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									Philippines handle ACRI-CARD
Message Insertion: Philippine International Economics and Management Science
(IAME) Management / Dr PHD economics Enrollment started school system two
years, the job learning, to the Philippines for 14 days every six months focused on
teaching, international instructors teach in English, Chinese interpretation of teaching
to ensure the school has to use, and learn something. Degree can be certified for
IAME single Ph.D.: tuition 88000
Double doctorate: IAME Management Doctor + Ateneo University (ATENEO)
Doctor of Business Administration or the De La Salle University (DE LA SALLE)
Doctor of Business Studies Tuition 128,000
Obtain more detail, please consult :010-65866811
QQ: 1246805138
Handling ACR I-CARD
Alien Certificate for Registration Identity CARD (ACR I-CARD)
That "alien registration ID card" for processing handling ACR
I-CARD needed to obtain a student visa after all cost about 5400 pesos or so.

Processing sites are also immigration, be prepared to advance two 2X2 photos, first of
all in the **** hall fill the application form, and then to the right side of the building
to get **** hall by fingerprint cardboard, complete information on the back because
of the need the whole finger, the staff will take your hand to press the finger 11, and
returned to the counter 24, a fingerprint into the computer, and then make payments, a
further 31 window white photographs.

About 21 days, you can get ACR I-CARD, the card and about the size of ordinary IC

Reminder: Some universities do not need ACR card, student visa can only apply the
procedures into the system, begin to learn, but you can not do ACR, have the time or
have to go to run. Because if you return, do broadband, banks may take into account.

Figure 1: ACR I-CARD positive and negative

Figure 2: Application Form ACR I-CARD

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