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									Switchboard's Maps On Us™ to Power Post Office Locator on USPS.com
WESTBORO, Mass., July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Switchboard Incorporated (Nasdaq: SWBD), leading provider of directory
technology and Nearbuy(SM) locally targeted e-marketing solutions, today announced that Switchboard's Maps On Us™ is
powering the United States Postal Service's post office locator function on the USPS.com Web site.

Utilizing Maps On Us advanced mapping technology, the Locate Post Office function provides improved features that are easy
to use, including a revised inquiry form and the ability to search for multiple nearby post offices through a single query.
USPS.com visitors are now able to quickly find the most conveniently located post office with interactive, full-route and turn-by-
turn maps and detailed, point-to-point driving directions.

A customized version of MapsOnUs.com was developed specifically for the Postal Service to blend seamlessly into the current
USPS.com Web site, and is now available for use.

"The Postal Service's goal is to provide convenient, high-value online solutions for our customers," said Bob Krause, vice
president, eCommerce for the Postal Service. "The Post Office Locator on USPS.com receives nearly 500,000 visits per month
from customers seeking site-specific information. Switchboard's Maps On Us technology will provide our customers with the
information they request quickly, accurately, and in a user-friendly manner."

"Maps On Us is an important component of our technology portfolio and is a valuable asset to Switchboard," said Doug
Greenlaw, chief executive officer, Switchboard Incorporated. "The Postal Service's selection of Maps On Us is yet another
testament to the strength of our technology platforms and the ability of our experienced team to work closely with our partners
to create highly optimized, tightly integrated solutions which meet their needs."

Switchboard acquired Maps On Us in 1998. Consistently ranked as the 2nd largest online maps destination and one of the top
20 most visited travel sites on the Web, Maps On Us provides advanced mapping and driving directions throughout the United

About Switchboard Incorporated:

Headquartered in Westboro, Mass., Switchboard Incorporated is a leading provider of directory technology and Nearbuy(SM)
solutions -- a tightly integrated suite of products and services promoting local business across a full range of Internet and
wireless platforms. Its flagship Web site, CBS Switchboard.com (http://www.switchboard.com) offers a broad range of functions,
content and services including yellow and white pages, product searching, and interactive maps and driving directions. Viewed
more than 85 million times each month, CBS Switchboard.com showcases Switchboard's superior technology and breadth of
directory product offerings. ePresence (Nasdaq: EPRE) and Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIAb) own approximately 38% and 29% of the
outstanding shares of Switchboard, respectively. "Switchboard" and "Maps On Us" are registered trademarks, and "Nearbuy",
"Deals Nearbuy" and "What's Nearbuy" are service marks of Switchboard Incorporated. "CBS" and the CBS "eye" device are
registered trademarks of CBS Broadcasting Inc.

This release contains forward-looking statements based on current expectations or beliefs, as well as a number of assumptions
about future events, and these statements are subject to important factors and uncertainties that could cause actual results to
differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements in this release address
a variety of subjects including, for example, the economic value and utility of the products and services offered by Switchboard
to Switchboard's alliance partners and customers. The following factors, among others, could cause actual results to differ
materially from those described in these forward-looking statements: Switchboard's alliance with USPS.com may fail to produce
the expected benefits; if Switchboard cannot demonstrate the value of its local merchant services, local merchant customers
may stop using its services; the attractiveness of Switchboard's services, would diminish if it is not able to license or otherwise
collect accurate database information from third-party providers; and if Switchboard is unable to remain an attractive medium
for advertising, its revenue will substantially decline. For a detailed discussion of these and other cautionary statements, please
refer to Switchboard's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including Switchboard's Registration Statement on
Form S-1 (File No. 333-90013) and Switchboard's most recent 10-Q filed May 15, 2001.

Melissa Hamlet
Media Relations
For Switchboard
215-867-8600 x263

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