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					People's University, School of Economics - economic, financial,
management class in 2009-the-job research

School of Economics - economic, financial, management class
2009-the-job postgraduate brochures
(Entrance examinations, school classes, may apply for master degree in economics)
★ ★ Projects
To meet the economic and social development of the Gao-level economic, financial,
and Management personnel of the need, our serving staff professional ability and
Lilunshuiping, Jing Xue Wei, Beijing agreed to do Dengji record Renmin University
of China School of Special Kaibanzhengzhi Jingji Xue economy, national defense
economy Studies, Western Economics, National, International 贸 易
professional's job postgraduate courses, their courses 设 置 , teaching
research, course examination, thesis and sub-Shou Yu, etc., strict accordance with
national Jiaoyu Bu and Renmin University of Yan Jiusheng School norms Yaoqiu
★ ★ Advantage
One of the advantages: professional strength first in the country
Renmin University of China - the world's leading first-class universities,
founder of New China's first new comprehensive universities, is one of the
first      implementation       of      the       "985"         and
"211" project of University. The predecessor of the school in
1937, was born in the flames of the Northern War Public School, was Mao Zedong as
"the progress of a thumbnail of China", has 70 years experience
baptism remain is music stopped working.
Renmin University of China School of Economics wide range of disciplines,
theoretical economics, applied economics are national key disciplines, the Ministry of
previous assessments, both ranking first in the country.
Advantage two: a strong faculty team
Renmin University of China School of Economics has a large number of important
authoritative experts and scholars at home and abroad, they are the economics
profession's most valuable asset, representing the highest level of
China's economy.
School of Economics existing Professor, 46; in these professors, two members of the
Committee for the Ministry of Social Sciences, a subject 评议组成员 as the State
Department Degree Committee, and a number of renowned scholars directly involved
in the national economy, finance , legal, organizational, and personnel agencies and
other government-related policy decision-making authority, more Chinese Athletes,
Huang Weiping, Fang Fu, Professor, etc. into Zhongnanhai, the former Politburo
member to teach.
Postgraduate course taught teacher in-service part (in alphabetical order)
Hunai Wu: The Chinese People's University professor and doctoral tutor,
national experts with outstanding contributions.
Chinese Athletes: China People's University professor and doctoral tutor,
president of Renmin University of China School of Economics.
Huang Weiping: China People's University Professor, the State Council
Special Allowance.
Fang Fu ago: Chinese People's University Professor, Western economics
national key academic areas.
Wu Xiaoqiu: China People's University Professor, Graduate School of
Executive Vice President, Finance and Securities Institute.
Zhao Xijun: China People's University professor and PhD supervisor,
Deputy Director of Finance and Securities Research Institute.
Some part-time professor and doctoral tutor (in alphabetical order)
Zhu Zhixin: National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Financial
Work Leading Group Office of the Central Committee.
Wei Liqun: State Council Research Office, the Central Committee.
Deshui: National Bureau of Statistics.
Cao Yuan Zheng: Bank of China International Holdings Limited Executive Vice
President and Chief Economist.
Advantage 3: residents rich
School of Economics, Renmin University of China train a large number of
well-known economists, high-ranking party and government, outstanding
entrepreneurs. Currently, 47 provincial and ministerial level cadres, the state-owned
enterprises and the bureau-level cadres of party and government sector 396.
Students may participate in the academic salon, master lectures and alumni, residents
club activities, integration into the NPC School of Economics, global network of
residents, brought together a network of high-end resources.
Some clients (in alphabetical order)
Ma Kai: China People's University in 1982, Department of Political
Economy graduate, current State Councilor, State Council Secretary-General, Central
Liu Gu: 1982 Political Economy of China People's University graduate, is
currently vice president of the National Development Bank.
Zhang Yong: 1983 plan of Renmin University of China, Department of Economics
graduate, is currently the Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council.
Zhi Shuping: Renmin University of China, 2003 Ph.D. graduate of Political Economy,
the current Deputy Secretary General Administration of Quality Supervision, Central
Discipline Inspection Committee.
