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									Leveraging the Power
of the Internet to Build
   Powerful Brands
• PRO●LINE is ALC’s flagship sports betting product
• Parlay style, odds-based wagering product
• Can wager on all major sports leagues (NFL, NBA,
• In market since 1994
• Other product variations have been added over time
• Differs from lottery (skill vs. random)
• Attracts strategically important Social
  Competitor gaming segment to ALC
  – Motivated by skill, victory and social interaction
  – Tend to be younger and have higher incomes
  – Spend the majority of their gaming dollars with
    non-ALC options (lots of competition)
• Important for future ALC growth to retain and
  attract this next generation of gamers
• Hundreds of sports betting web sites
• PRO●LINE competitive disadvantages
  –   Product variety and flexibility (single event)
  –   Odds of winning and payouts
  –   Critical mass (global vs. Atlantic Canada)
  –   Regulated and tighter restrictions
  –   Unregulated sites CAN be trusted too
  –   Players pay a premium to play with us
“Time to Compete”
Strategy Developed
    Competitive        Superior           Market
      Product     +   Experiences
                                    =   Dominance

Leverage PRO●LINE Competitive Advantages:
1. Multiple Access Points: Internet, retail, social
2. Socialization: Recognition, adoption, trust,
   regulated, local, communal
•   Reinforce player loyalty
•   Build brand equity
•   Strengthen relationship between players-brand
•   ALC also trying to become more relevant to the
    next generation of gamers
    – Player first, “feel good” mantra
• Attack competition head-on via Internet
• Leverage the power of the medium to
  accomplish our goals
• Created new web site- the centre piece of the
  new competitive strategy
• Broke away from mother ship
• Better more focused sports betting experience
• The official home of everything PRO●LINE
• One stop shopping experience
  – Minimize sending players to other sites
• Competitive set is sports betting transaction
  sites (not general sports sites like ESPN)
• Launched Phase #1 May 2008
  – Focused on content, timeliness and interactivity
    which are all strengths of the Internet
• Popular interactive odds calculator
• Ongoing feeds from Sports Direct Inc.
  – New opinion/ advice articles every day
  – Comprehensive statistics package
     • Match-up previews, team and player historical statistics,
       live scoring, injury reports and updates, etc.
• PRO●LINE updates and content
  – Fun topical sports polls
  – News, updates and past week winner statistics
  “What is next?” Phase #2
• In development for Q1 2009 launch
• Will leverage another big strength of the
  Internet: Socialization
• Create a virtual PRO●LINE community
  –   Share opinions (consumer generated content)
  –   Compete and prove knowledge
  –   Be connected to like-minded people
  –   Allow players to “own” the site Phase #2
• The specifics:
  – Creation of membership log-in to access new
    exclusive features
  – PRO●LINE forum
  – Consensus picks and leader boards: dual purpose
    of research tool and competition
  – Better integration with ALC Internet transaction
    site (Playsphere)
  – Downloadable desktop widget (odds, articles) Phase #2
• Plan to leverage the new leader board
  functionality for a “crown the PRO●LINE
  guru” contest in fall 2009
  – Winner will win nice cash/ merchandise prize AND
    will become a regular contributor to the site by
    making his expert picks via an advice column (will
    get paid as a freelance “expert”) Phase#3?
• Already starting to think about new features to
  add in 2010:
  – Greater personalization (my Pro-Line page)
  – Expert picks and advice delivered via video and
  – Mobile phone version
  – Office pool/ bracket management tools
  – Leverage the next big Internet trend??
Final Words
    Think About Your Brands
• Which brands could take greater advantage
  of the Internet to strengthen the player
• How can you enable consumer generated
  content and leverage the explosion of social
  media to remain relevant with younger
• Could you partner with other companies?
Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

“Youcan’t steal second base while
 keeping your foot on first base”.

         THANK YOU!!

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