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                                           Office of Academic Services
                                                                                                           Volume 2, Winter 2009

                                                           The Staff of Academic Services
Fa r q

                                                        Wishes You a Great Winter Semester!
    Tutor Profile

 Rita Martinez-
 Writing Tutor
 Miami (Kendall) Campus

 Rita has been a writing
 tutor at NSU for two years.
 She has a bachelor of arts
 degree in English and
 women’s studies and a                                Director’s Message
 master of fine arts degree                           With the semester in full swing, I would     One of the most beneficial resources
 in creative writing from
                                                      like to remind you of the variety of         we house is the library of math CDs,
 Florida International
 University. Rita has taught                          support services available through the       which can reinforce or clarify concepts
 basic and advanced                                   Office of Academic Services. In addition     presented in your math classes.
 composition and creative                             to offering tutoring and testing services,   Please feel free to stop by our main
 writing at NSU and Miami                             our main campus facility houses a quiet      campus front desk and inquire about
 Dade College. “I let                                 study area where you can drop in             these additional resources.
 students know that I am a                            between classes to study, as well as
 writer too. You have to                              reference solution manuals. We also          I wish you much continued success on
 practice what you preach,”                           have a computer resource room and            your journey at NSU and beyond. We
 says Rita.                                           several small group study rooms, which       are ready and eager to be of support
 Jane-in-the-Box, Rita’s first
                                                      may be reserved on a first come, first       and assistance.
 poetry collection (March
 Street Press, 2008), takes                           serve basis.
 a figure from classic                                                                             Lisa Walther-Austin, Director
 English literature, Jane
 Eyre, and reinvents her
 with tattoos, fishnets, and
 modern feminism.                                                                                                                    Page 1
Tutor Profile
                              Writing Center Poem
                              By Noreen Groover Lape
                              Director of the Columbus State University
                              Writing Center

                              Do essays make you feel uptight?
                              Do you have trouble when you write?
                              Perhaps you don’t know how to start
                              or end or write the middle part?

                              We can chase your fears away,                      Serious professionals at work: Gail Levine,
                                                                               assistant director, and Ed Reardon, writing tutor
                              and show you what you want to say.
Marissa Cohen
Writing Tutor                 Do thesis statements make you
Main campus                   wince?
Marissa holds a bachelor
                              Does evidence not quite convince?           Catch Us on TV
of arts degree in English
from Florida Atlantic
                              Is organization but a dream?
                              (Five paragraphs are not the only
                                                                          (SharkTube, That Is)
University. She is a          scheme.)
                                                                          The Office of Academic Services
freelance editor and has      Do transitions fail to bridge the parts?
worked with several           Is sentence structure lacking art?          produced its first SharkTube
publishing houses. She        We can help you pave the way . . .          infomercial. Created in the style of the
is a published author                                                     silent movies of the 20th century, it is a
                              to understanding MLA and APA!
and is a member of the                                                    fun way to tell about the success of
National League of                                                        those who come to us for help.
American Pen Women
                              We can help you. We are wise.
(NLAPW). In 2003, she         We can teach you to fix your papers
                                                                          This infomercial may be turned into a
was the recipient of          up. (I mean, revise.)
                                                                          series, with other episodes to follow. . .
NLAPW's Letters               Your confidence you will recover
                                                                          Send us ideas about what should
Honorarium. Currently,        as you learn — to write is to discover.
                                                                          happen in the next installment, and
Marissa is working on a
graphic novel inspired by
                                                                          your movie might end up on TV as well.
                              Come and let us be your shapers.
her personal                  Better writers make better papers!
experiences with cancer.
Marissa has worked at
Florida Atlantic
                                                                          Welcome New Tutors
University and Broward        Faculty Corner
College. She has been a                                                   We welcome the new tutors
writing tutor in the Office   Would you like a workshop on APA
of Academic Services          or MLA writing format brought to
                                                                          who joined our family this
since 2004 and enjoys         your classroom? Would you like us           semester.
working in such a warm,       to come and tell your students about
fun, and welcoming            the services available at the Office of     Alyssa Baet – math/science
environment. Marissa          Academic Services?                          Brandy Benesch – math/science
loves tutoring because of                                                 Sara Stevens – math/science
the immediate
                              To request a workshop or a brief            Teshie Herbert – wrting
connection that is
created between a             informational sessions, please              Michael Berbauer – writing
student and a                 submit a request form on our Web            Lindsay Timari – writing
tutor. Marissa lives in       site:
South Florida with her        academicservices                            Pictures and sayings of all our tutors
beagle and vast                                                           can be found on a bulletin board within
collection of books.          Topics can be adjusted to meet your         our office. Come in and meet the tutors.
                              specific needs.

