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free personality test by Jarofflies

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									       Additional Free Resources on the DiSC Profile/Personality Assessments

Free Tests
The links below will take you to places around the web where you can
take some on-line tests for free. Professionally developed tests have
been tried, tested and proven through extensive and costly validation
studies. The majority of the tests in these links do NOT fall into that

Creative Organizational Design nor WCSD ESP Training Department does
not necessarily recommend or endorse any of the tests listed here. We
provide these links as a complimentary service to our web visitors and
suggest that you treat the majority of these tests as entertainment only. - Personality tests, IQ tests and entrepreneur tests online - Personality, IQ, Love, Health, Career and Other tests, on-line. - your source for IQ tests, puzzles, trivia, games & contests for entertainment & education. - five IQ tests that measure different aspects of intelligence - This is an interesting site with a wide variety of personality, medical and
mental health tests. - Mirrorgate is devoted to free personality tests, and tools for your personal development,
empowerment and career planning. - The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is a test that measures sets of inclinations that each of us
is born with; it's a predisposition to certain attitudes and actions. The Temperament Sorter examines these
innate facets of personality to arrive at an integrated picture of an individual. - Tickle is the leading interpersonal media company, providing self-discovery,
matchmaking, and social networking services to more than 18 million active members in its community
worldwide. Formerly known as, Tickle was founded on the belief that personal insight and
connections to others could be both scientific and fun. - Businessballs is a free online development resource for people and organizations, run
by Alan Chapman, in Leicester, England. Aside from running the Businessballs website, Alan is a speaker,
coach and advisor, specializing in the ethical and innovative development of people and organizations.

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     Other DISC resources


   If you haven’t listened to all our podcasts on the DiSC Profile, you can find them here (some require free

   Two additional Manager Tools resources you might find valuable are the DiSC Model Summary and the
   How To Use The DiSC To Be More Effective Every Day cheat sheet. You’ll find having a printed copies
   on your desk at work an invaluable resource.

2. Profiles 4u Resource Connection

3. Inscape Publishing DiSC Sample Reports
   FREE Sample DiSC Profile Reports are available for all online versions of Inscape DiSC Profiles and
   other Assessments.

4. -
   Offers a free sample DISC personality profile. DISC profiles are tools used to improve communications
   and relationships, and reduce conflicts. Used for training, hiring, team building, leadership training.

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