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No hand by fdjerue7eeu


									No hand
    For a long time it did not rain tonight under a non-stop rain has been.

Got up and went to the window, lit a cigarette for himself. Do not smoke, trapped
between the forefinger and middle finger, fingers bent, showing a lonely position.
Light lit up my left hand, spread out palm, palm curve entanglement, inner panic

Another woman.

I can call you? Maybe now I can only tell you that it is appropriate, after all, you want
to dream of paradise, also last forever I can not afford to give, so you turn in the
summer that left Yin Hui. Although I once broke our heart and lung, once that the
whole world is dark, can the moment is very far away things.

Failed to keep your back away drifting away, but you can not refuse to dream to. I
would like to ask how do you know the way home, suddenly looked up and saw your
eyes, watery like tonight's rain, soaked my heart.

That in the future, I mentions love. Around you, in your humble ubiquitous love you.

If you want to can not, then you also get free, the same as released in the dense humid
memories, only look up to my face, and you look elsewhere in the figure.

How are you?

I understand that you have to hear how deeply my heart call you, only you can
understand the call-off of that nickname. Now you ask a man how you? You still so
ticklish you, sleep you like to take a leg in the habit of me keep you now, you still
love me for you to do special meal, you men are not like me to eat well it.

At this time, your laughter and your look is so clearly echoed in my mind. But my
heart is sorrow and grief of the incredible pain.

Numerous fingers cold night, I placed in the network itself. On each night, beating the
next words that do not have temperature. Met with many people, knowing each other,
love each other, but not the intersection. I even have some doubts that he is not some
psychological abnormality, and while smiling, side of the old. Friends, just passing
through, prove my life is so real there.

Now we just wait and see each other standing on the other side waiting for the next
fall after a redemption. Like moths to flame, such as cocoon as to blossom as you do
not ask me reckless love and hate or flutter down to the city itself the land of mud
But in reality I can not escape thoughts of you, you can not give me the face of pain,
loneliness, loss. Can not think of you in my hospital bed that pained look of pity, I can
not think of you holding hands cuddle and line the streets, unable not to think of your
smile your voice your tears.

Are you think of me? Do not go after those who thought the world had never again
some day?

If the first, we were not so stubborn, if we could keep our original idea of
communication with each other, and if I can have more understanding of your
difficulties and not to be bent, you will leave me? You know, you're gone
footsteps so I am desolate and helpless ah!

Should the not too regret that now regret not returned numerous, we are now not very
happy life together, lived together happily day, along with vows of permanence to?

Tonight, the rain can not wash away the bitter past, through the time of dilution, as
easily as the fog dispersed in the air, of the dust, embedded in years of growth rings.
Perhaps forgotten in our memories of those wonderful light, painful, warm, cold,
perhaps a bad thing. After at least make me despair of others know that you are a
woman, so bless you life. The record of these, simply because this rainy night in some
dark, damp, not suppression. Only, discarding elements around the heart, but no one
could see the shadow. The Xiegua very long under the sun, this life will never come

Perhaps life has no regrets there is no beauty, though this Yangtianchangtan regret the
pain does not want people to have sound, but, if you are happy as you are happy, that
is not true that I want?

I know, I know that years, months and years that I really loved you all in the past!

Unfortunately, I did not, accompany you to the end. Thank you then, who held my

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