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									            Blue Desert Farms

On ____________________, the sum of $__________ has been received by
Douglas & Rosanna Brothers from:
Address: __________________________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________
For a Female American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy.

By signing this contract, both parties agree to the terms and conditions set out below:

Seller warrant, to the best of their ability, that the said American Pit Bull Terrier is sound
and free of obvious defects. The buyer has the option to take the puppy within 72 hours
of purchase, at his or her own expense to a licensed veterinarian. If puppy is found to not
be in good health, the adverse health report must be in writing by a licensed veterinarian,
the buyer will return puppy to seller immediately, and the seller will either (1) replace the
APBT; (2) refund the purchase price (this does not include shipping), to be decided at the
sole discretion of the seller.

Sellers cannot and will not guarantee that the here said American Pit Bull Terrier will be
of show quality, nor do they guarantee against any defect; hereditary or otherwise.

It is agreed that this APBT will not, at ANY time, be used for any illegal purposes (dog
fighting or otherwise). It is also agreed that the new owners will strive to better the name
of the American Pit Bull Terrier by teaching the here said puppy constructive not
destructive habits.

This female puppy will NOT be bred before her 2nd heat, and not before she is at least 1
year old. The sellers encourage the buyers to enter the here said APBT in UKC
Conformation shows before considering breeding. It is known, by both parties, that the
docking of the tail of this puppy is prohibited because it is an automatic disqualification
for UKC conformation shows.

By signing this contract, the buyer agrees to keep the Breeders/Sellers updated on the
puppy’s condition on a regular basis. The sellers ask that buyers provide updated
pictures of the APBT on a yearly basis (more often if possible) so that the sellers may
view puppy’s progress.
It is very important that the puppy’s booster and rabies shots are kept up-to-date. The
first 7 way booster shot was given at 6 weeks, the 2nd should be given at 9 weeks, and the
3rd at 12 weeks. Another booster should be given when puppy turns a year old, and then
your veterinarian may advise you from there. The buyer agrees to take this puppy to the
vet and keep all necessary shots up-to-date along with heartworm prevention & de-
worming medication.

If the buyer is unable to keep said American Pit Bull Terrier puppy for any reason, he/she
will contact the Breeders to assist with placement of the puppy in another home or full
ownership reverts back to seller. Under NO circumstance will the buyer EVER place this
American Pit Bull Terrier in an animal shelter, pound, or any pet store of any type or
ownership will revert back to seller.

The owner also agrees to register this puppy with the United Kennel Club before the
puppy reaches 1 year old under the surname Brothers. Once the paper name is decided,
the buyers will inform the sellers of the full name of the here said APBT.

By signing this contract, both the buyers and the sellers recognize this to be a legal
binding document and agree to abide by the conditions held within.

Signed & Dated:


If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Doug & Rosanna Brothers
387 Two Mile Desert Road
Hertford NC 27944

Phone: 252-394-5965 or 252-394-5711
Email: bluedesertfarms@yahoo.com
Website: www.bluedesertfarms.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/bluedesertfarms

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