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                                                       ?Blue Ki
?What is the image? Is the shape representation, what is art? Art is used to show the
typical image of the real world. Why painting, poetry, music, calligraphy, sculpture,
dance, folk art, drama, film, and so is art? Because they shape the typical image of a
typical image and then use this to show the real world. Painting is to use shapes and
colors to show the image of the performance of poetry is to use text to images, music
and performance is to use notes to the image of dance is to use the body-image. And
so on. These artists create the image of the side of the image to understand the world,
while on another person by means of image to explain the world. Artists depth
understanding of the world, manifested in his degree to create a clear image.
   ?Image is the beginning of art, the more specific, that is, the more the image, the
image of the molding process, the reality is that artists understand the process. Such as
painting, which is by the image of words, painting the image of the language include:
shape, size, lines, shading, volume, perspective, and so on. Posed by these factors,
changes in image texture, amount of sense, and students dynamic, painting the image
of the language, known as the visual image of the language is through visual
principles. When someone describes the impression on a friend, say "This
guy is very handsome, very beautiful," "handsome"
and "beautiful," the two words are very abstract, to write to the
painting is no image. If he understands painting the image of the language, observe
the world from a painting point of view, his mind will be put into "this guy
in the black in the taper of the basin on the rosy long with a straight nose, thick
eyebrows in the straight under a pair of black and white eyes
"shining", dark rosy in the taper of the basin,
"" straight nose, "" straight, heavy brows,
"" black and white eyes, "These are all visual
language, not thinking in images it is difficult to learn painting.
  Among Chinese and foreign masterpieces, there are many interesting image building,
such as the Three Kingdoms "in the image of Guan Yu Description: Length
Jiuchi, coming from a long two feet, face, such as re-Zao, lip if Grease, Dan Fengyan.
Lying silkworm eyebrows, Xiangmaotangtang. "Dream of Red
Mansions" in the image of Jia description: "His hair on his head
a purple crown Qian Bao, Qi Mei grabbed Erlongxizhu gold jewelry, a two-color gold
flower to wear red arrows 100 butterfly sleeves, beam with save multicolored silk
flower spike long Gong knot sash, jacket from the flower. CYL row ear satin gown,
Dengzhuoqingduan small foundation towards boots, face the harvest moon, the color
of Spring flowers, coming from if the knife cut, eyebrows, such as ink painting , nose,
such as hanging lamps, eye if the eye from, when just like joy, anger, laughing, that is
true as the love, the top gold Chi Ying Luo, there are a colored silk sash, deserves a
significant piece of jade. "Balzac's" Europe is also Ni.
Gelang Tai "in Gelang Tai image description:" As for fitness, he
stands five feet, swollen, transverse width, calf circumference of a foot, multi-section
of knee
Bone, wide shoulders, the face is not a little curve,
Teeth white, calm eyes who seems to want to eat, is commonly referred to as Snake
Eyes, forehead covered with wrinkles pleating, a block uplift quite some mystery
meat. "
     In the painting among the many factors that shape the Ming and dark, square and
round, big and small. Virtual and real, high and low, far and near, the color of the
thick and pale, cold and warm, there are contradictory opposites, but these factors and
the accuracy of shape and structure play a decisive role, is to create the image .
     Painting is limited to the performance of an infinite flat space, as in the wall to
open a window, let the audience through this "window" to
observe the image in the world.
     Such as Ti. Vinci's "Last Supper" by seizing the
words Jesus said to his disciples, "Truly I tell you, a man of you shall
betray me," to characterize the twelve disciples heard this shown if the
image of the different look, much the way with contrast, we see Jesus, the noble,
traitor Judas in order to get a little dirty money can be the soul of the seller of glory.
   ?Such as "Mona Lisa" is the other Da Vinci masterpiece, the
Mona Lisa to seize a moment of the smiley face, just so we see a medieval female
religious bondage and feudal system of the new women's liberation Spirit
of America.
   ?German artists such as Dürer's "Four to map"
painted by artists of the four disciples of Jesus to the table Ta of the German people
against the Roman Catholic Church's evil ideology.
   ?Poetry is written to create the image of landscape poetry just the rise in the
Northern and Southern Dynasties, the landscape is also in the state of tooth eruption,
to the great poetry of the Tang Sheng, poetry created by the numerous artistic image,
has become the pursuit of future generations of artists, performance a model, even as
an indirect source of inexhaustible art, poet, painter and in a situation, from Wang Wei
after the Ming and Qing Dynasties and endless.
     Environment rich in Tang paintings were everywhere:
Such as: Tang Wei: Painting House Zhulou make the sea of hearts pine lowered to the
eaves. (Luoyang daughter lines)
     Tang, Fu, star wide vertical Hirano, month Chung red flow. (Brigade night book)
     Tang, Li Bai, the relative out of both sides of Castle Peak, Gu Yun edge to a day.
This is a beautiful picture sites.
     Taiwan Zheng Chouyu modern poet, but also good at depicting the image, he
wrote the song "If the fog from time to time":
     Earrings knock ding to find routes in dense hair
     Boo rate with the most fine, blowing open fire eyelashes lighthouse
     Meridian is a bunch of dark blue pearl
     When you miss when it is time to split and dripping
        Poet think about all the views are into each other's face, or
decoration. From the sound, light, color, shape, various aspects to make vivid analogy.
