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First, a short-term speculation hand also should be a master fundamental analysis,
because the fundamentals of many aspects involved in knowledge structure, so
usually your financial, securities knowledge should be for each hyper self-study
Second, the short term and do not buy today, tomorrow, the same as selling.
Finally, Dawes theoretical point of view, although the short term and short-term
behavior, but not the long-term trend short-term negative, on a short-term varieties
should take is to look long to do a short, usually a graphic I will divided into weekly,
monthly line, on line, 60-minute line to observe, only those four types of wave theory
at the same time period increased by three waves of the stock is short-term guarantee
of security and revenue maximization.
Analysis of a stock from its shape to start the first, short-term speculation refused to
hand the loss of upside momentum of any stock, that is a really worthy of intervention
stocks, the upside of the form must be completely perfect, this pattern is not perfect
line only shown in the chart. Should be started as a variety of periodic complex
patterns under attack.
The most important thing is time-offer state of shock on the map with upside upside
momentum, the key technical point and is easy to take pressure single breakthrough or
a breakthrough. These are indicators to the assessment. Main from the existing
operation of customary brokerage former use more terms. One noteworthy issue is on
the upside of the wave type of how to determine the end? The author clearly has not
fully analyzed, but some solution:
First, the broader market's upside peak determines the wave-type stocks
finished running. Plate wave type callback accelerated completion.
Trader pdf | Scroll Trader pdf | Trader strategy | measuring manipulator of strategy, no
pre-breakdown within a year the top of the stock can be considered upside wave type
is not finished running.
How to determine a stock to be able to pass through early high point of this disk
which involves some real effort, such as the main force of the test plate, plywood,
squeezed, pressure plate, Zhen Cang, inverted position and anti-cheat technology,
advanced technology line and so on. Discussion of the future will be further
Departure from the main operation and synchronization in price and volume, and
other historical data based on statistical, mathematical calculations and draw pictures
is the primary means of technical analysis. Technical analysis is usually divided into
five categories: Indicator, tangent categories. Form class, k line class and wave type.
This is a beginner must master basic skills in actual combat. We will focus on the
analysis of the availability.
(1) the so-called indicator technical analysis is to consider all aspects of market
behavior, the establishment of a mathematical model of mathematical formulas, are a
manifestation of the internal market, a substantial number of areas, this number is
called indicator values. Such as the traditional kdj, macd. We all know that the target
will know how to produce the so-called universal indicator is no longer exists. Those
who seek to use some of the specific historical conditions of the indicators prove a
dark horse to catch the target operation is to deceive themselves how universal the
Predictability of future stock market indicators to determine the actual combat, not
tampered with the data by a few games to console himself. The common problem in
software developers who are very popular stock. There are many good first joined the
stock market investors do not pay attention during the scope and meaning of specific
indicators, the use of indicators to invest blindly. Results obtained an indicator useless
arguments. In fact, the emerging markets in our main makers often use large
shareholders of the target's half-baked knowledge for their own ulterior
motives. Generally divided into predictive indicators, signal type indicators, trading
systems based index three categories. When we do short-term target should be aware
of the application period can be 18 to use as weapons, all the flexibility to always win.
(2) tangent type indicator is more emphasis on trends, trends in stock prices is simply
the direction of running, after the formation of a trend If you want to change, is to
have sufficient impact to its external. So if the stock is up during acceleration, then
hold our best choice. Of course, this trend should be to grasp the long term. Tangent
theory is more important is the trend line with some of the skills golden line, which is
very important for short-term investors. Gann callback with the appropriate
application of the theory can be of great help to you.
(3) Theory and contour shape theory: As the main operation of the cycle at this stage
to increase, long Zhuanggu's beautifully. The daily chart reveals the
traditional theory of information can be deceived by main line. So here I introduce
one week line theory. From week online we are able to observe the strategic vision of
those shares which are now in a state. Form utility theory to achieve perfection. If
you're just short on the so-called line form, you will have suffered a main
line of the bitter fruit of fraud. Such as the main force into the region to do m head.
Specific reference to the 2001 4.17-4.25 (600 365) through wine. View from the Date
Line is extremely bad form. But from week to see it fallen in line, the major heart
vividly played cat and mouse "map", investors can boldly and
resolutely to absorb.

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