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									On the curriculum
Speaker Series Course Title Date Location Content
A super-convincing PhD May 23, 2009 -24, Shanghai convincing top-level courses
2 clock pulse = money * big customer transactions secret July 19, 2008 (there had
been a) contacts = money pulse Shanghai
3, the ultimate secret of success January 12, 2009 9 (have opened) Shanghai Grand
Stage ultimate secrets of success (how to get rich quick success)
4 super-persuasive February 21, 2009 -22 days of teacher convincing the Shanghai
CHEN course!
5 Super NAC Success March 28, 2009 -29, Shanghai Super NAC Success
6 superstars lecture April 25, 2009 -26 days in Shanghai
7 Super president of classes June 27, 2009 -28 days training teach you how to
Shanghai president with the leadership team, the use of practical experience from
activities, through Tan's guide to a better understanding of your leadership
team, allowing you to truly become a outstanding leader.
8 Super Lecturer Course July 25, 2009 -26 Day speech in Shanghai to become a super
expert, to convince everyone of the method, steps, techniques.
9 super-president of The Peninsula Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong
Presidential Suite Class CHEN president of the Hong Kong Peninsula courses teach
you the secret of making big money fast, thinking marketing strategies, the teacher in
person by the An-face consultation for your business immediately face a bottleneck
guidance. Commence full quota of 12 places.

On the "Super Success" course of 15 major benefits:
World-class intellectual, language localization
Provide a full range of information and methods of successful
Curriculum for all classes can be used in any sector (individuals, businesses, students,
salesmen, managers, executives, leading cadres, partners, distributors, general
manager, president, ... ... etc.)
Teach you to immediately enhance the performance of methods (company or
You will learn to enhance the income of the top ten most important rules
Teach you how to immediately break through self-handicapping, self-confidence and
You will learn to set and achieve goals over the secret
How to find direction in life, play a self-advantage, the industry's leading
Manual provides a complete self-analysis
Provides the steps to become a super leader
Learn how to make a double half the time of performance
Learn how to live a happier life
100 the world's first learning the secret of success
Share the world the greatest marketing rules
The best courses with the best students (this is the best quality you build a network of
all of China's best chance)
Stop wasting time and start to increase productivity
Remember, go its own way as successful marching footsteps!
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