-style pizza, but very
smooth dough and manufacturing. Dough is placed in a baking dish and can Zhucun
fermentation. Many times these are pre-baked crust off, so it will help to maintain a
high degree of pizza after baking, you can also reflect the crisp flavor characteristics.
Crust light, porous and soft, from flour and fermentation. Choice of fillings ranging
from shrimp and asparagus to smoked salmon and other seafood, vegetarian dishes
are also very popular combinations.

Pan pizza (Pan Pizza)

Is known as pan pizza, because the fact is indeed in a baking dish pizza baked in, but
otherwise more other terms. Because there is the oil pan, and bake the pizza in
accordance with practice than in the bottom of baking make pizza has a light, crisp
feel and a slightly different flavor. Pizza dough a bit thick, it is pizza dough in the pan
before baking the result of fermentation. Pizza bread and cheese on top of pan pizza
ingredients not normally be qualified in terms of, can take any amount. In the
southeastern United States, this popular style of pizza.

Thick Pizza (Thick style)

Thick style thin crust pizza is nothing but a thicker version of pizza. They are usually
on the screen, pan or directly on the oven. The height or thickness of this pizza dough
through fermentation to achieve the weight and, but not as pan pizza, as the thickness
of fermentation. Rapidly in the fermented bread with pizza sauce and top ingredients,
according to the usual way into the oven baking. Grilled pizza with the appropriate
thickness, slightly crisp bottom crust and a moderate sense of a sense of the
characteristics of chewing. Pisa no boundaries such that it throughout the entire
United States.

Crispbread type pizza (Cracker and Thin Styles)

In the 50's, Pizza Hut made of thin, crisp crust style is very popular, and
until now they can still have this characteristic. According to the U.S. Institute of
TomLehmann about baking, mix the dough and the system will face to remain white
flour can be seen (only about five minutes). This pizza dough fermentation need five
or six hours, you must use the pressure of the ideal surface plane to get the same
thickness and texture, like biscuits. Thin, crisp crust type dough and manufacturing
style is smooth, then hand to expand. Real thin, crisp crust texture type structure
should be crunchy shell and soft inside. This type of pizza is usually appropriate to
add the cake top ingredients and cheese, pizza sauce and use thinner to achieve the
best results.

Take-out style pizza baking (Take and Bake Style)

This pizza is the pizza of the transformation in the latest styles. It began in the West
Coast PapaMurphy's. You probably in the past year or two heard reports on
the pizza style, unless you are trapped in a desert pizza from the outside world. The
pizza just like the other pizza you made the same, the only difference is that the pizza
is not by you but by your customers to baking. This trend originated in Oregon,
Northern California and near the eastern part of the last two years to spread rapidly.

Stuffed pizza (Stufffed)

Some people will be stuffed pizza and Chicago-style pizza to be confused. They may
seem similar, but it is very different. Stuffed pizza from a medium-thickness crust
dough or the beginning, and then add pizza sauce, top ingredients and a layer of
cheese cake. Then another layer of very thin crust on top of ingredients on the pizza
pie, and then you put another layer of pizza sauce and cheese. In this type of pizza
baking usually take 30 minutes of time.

Focaccia Style

As the Focaccia-style pizza without using pizza sauce, so it is easy to distinguish
other types of pizza out of. Making this pizza from a round, flat bread (focaccia)
starting thickness of 3 / 8 to 1 inches. They are brush oil, put off grilled vegetables
and other ingredients cake top can be found in many gourmet pizza. Focaccia is the
oldest style pizza in the European explorers to tomatoes from Mexico and Central
America and introduced back to Europe before, it was the first pizza made out of

Other styles

Crust types to distinguish the various styles of pizza, one of the points. But you may
have noticed, and pie filling top choice and their use ways to create many different
types and style of pizza. Pizza made with local flavor, you can use and their
ingredients as the cake top. For example, in Pennsylvania and Ohio area pizza than
mozzarella cheese (MozzarellaCheese) people are more often used Provolone
(Provolone Cheese). Northern California region tend to use seafood and smoked
salmon for the filling.

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