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Operating system_


									Operating system!
The establishment of the operating system, is that each investor in the securities
investment process, with the understanding of the market and gradually establish a
perfect model of their own. Improvement of this model will continue to go. Traders
based on this model to complete your transaction, or the trader's trading
process is the implementation of the operating system.

Transaction is a process that must be understood, the transaction is not profit, not just
buying and selling. This process including planning, implementation, Ping Gu, control
the content. We should focus on trade transactions process, rather than focusing on
short-term fluctuations in trading products for the control part of the wave to make
decisions using only the profit stop.

By focusing on the transaction itself so that we avoid the psychological after trading
volatility and external interference. As for the trading profits, depending on whether
the dominant operating system process is complete and suitable for your investment
preference, personality, psychological.

Some people want easy one to build their own operating system, or by helping others
build their own operating system, I think this is a fundamental lack of understanding
of the operating system. Your operating system must come from you, by you to
establish, improve, no one can replace and perform just as unique as you are.

Building their own operating systems have a long process, and as you accumulate
knowledge of capital markets, the operating system but also with the perfect, but you
always go hand in hand, and your empathy, and your cultural background, education,
environment, class, taste, and psychology are all connected to your inner part, so I say
no one can replace and perform.

According to your own operation first confirm your style, or idea to build a main line
operator, give your system quantitatively, to develop trading scheme, set up only the
profit stop loss of control, and in the implementation of the assessment, continuous
improvement to improve details of the part.

Several communication:
1, the operating system is not a mystery: Many people think that the operating system
works like a big, difficult to establish. This understanding is wrong, although he is the
core, but not huge, a good operating system should be simple, enforceable, the
operational plan to complete a few minutes, so Taijiaduiyu not fear or respect the
operating system, you their implementation is in just need to improve.

2, the operating system of the scheme: Since the operating system will have it, by
feeling of operation is a disorder of movement will enable you to trade there and
judge for themselves the same species, or when the opposite trend, while a basis for
The key position of only the profit stop. Bu Zhiyu panic, to keep the mind clear.
Program is not lengthy, a few minutes to complete, Handicap may determine.

3, the operating system as simple as possible: Road To Jane! Required operating mode
of thinking of the simple and simple, policy, news, fundamentals, technical, and so
much disruption surrounding the market, to filter, to avoid affecting your operation.
Operation simple, such as the wearing down trend line buried, the trend appears to
follow only the profit stop. These things are not difficult, easy to implement. In my
example, given several recent admission, appearance, only the profit, stop loss, and no
advanced technology, very simple, and very real, not perfect, but do the weakest of
the profits and risk control , for me, very easy to operate.

4, note that discipline: For your plan to pay attention to assessment and control plan
must be strictly enforced, but the plan is not to buy has been held, to have control part,
which is part of the plan, there must be only stop-loss profit warning system . To
avoid arbitrary actions by outside interference, subject to psychological disturbance.
Not the operating system as a slogan, or to deal with and made a speech, it is the basis
for your operations, from the heart.

5, to evaluate the operating system: the operating system is constantly to improve, and
this comes from the individual's own internal improvement in the operating
system should also improve the resulting increase in the taste. Therefore, to
continuously evaluate and improve the operating system.

6, the operating system is not completed by day: I said earlier, the operating system
only to your own, no one can help you to complete, but it is not a mystery, you can
create and own it, the operating system is simple, executable highly. Can still say
building their own operating system is a process, and time will not be short, it is a
science, not on a securities trading practices. To keep learning, temper, understanding,
insight for your own knowledge, combined with their investment preferences, habits,
character, structure up on this basis, can not you understand, not something you can
not fit into your operating system, so I that no one can help you create belongs to your
operating system, but the knowledge is shared, can be mastered, and can be used to
account for the use you 所, when you have these, your operating system will be

Operating system does not mean money, but the complete operating system can bring
stability and profits, control risk, according to the operator to bring to mind calm and
quiet, make you feel mature.

Transaction is a process, operation process concerns, as our work is as important as
process management, is the execution of the test.

Take the recent example of several operations, my yes as I of the operating
system's Caozuo, here including a plan (plan itself does not take a long
time to develop), Duiyuyingli He risks the Kongzhi, are very clear message li Yue , is
simple. Wrong, I will keep the error correction, and that the technical part of it for me,
I judge them easily. But, after all, in learning stage of enlightenment, we must
constantly improve, and this is the process of constantly improving operating system.

I judge to be true every time, and can not be measured by good or bad, and I frankly I
am the judge is to me the Caozuoxitong Kai Fang, Zhe has the perfect favor
Caozuoxitong. Also give us a common platform for discussion.

