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					On Fang fraud
                       ?On Fang fraud
Yesterday took part in the Shenzhen Satellite TV, 22 degrees observation of program
recording, Fang scene, and in Bowen this morning to write an article entitled: A note
about "TCM," the TV debate. Surprisingly, after reading,
claiming to be fake fighter, and hold high scientific sword, that he was middle of the
night without sleep, concocted false news, as a party, I was shocked.

Then we take a look at how Fang is fake it? First of all, please watch the original

First, the opening that is false, program is June 8, 2010 recording, the Fang is in the
June 8, 2010 to participate in the program, so on opening Fang, wrote today to how
we look at Bowen Time: (2010-06-09 00:56:53), science is the most rigorous, even if
Mr. Fang
Want to use science to fraud, but also a strict manner, to the embrace of science Mr.
Fang Zhouzi, does the drowsiness of fragmentation? This is the first false

We look down, Fang said he attended the Shenzhen Satellite TV 22 degrees
observation of "TCM is not pseudo-science" debate, which is
not correct, should participate in the Shenzhen Satellite TV, 22 degrees observation on
the "health, the hearing Who is it? "debate, Mr. Fang clear
theme, are never asked Mr. Fang to participate in the main program
Question? This is probably justified, but you do not understand is not that good, why
self theme, alter the content of blatant fraud then? This is the second false
Fong 11 in the text set out to see their opponents, first of all say that Mr. Kong
Lingqian, he writes: (Ling Him) lip is "my grandfather",
"We holes home", Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou Party and
government leaders ... ... then stop bragging about how smart their skills on how, what
Incurable diseases, what disease to their family was to rule the next day wrapped! . . .
When he began to attack people who say do not believe TCM is Chinese, Chinese
people are similar to the batch as the traitor Wang Ching-wei. . . Who heard the
presence of such remarks ah? Ling Qian Mao said it? Premier Zhou said it? What
patients said their family was to rule can be cured? Not to mention the next day
wrapped words. TCM does not believe the Chinese people are not, such remarks Mr.
Kong Lingqian said it? Fang such a statement to make the Chinese people's
anti-Chinese sentiment, it probably is immoral, as a counter person, this is
understandable, but the fabrication is not permitted by science! These we have not
heard of the remarks I am afraid that the auditory hallucination Fang own it, Could
not a kidney? If you personally by the illusion, to distinguish between true and false
things, good or bad, such a person is only one possible, that is, delusions, I would like
to be a Mr. Fang Zhouzi and normal, and a clear fake fighter, so only one Conclusion:
The intentional fraud! This is the third false
Fang critical look at the second person, the Chinese Association of Food Nutrition and
Safety Health Care Professional Committee President Miss Sun Shuxia, Fang wrote:
Please do not mistake the "China Health Care Association,"
What is the health care professional institutions, it is A health care products industry
organizations, is designed to promote health products. What China Health Care
Association is a learned ah? Not a health care professional societies, are the
professional bodies or automobile? Fang said China Health Care Association is
dedicated to sell health care products, and there is no basis, fails to scientific rigor,
even if the China Health Care Association has been directly or indirectly play a
promoting effect of certain health care products, but can not say that China Health
Care Association is a special promotion, so that in the manufacture of false
information, deceived the general people, contrary to the spirit of science, these are
four false
Fang's third criticism is of Contemporary China Research Center of
Tsinghua University, Professor Li Dun, he writes: The Professor Lee as a
"commentator", supposedly at least neutral, but he started to
believe that they were Chinese , and to grant "Western" science
is not all, endless, lip. Professor Lee began to believe that their Chinese medicine, this
is true, however, said Professor Li Fang: To grant "Western"
science of all kinds is not endless, lip. This is there? Professor Lee said that all the
science is not it? Professor Lee is also a scientist, why should grant western scientific
various not? What motive? If Judge Fang did not know how many Zhaozuo Hai China
to the! This is the fifth false
Then open Fang granted audience, he writes: Sitting on the side of the dozens of other
audience is students at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Mr. Fang is
also afraid of this storm blind touch the elephant, I am one of them, I can confirm that
the person sitting across from Mr. Fang Zhouzi than most students of Beijing
University of Chinese Medicine, who is sitting behind him, this I think it's
not a critical issue, but I regret that Mr. Fang Zhouzi judge actually seat of your pants,
does Mr. Fang Zhouzi former poet? There is little scientific attitude of respect for
evidence, please Mr. Fang Zhouzi respect for empirical, scientific look at the world,
do not do Nietzsche-like scientists, This is the sixth false
Then Mr. Fang Zhouzi had said: the Chinese supporters (including the guests and the
audience) is not really familiar with Chinese classics, I have several times cited by the
statement of Chinese medicine to correct them. The Chinese experts are not familiar
with how to do the classics of Chinese medicine? I can not say proficient, familiar
with the terms of these Chinese people have no problem with this conclusion
incredible, ah, Mr. Fang Zhouzi most familiar with Chinese classics, cited by the
Chinese experts to correct the error, like the Americans who tell you to change how
the United States development, do you think Americans will believe that the Chinese
people? World of funny, This is the seventh false

Finally Fang wrote that he had just received a message: "I am learning
Chinese origin. But I will always support you! Study a few years only to find their
own medicine was 忽悠 the. Wasted blood of our youth, I just want to know Who is
our 忽悠. Yes I love, you "I think this message, the so-called just
received, whether from the time or content, are suspicious, an end to the Fang to write
this program Bowen, it is a short three hours, only between the University of
Traditional Chinese Medicine to the 25 individuals, there is only me and my
colleagues learn traditional Chinese medicine for many years, while the rest are of law
and the English professional and sophomore students are, how will emerge a study
Chinese origin, has studied for years the students? Is it because I fell asleep
that's not a daydream? This is the eighth false

After reading Mr. Fang Zhouzi the middle of the night arrived, without cause chills,
ah, false so confidently, so skilled, if I am not a party, and without them the video as
evidence, really confused as real ones, and Fang is indeed the scientific community in
China celebrities, China's scientific community, where the root causes of
false papers?
Mr. Fang Zhouzi I want to say is: science is used to explore the unknown world, not
to hit people, and this is why the West will always be new scientific discoveries,
treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, we must recognize two things: 1 . Chinese
medicine has a certain effect of 2. Chinese medicine is very complex and there are
many things that did not clear, figure out. This shows that Chinese medicine is a two
to explore the value of the unknown world, if the Chinese do not need a weapon of
modern science to explore this unknown world like Chinese medicine, it is impossible
to discover anything new, naturally there can be no Nobel Prize! Please do not
mislead the Chinese scientific community, you shovel filled with scientific giant hole
leading to the unknown world, you are ruined China's Nobel dream.

But to make people happy Fang is the Chinese scientific community is only a small
number of people representative of our country's scientific development in
general, do not go astray.
Octopus out prediction, Fang Go science anti-counterfeiting

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