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                                    Student Testimonials                               Save Money
                                     I am so thankful for my writing tutor. My
                                                                                       Through CLEP
                                     score went up an entire grade!!! It is a great    CLEP exams allow students to earn
                                     feeling to know there are free tutors always      college credit at a fraction of the cost
                                     willing to help.                                  of tuition. They may be taken before
                                                                                       students earn 24 credits at NSU.
                                                       Luly Montero,
                                                       Elementary Education, Miami     CLEP exams are available in a variety
                                                                                       of subject areas and take only 90
   Want to enhance your                                                                minutes on the computer.
      reading skills for
      MCAT/PCAT/DAT                     My chemistry tutor helped me figure            In order to take the exam, you must
   We now offer EyeQ, an                information that I didn't even know I didn't   first meet with your advisor to
    interactive software                understand.                                    determine what exam is appropriate to
   designed to increase                                                                your program. Once this is done, call
     reading speed and                                    Keisha Francis,              our office at (954) 262-8374 to
    comprehension. For                                    Biology, Main Campus
     more information,                                                                 schedule an appointment for the
     contact our office.                                                               exam. CLEP exams are given
                                                                                       Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m.,
                                     Working with the people at Academic
                                                                                       11:00 a.m., and 1:00 p.m.
                                     Services has been a great experience. Every
                                     tutor is willing to sit down and patiently
Contact Us                           explain the subject. I would strongly advise      New Service -
                                     any student to seek assistance at their
Main Campus—Parker, 100
Monday–Thursday                      office.
                                                                                       Success Coaching
8:30 a.m.–7:00 p.m.
                                                       Psychology Student,
Friday                                                 Main Campus                     If you have ever worked with a
8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
                                                                                       personal trainer in the gym, you know
10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.                                                                   how helpful that one-on-one support
(Hours subject to change)                   Tutors Needed                              can be. The Office of Academic
                                                                                       Services now offers such support
Front Desk
(954) 262-8350                                                                         through success coaching, which is
                                    The Office of Academic Services
                                                                                       targeted at helping you make a
Lisa Walther-Austin, Director       is looking for tutors in physics,                  successful transition to college life.
(954) 262-7919
                                    organic chemistry, and statistics
Gail Levine, Assistant Director     II.                                                Whether or not this is your first
(954) 262-8354
                                                                                       semester, a success coach will be
Natalie Candela, Coordinator        If you want to become a peer tutor                 your source of support, inspiration,
Off-Campus Tutoring                                                                    and information to make sure that you
(954) 262-8356                      (math, science, or business), you
                                                                                       are getting the most out of your
                                    must have
Detra Adams, Coordinator                                                               college career.
Main Campus Tutoring                        A minimum of 30 earned
(954) 262-7902
                                            credits                                    Some of the topics covered in
Testing Services                            An overall GPA of 3.4 or                   coaching are general organization,
(954) 262-8374                              higher                                     time management, best study
Student Educational Centers                 A “B+” or higher in any course             practices, grade awareness, and so
Jacksonville       (904) 245-8910           to be tutored                              on. An individual plan is developed for
Miami (math)       (954) 262-3450                                                      each student to address his or her
                                    To apply, go to                                    specific needs.
Miami (writing) (954) 262-3434
Orlando            (407) 264-5616   academicservices, fill out an                      Request it for yourself or refer a friend.
Tampa              (813) 393-4997
                                    application, and drop it off at our                Success is waiting for you!
                                    office (Parker, 100).
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