Northern Navy: Dingyuan class battleship

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					Northern Navy: Dingyuan class battleship
Northern Navy: Dingyuan class battleship
"Be far away", "Chen-yuan" is a
peer-ship, in the West is also known as "Saxon" improved ships,
ironclads at the time of the status in the Navy aircraft carrier today, the second ship
was called "Asia represents enormous" . 2 Captain 94.5 m,
width 18 m, draft of 6 meters, the normal displacement of 7,144 tons full load
displacement of 7,670 tons, powered by two three-cylinder reciprocating steam engine,
horizontal, round eight coal-fired boiler, power 6200 hp, speed, 14.5
("Chen-yuan" as the 7200 horsepower, speed, 15.4) and a range
of 4,500 sea miles / 10, with illumination of 8 1 000 20 000 candles and candle
searchlight each one, from the three generators (" Chen-yuan
"as the two generators) to provide 70 kilowatts of electricity. The total
weight of 1461 tons armor, armored fort armor thick 14-inch water line (355.6mm),
12-inch water line under the heavy armor (304.8mm), 305 armored gun platform thick
304mm, gun shield thickness 15mm, commander of the armored column thickness
203mm, the amount of coal cabinet containing 700 tons of coal, the largest volume of
1,000 tons of coal contained in the preparation of 329-363 people, pipe band for the
Chief General title.
Main weapons: guns for the Krupp 305mm cannon breech four (two pairs of left and
right-mounted turret, hydraulic power, weight 31.5 tons per cannon, 25 caliber),
Krupp 150mm breech auxiliary guns 2 doors (both the 1 per cannon weight 4.75 tons,
35 times the diameter), 75mm Krupp guns 4, 37mm 5 Kazakhstan begging open
Slovak guns 8, 57mm, 47mm Ha Si Su Shebao begging to open the 2 doors, 14-inch
torpedo tubes 3 (on both sides of each one, aft 1, with 21 torpedoes).
In addition, two ships each equipped with ship-borne torpedo 2 (some say three),
sub-named        "set      a"        "set       2",
"Town," "town", a displacement of 16
tons, captain 19.5 m, 110 hp , speed 15 knots, equipment, a 37mm cannon Kazakhstan
begging to open Sri Lanka, two 14-inch torpedo tubes (around the bow of a boat),
four boats to defend the post-war period in Weihaiwei all along,
"left" to escape, "set one" West Coast
stranded in Weihai, after being pulled out on boats, near the sea in the storm that sunk
Yin; "set 2", "town" ran aground near
Yantai fled after self-destruction; "Town II" was shot in the
public Liu Island Rail sank near the pier, after the Japanese salvage incorporated into
the Japanese fleet, changed its name to "the 20th floor."
Ship History: 1880 (six years of the Qing dynasty), the Northern Minister Li of China
in Germany by the German Minister Lee Bong-shell Tantebolei degree V Stettin
custom-made, and sent Liu Buchan, Wei Han, Patrick Ao, Zheng Qinglian so in
factory supervision, the class ship design brings together the world's most
advanced ironclads - the UK "United Kingdom Fred income
white" number and the German "Saxon" was the
second ship of the advantages of the "Earth First, etc all over the
ironclads" , the Northern Minister Li personally for two ships named,
"will", "town" two ships and the
"economic well" ship construction for the same batch, should be
delivered in 1884 in China, but it was a time when Sino-French war, Germany has
decided to use the reason refused to pay ship, until the 1895 peace negotiations
between China and France will be delivered back in China, three merchant ships
flying the flag of Germany by the German sailors driving escort arrived at the end of
October 1885 and delivered to China in Tianjin Dagu, which "will
far" a northern naval ship flagship. August 1886 the Northern Navy
"set             away,"          "Chen-yuan,"
"economic well", "Weiyuan" Nagasaki,
Japan, in parking supply, maintenance (presumably for the ironclads routine oil to
prevent rust, then no ironclads by China's dock can accommodate, so only
to Japan), "will", "town" two ships of
strong government and a panic among the Japanese slugger. 13, 15, the Chinese
sailors for shore leave prostitution, and shopping and fighting the Japanese place,
resulting in many casualties, the latter in China's diplomatic and military
pressure and the mediation of the Western powers to end loss of mutual compensation,
known to history " Kawasaki case. " Since then Japan will be
determined to "set", "town" two ships as
rivals, creating the so-called three-vessel view.