Transaction is not making money, trading is a process, we work hard in the process
more! Money, will earn! And please remember: your trading system is to create and to
perfect your own.
Be a direction and Road Explorers ------!
Want to say this topic has been on, but in this round of a bear market is getting started.
Another reason: Because short-sighted, first entered the market are more of a moment
more interested in trends, and unwilling to think about their own where, rather
obsessed with Lost in the orientation, emotional constantly changing path, do not
want to stop a deep level of thinking, then come to the right direction, locking the foot
of the road.

Years of market participation, through twists and turns, after a few losses, in the
forum to see horrific loss, a different perspective to the market trends that I gained a
deeper understanding of market trends is the direction!

When the decision to move the time, doomed to choose the direction and lock on
targets, I can assure you is not to walk without direction; and only the only goal, to do
more, China's stock market to make money can do more, have no choice .

Where to go, targeted, can have you in front of the goal? Is not lost from the
beginning, and not to correct?

Trend, once formed, it is difficult to be the end of all understand this simple truth, but
to a temporary site, it is often greed, revealed in the weakness of human nature, I am
also deeply understands.

This year the market is bearish, contrarian always do more if the obviously committed
a serious wrong direction, at the moment to judge if the direction is still not aware of
the error, the same mistake again, even in the bull market. Not only that, I suspect
your problem taxonomic characteristics, because after today you do not think of these,
you certainly are not the biological level of primate.
I say this to illustrate the important trends, needs a deep understanding of and comply
with it. Trend will not continue endlessly, sooner or later be the end, reversed, then
reversed back and forth on this, as simple as that, but it is easy to forget the need to
remind. Not deep understanding of trends, to the bull market will bear suspected of
the same doubts as the bull market.

------ Over the direction of the trend that is! Learn how to do trend tracking with!

Yellow River into the sea, 9 18 bends; as long as the right direction, always have a
way to reach your goals, how you choose.

Technical analysis is at the foot of the most solid way. Should not be questioned any
genre, as long as helpful for you, and can control is you, your summary of the
technical analysis of their own ability is a necessary, not walk, the bull market will
continue to doubt their abilities, must not ignore.

Technology is a weapon our winning bull will not override the above trend, the trend
can not be changed, but you can judge the trend! Trend does not belong to us,
technology of their own, for the individual concerned he is the most important. Time,
space, structure of capital flows, etc. are all areas of technical analysis, to grasp that
these are necessary conditions for correct operation, technical analysis shows that
investment in each person's importance.

No matter which school of technology, research will not be out of money, time, space,
structure of the framework. The Schools of the process not only with the naked eye,
hand, pen and paper to calculate the results of modern science to provide a computer
for us to provide a convenient computing. The following indicators of personal
computers to understand about the formula.

I understand it, the formula is used to express technical indicators, absolutely can not
and trends, technologies exist separately! In theory I tend to belong to a large number
of technical schools, because it can express the time, space, structure, funding of any
research project! Flow of funds currently popular are technical, but know that it is
expressed by the formula, in other words capital flow index formula itself.

Some dreams have an indicator for the trading, guaranteed to make money, this is
fantasy, at least, an index formula for misunderstanding, a good indicator to provide
good technology and end here. Through the procedure to the time, space, location,
structure of directly expressed, to reduce the time cost, improve the efficiency of
judge, master manipulator of time several technical indicators are required! The final
decision was to operate! Indicator is cold!

The merits of index formula, and indicators of human research writing, technical level,
computer skills have a direct bearing on the stock market has a deep understanding of
the target computer expert was able to do a certain state of profound expression of the

I personally feel the formula: As a beginner, learning to write the formula itself is a
technical summary of the process, because the process of writing is the expression for
the collation of a technology, to write my own indicators for a better understanding of
its pros and cons I know how to apply, under what conditions apply, no universal

For other ways to get to the formula, I have to carefully interpret the source code
again! Most look at the source on the negative formula! Get a good indicator is more
difficult than get a good man!

Write a formula indicators need solid technical analysis of strengths, technology is
difficult not to learn of the premise to write a good indicator, and the need for
computer expertise, Precisely because of technical reasons I have too many
recommendations I Bu research techniques Zhibiao formula The best school
technology first, then consider upgrading taste.

Good indicator of the formula everyone wants, devoting consider, but how scarce, do
not be upset, or even anti-body to its negative, and again and again. Especially for
rivers and lakes myself, this is contrary to our initial access to the lakes of ready!

Above that is the technology --- the foot of the road!

The correct orientation and stick to walk, go its own way, a brave explorers!

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