Jiang Zhenyun: Renmin University of China in 1960, graduated from the Department
of Political Economy, the current Secretary-General of the Central Organization
Quan: 1987 Renmin University of China national economic management graduate, is
currently Chairman of State Electricity Regulatory Commission, the Central alternate.
Li: China People's University in 1969 graduated from the Department of
Political Economy, the current Deputy Minister of Land and Natural Resources.
Suning: China People's University in 1982, graduated from the Department
of Political Economy, Bank of China Deputy Governor.
Advantage 4: Economics for a master's degree by the country's
highest rate of
Most teachers teach in a master's degree equivalent staff to apply a unified
national examination questions or scoring team members. Authority of the teacher
system time degree course, closely linked to syllabus, specific guidance, these will be
your guarantee of success to a national examination.
Participate in the national examination since 2003 the average pass rate above 80%.
★ ★ training program
【Economic management - Political Economics】
Public class Deng Xiaoping's economic theory (of the socialist economic
theory) Advanced Microeconomics Advanced Macroeconomics International
Specialized Financial Economics, money and banking system for growth and
development economics, the modern theory of special schools in Western economics
and policy analysis, development of financial markets and high-level political
economy of industrial structure and policy analysis, management of commercial
banks, specialized foreign language econometric mathematical analysis
National examination of economic Interdisciplinary Language Proficiency Test
Interdisciplinary elective economics Economic History History
★ ★ Application Process
】 【Application Conditions
1, with graduate degrees who can apply, open admissions;
2, there are bachelor's degrees, bachelor's degree certificate can
apply for a master's degree after three years.
】 【Enrollment
1, Application period: until full (limited to certain professions, 50 strokes).
2, application procedures:
(1) fill out the "working class registration form to Graduate";
(2) produce for examination, I last the original diploma and degree certificates, copy;
(3) submit a copy of an ID card;
(4) cross one inch color ID photos with the end of four;
(5) application fee of 100 yuan.
By the Chinese People's University Graduate School of Economics-the-job
qualification status of the review panel to review after the adoption of
distributed-the-job postgraduate admission notice.
Teaching Methods】 【
Venue: National People's Congress in schools
Training method: two-year. Class time is Saturdays, Sundays or other spare time.
Designated materials for students, provides must-read, and bibliography. Conduct
examinations for each course or examination.
【】 Certificates
1, a bachelor's degree more than three years, through the degree course
examination and thesis, will be awarded Master of Economics from Renmin
University of China, degree certificate by the State Council Academic Degrees
Committee ID number (please check);
2, no degree who, after examination by the course requirements will be granted my
graduate school graduate school completion certificate equivalent (Seal,
Redness, uniform number), the state recognized equivalent graduate level.
【Charging Standard】
1, tuition for two years 20,000, a clear sexual intercourse; book fee, documentation
fee, certificate of self production cost;
2, for master's degree degree thesis examination fees and expenses, thesis
expenses by the Chinese People's University of the fees be paid;
3, the formal school graduate classes, students can not persist for some reason, as a
waiver of learning, refundable payment of high fees.
】 【Payment method and
1, bank transfer
Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch Zizhuyuan
Account Name: China People's University
Account number: 0,200,007,609,026,400,244
Fill out money order: payable to - China People's University
Content - School of Economics training fees
Note - Students Name
Reprint after you save money and enterprises outside the province 010-62519683
2 card
Venue: School Finance
Hours: Monday to Friday (except Wednesday afternoon)
9:00-11:00 am 14:00-16:30 pm
3, cash, check,
Location: University Cultural Building, Room 907-1 Graduate Admission Office job
Time: According to student demand, limited time
★ Contact ★
1, Registration Time: 9:00 - 6:00 pm, until full.
2, the Advisory Tel :010-82503953 8,250,388,082,503,580
Fax :010-62519683
3, the query URL:
4, Registration Location: Zhongguancun Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing, No. 59
            ?Renmin University of China Culture Building 907-1 Room (100872)

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