Two ships have participated in the September 17, 1894 in the Yellow Sea battle, the
Japanese naval fleet's flagship, "Pine Island" was
"Chen-yuan" gun ships hit, causing fires and loss of combat
effectiveness, was forced to withdraw from the battlefield. However, the Northern
navy was sudden contact intact, inadequate preparation, "be
well", "Chen-yuan" ammunition shortage, failed to
give full play to the combat effectiveness of naval warfare. Two ships took part in the
subsequent       Battle     of     Wei      Hai   Wei,     November       14,     1894,
"Chen-yuan" in the incoming ship ran aground due to accidental
injuries, and because the Japanese captured Port Arthur dockyard and no place to
repair, has not the sea operations, the management was meeting with linte suicide the
night of the blame and swallowed their anger. "Given away"
ship on the evening of 4 February 1895 broke into the harbor by the Japanese,
"number nine" torpedo attack were injured, 9, "will
away" the Japanese occupation of the fort by the fire hit and hit hard the
next day " be far "ship was blew, February 17,"
Chen-yuan, "the Japanese abducted to ship Japanese fleet was still
incorporated into the name of" Chen-yuan ", to become the first
Japanese naval ship armored battleship, had participated in Russo-Japanese War and
33 years in the Meiji View of ship at sea, held in Kobe, Large Review, 1898, was
designated as second-class battleship, in December 1905 to change first-class coastal
defense ship, April 1, 1911 household registration termination as a target ship
weapons, April 6, 1912 demolition sale solution, the left anchor, chain by the Japanese
government on display in Tokyo's Ueno Park, in order to shame the
Chinese people. After World War all kinds of humiliation of the
"Chen-yuan" ship relics in 1947 by the China Merchants
"Flying Star" and "Lung Shun" ships in
two batches back to the motherland.
"Chen-yuan," Lin Taizeng ship control zone, left the Northern
Navy Chief General, Fuzhou Arsenal's first graduates, and college study in
the British Royal Navy, Yellow Sea end of the war back Ru Weihai Guards to Hong
Kong, "Chen-yuan" ship accidentally ran aground, loss of
combat effectiveness, the management has consciously unworthy of the country with
linte, when the night swallowed their anger at the suicide.
"Chen-yuan" with ship succession management with Yang Lin,
the original "Zhenyuan" ship Bangdai ship health background,
immediately fell in succession Hou Weihai Wei, Yang Lin reluctant to use the
Japanese surrender, February 12, 1895 Northern Navy also lost an outstanding
general .
"Chen-yuan," Zhang ship Bangdai mate any goods, Fuzhou
Shipping School graduate, Republican chief of the Admiralty Office, Quartermaster
long time, the military value for a long, chief of staff.
"Given away" ship management with Liu Buchan, son of Hong
words, Fujian Hou Husband (now Fujian Fuzhou) the right-wing Northern Navy
Chief General, Fuzhou Arsenal's first graduates, and college study in the
British Royal Navy, during practice in the United Kingdom as the United Kingdom
Vice-captain of the Mediterranean Fleet flagship, after returning to formulate the
"Northern Naval statute," the command in the Yellow Sea
fleet's fighting in World War II, about to fall in Weihaiwei, "be
well" hors de combat when the ship was hit, resolutely decided to own
supervision and has been directing the "set far" ship blew, the
night the day following the generation of famous naval ship his love for the country
pay the price.
"Given away" Tube-riding ship Ralph Lee, Hou Husband Fujian,
Fuzhou Shipping School graduate, students in England when the Republic of China
chief of the Admiralty.
"Given away" Tube-riding ship Taylor (Taylor), the British,
seconded from the Department.
"Given away" ship Bangdai mate Jiangren Hui, boats Health
"Given away" ship drivers mate Zhu Sheng Kong, Fuzhou
Shipping School graduate, late reconstruction of the Navy when he was
"Chu a" ship control zone.
"Given away" ship torpedo mate Xuzhen Peng, Guangdong
Xiangshan people, children in America, Fuzhou Shipping School graduate.
"Given away" guns ship mate Song noise of bird's
wings, Guangdong Xiangshan people, children in America, Fuzhou Shipping School
graduate, was transferred before the War "Wide A" ship
Bangdai mate, late reconstruction after the Navy served "Jiang
Yuan" "clear mirror" ship control zone.
"Given away" guns ship mate Shen Shou Kun, Tianjin Naval
Academy graduate, students in England.
"Given away" guns Service 2 high-bearing tin, Fuzhou
Shipping School graduate.
"Given away" guns, three Sun Jingren ship, Fujian, Min County,
boats Health origin.
"Given away" to save the ship firearms 3 Chiang, Hou Husband
Fujian, Tianjin Naval Academy graduate, has appointed Republic of China Yantai,
when the Navy School, the Navy Ma Jiang temporary garrison commander of martial
law, military balance Secretary, Department of the Navy, training squadron
commander First Fleet Commander, Naval Commander, General Wei granted salty.
"Given away" ship Explorer round Chen Zhaoqiang, Fujianese,
Fuzhou Shipping School and graduated from the Department of the Republic of the
Admiralty when the ship has the Secretary, the director of the Jiangnan Shipyard,
Fuzhou Ship Secretary, the Navy School of Fuzhou, Fuzhou Navy flying submarine
"Given away" ship Explorer off round Mays, Germany, during
the 1885-1889 tenure.
"Given away" A ship Explorer round the wall into (Albrecht.J),
German, Battle of Yalu River were injured, was the first of his great treasure Third
Star Medal Awards wearing a flower Ling eyes.
"Given away" deputy ship Explorer round Nigelushi (Nicholls),
British, Battle of Yalu River in the dedication, negative injuries killed by Li petitioned
to give their families to show pension salaries for three years.
"Given away" Chen Nan vessel second engineer, machine
maker origin.
"Given away" Ching-ship first two rounds.

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