    ?Such as the North Island's "strange beach"
    ?In the golden carpet
    ?Vomit night foamed under
    ?Loose cables, broken paddle
    ?Fishermen have bent the back bare
    ?Construction of the temple collapsed landscape
   This is a vivid and detailed picture of amplitude.
      An old saying: "Poetry On a word, twist off a few roots."
   In order to illustrate the poet was more the image of table Ti, often derived from
pondering the "Spring Green, south bank river" and
"green"              through        constantly       changed        to
"income", "full", which finally decided to
use "green" . Is to make the image feel more verses.
      Music is used to show the image of musical notes.
    ?Wei Kang as the time bomb, "Guanglingsan,"
"Guanglingsan" is a music, describing the assassination of
South Korean Warriors Nie Zheng Jian Xiang Xia tired of the story, the story took
place in the Warring States period. South Korea Jian Xiang Qin Xia tired to do a spy,
the betrayal of glory. Killing pigs slaughtered dogs Nie Zheng, is a righteous
defending the homeland, the assassination of the Xia tired. In order not to hurt the
others and then cut off his own eyelids, nose, ears. Suicide death face destruction.
   ?Ying Nie Nie Zheng's sister in order not to bury his brother's
fame, decided to go identify the body, eventually committing suicide in his
brother's side. Once the young Kang into the mountains for fun, night,
cloud on next month, brought back his Masaoki, he carried out the Guqin, the
"Guanglingsan" playing up, unwittingly, the night had deepened,
Chin rest just have to charge him, turned around and saw an old man standing behind
him, Ji Kang asked casually: "The elderly, you are not also playing
ah?" humble old nodded, saying: "get to know."
    Kang young, and his own very talented, and asked them: "My junior
high how ah? Elderly stroke stroke gray beard, said:" fingering Daohai
skill, but unfortunately not with feelings, not create the image. This is a tragic song,
let you play tactfully softened. "Ji Kang asked the old man doing the
demonstrations, old brewing a bit emotional, just leisurely pluck at the strings, Qin
sent bursts of low voice, as if the top dark clouds, people today feel the depression,
apnea, followed by play the sonorous, powerful melody, as if clouds are clearly on to
give people hope, faith, old hands constantly command blowing about strings, sounds
are changing, and sometimes the waves split sides, sometimes whispering whisper.
Subsequently, the strings like they rolled out a sad decline Wan's low-key,
he endured, such as drops, Pieces flying mountain, the mountain consequent sob! Ji
Kang Pei service was 5 projector, the hurriedly prepared for war, said the old man the
first song to clear the history, content, and playing outside in the fingering, it is
necessary his own feelings to the song in harmony, and using this to show the image
of happy, sad Fen's image. Ji Kang's instructions to follow the
old practice hard, and eventually became a generation of masters.
   Calligraphy pen and feelings to the performance image.
   Speaking of learning calligraphy of Chinese folk, often praised, "Liu
Yan tendon bone" as a model for those who study the book, Yen
Chen's calligraphy, silk head dovetail, cross-vertical light weight, pens,
crushing force. If the half-edge reinforcement, saying: "The book as it
were," For the Yen, the prophet of its people, Tianbao not, the Rebel
General An Lushan in Yuyang rate cavalry southward invasion, Hebei counties
connection fall, Tang Wen disorder . Road, "County of Hebei 20 Is not a
loyal right? Soon after the news plain Prefecture, the first division by beating thief
front give meaning to the corresponding Lushan end to end can not and dare not
invade Jiang accurate, this sort of person prefect is Yen Chen.
   It is this year, Yen Chen wrote in the Plain "Oriental Plastic praise
monument." Cibei calligrapher to fight to the death against an enemy of
righteousness that poured into his writings, has created strong male vigorous, strong
tendon bone hard, stringent artistic image is generous. He was 74 years old, has
advised the throne to the Yu-Rebel Lixi Lie, it is his political enemies set a trap for
him, that he knows is a dangerous road, but resolutely on the Road. Li Xilie his
detention, Lixi Lie To emperor, Yen Chen feast refused, and accused him of Thieves
for the inverse, awe-inspiring righteousness. Last rebel of the critical situation, the
defendant's Yen Chen strangled, when he was 76 years old, Yen Chen-life
marked by integrity, faithful, unyielding dying, his artistic style with the same man.
   Liu public rights of man upright, according to legend Tangmu cases Heng like Liu
public rights of calligraphy, but his man absurd indulgence, the subjects as few dare to
remonstrance who once Mouzon asked calligraphy how just right, Liu public right
opportunity to answer a pen in mind the heart is the document is, Mouzon hear
overtones, angry face has changed. This is Liu public rights document advice and
stories. Tangjing Zong Li Zhan little as, but hi praise, once in the side hall school
official called on the six, when it comes to the Western Han Dynasty when Emperor
Wen thrifty, they held up their sleeves, said, "I have this dress paddle
washed three times! "We have praised his Bachelor of virtue, only Liu
public rights, said:" dominate the world of the gentleman, should be
appointed virtuous, dismiss unworthy, reward and punishment. Majesty wore clothes
washed with the country's Grand Dade Pong compared to only one pieces
of small stuff ah, "he is the character created by this man seriously pen, the
artistic image of the upright.
     Image is the beginning of art, it expresses the spirit of artistic self, but also the
performance of the real world.

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