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					Photograph the United States and the United States POSe Daquan
No matter what photo shoot, is not on the mirror, the biggest key to a good look good,
you will not put pose, to put a natural, comfortable pendulum, pendulum and
informative. It will have a good photo, for everyone today to introduce some, the
conventional pose posture, lots of exercise can go home the mirror Oh! ! Naturally
you will become a professional pose experts ~ ~ ~
1. The general standing through interpretation of model has become quite the taste.
Legs separated to the left leg as the support body weight bearing leg, right leg slightly
outward front location outside the split. Upper body turned slightly behind the right
shoulder with a shoulder up to send the action.

2. Dressed in short skirts pictures sideways, bending the standing leg increased by one
point for the picture lively feel.

3. The overall position is to reveal a walk, the way towards the front leg is the
supporting leg, hind toes to. Slightly inclined upper side of the supporting leg, the
ipsilateral elbow right adductor. The other arm was open-like, face towards the same
direction, the overall picture visual effects and natural balance.

4. This is a quite sense of standing to one leg as the supporting leg, the other one, after
bending to the supporting leg. Side of the supporting leg up naturally have to send
cross-action, upper body cadres minutes drive to the side of the supporting leg bent,
and shoulders back slightly this side of the sink. Bent leg side arm placed chest,
elbows slightly in another close approach to the drive sub-cadres. Head is also tilted
to the side of the supporting leg.

5. Supporting leg in front, toes inward. 21 is located behind, slightly full (note the two
legs can not be divided too open, feet almost in a straight line should be). It is natural
to send the supporting leg has a hip upward movement, the trunk is still the direction
of the load-bearing legs bent, one hand rested on one hand and lift up the hair.

6. Placed on the list of the left leg, cross legs with the hand bag and one hand akimbo
posture can also create good results.

7. Oblique 45-degree side body photo, supporting leg toward the front, another cross
on one leg behind (knee forward by). Naturally support legs have up to send an
inter-departmental action, hips and backpacks are the more conventional position.

8. Although the model is wearing a very casual eastern section, the legs should not let
the same posture, arm posture is also worth learning from.

9. Legs still one for the supporting leg (corresponding to the crotch would have to
enhance the effect) and the other one is still open by sliding out of position. In
addition to the shoulders of the older students, they talked for the upper body can not
show the level of state, the arm of the pendulum position is very important. Avoid
hands akimbo action symmetry, another seemingly random placed one arm in front of
the screen appears to have degree of relaxation.

10. Leg of a conventional swing the other position is non-supporting leg bent so the
foot after hiding in the supporting leg. Upper curve shape to support the trunk to bend
the direction of the main leg, and shoulders will naturally tilt in the same direction.
Arm after a pre-screen display to enhance the level of feeling.

11. Torso little cardigan is the perfect hand to put the carrier in order to avoid the
picture symmetry, while most of the same arm need to hide behind.

12. The so-called "headaches" and put hands on head posture is
described as vivid metaphor POSE method, counterclockwise rotation of the body
added to the screen of the mood of the arm supporting the head of the action must
directly face the camera to avoid the elbow.

13. Bag is one of the girls carry essential items, used as props in the right but shot.
Jiran bag is carry her in the hands of most of the time, we could see it as an extension
of hand, in the past need to hands to Da Dao's Zou bit time to complete the
necessary Bao Bao.

14. Arm position is still the one after the other, unlike more forearm pull clothing or
jewelry, decorative movements, while carrying bags with FLAC.

15. Leg of the bend must be done, the foot is also as close as possible not to leave
gaps. As the bag was near the foot to attract people's attention, so the
symmetry model place hands will not cause everyone's attention.

16. Metro is widely available for shooting a film shoot in if you are using, the
wide-angle lens should pay attention to the background picture appears in most of the
lines as much as possible to shrink a little. Photographs of natural scenes in the life of
the position should be adopted, walked in the right enough.

Many people do not know how to take pictures of hands up, then slumped over the
bar stood and watched from afar, this shape a little melancholy.
The same simple standing, smiling, you seem very sweet, it is recommended you
more Yongzhe Zhao.

Body Weice, with one hand akimbo, stars the most commo n position, the most easy to

Students can wear jeans often Yongzhe Zhao, naturally free, face Well, you can
pretending to be cool also cute.

If you have props such as bag or an umbrella, can take advantage of the easiest is to
bag and hands, feet apart, more.

If it is half- length photo, you can drag the gills with both hands, the body becomes
some silly photos.

?Students can hand on hat brim, the hat POSE applies to all.

?Can not wear a hat or hair stroking his forehead, there is a shy taste.

?MM is such a lot of standing peacetime, might also make use of them when taking
pictures with.

Simple introduction of some standing, enjoy the following professional star POSE,
looks difficult, but the professionals say, the more difficult to put the POSE, beat out
the more attractive.


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