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					                   The Candy Poem
                                Thank you, teachers!
          You are all Sweet Tarts for everything you teach our children.
                       You deserve 100 Grand every PayDay.
           We know sometimes our kids act like Air Heads and Nerds
    or like they’re from somewhere beyond the MilkyWay. (Us parents, too!)
                  You bring the such Almond Joy when you teach
             about the Whatchamacallit and ignore their Whoppers.
                      It must be hard to contain your Snickers
             when those little Sugar Babies tell you Mounds of stories.
              Sometimes it must seem that all you do is Skor papers.
    Most days you probably want to make like Baby Ruth and just run home.
Thanks teachers! You are the Riesen our kids are Smarties instead of Dum Dums.
                                 You are LifeSavers.
                          With Hugs and Kisses—The PTO

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