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									Ningbo Tourism Experiences!
Ningbo experience is multifaceted:
Party committees and governments work together to create an atmosphere of Tourism
Development, proactive create "Oriental trading port, fashion, water
is" the image of the city's tourism initiatives,
"resources, systems, capital, intelligence," a combination of
active and effective development of tourism resources of the movement, urban
construction and functional integration to create a unique tourist attractions such
attempt, their ideas and concepts in the country is leading.
"Tourism marketing is marketing the city." 25 years of Chinese
tourism, attractions, scenic area is the most basic elements of tourism tour
"object." From the publicity spots, scenic spots to marketing the
city, a few tourist attractions the city groups developed increasing amount of tourism
gross output value in the national economy, is increasing, the tourism industry to
enhance the role and status of the embodiment. Is China's tourism industry
from the start, growing to a signal to mature. Vigorously marketing the city of Ningbo
in the next process, looking larger scope. Not long ago, and Wenzhou, Taizhou and
Zhoushan cities travel consortium formed 4 and concentrate to raise funds, common
external marketing. From attractions, scenic, city marketing and then to source
markets for the remote destination marketing, from a focus on local marketing to
focus on regional integration, from a loose joint to the tight, there is a certain physical
significance of the joint, constant across stages and texture of upgrading, which is
leading the country.
To "promote tourism is to promote the city" level, tourism
image, the image is not only a narrow sector rise as city image. Ningbo's
tourism image "Orient Commercial Ports, fashion, water is" the
city's image. At this stage, the marketing slogan is not only a tourist
industry based on building products, but the starting point for the government
industrial policy is consistent with the industry recognized the common theme is the
concentrated expression of appeal outside the city.
Speaking of city image enhancement, can not fail to point out here,
"Creating Excellent Tourist City" has greatly facilitated the
work of "marketing the city," the pace and improve the
city's core competitiveness and market awareness, tourism importance of
the work also will be leadership and recognition of the masses. Ningbo to
"excellence" as an opportunity to work, and high score
compliance. In the state Tourism Excellence, held at the scene, the mayor of Ningbo,
said the 10 breath, "grasping", loudly asked: "To
brand must mechanism", take the initiative to do a good job after the
license awarded to "The Second excellence . " 4 years later,
Ningbo to become the highlight of the Yangtze River Delta city group, sub-provincial
city in the country stand out. This is also the leading country.
Ningbo approach to tourism development to draw on the experience of many. Central
Organization Department and National Tourism Administration training courses,
many domestic universities, many provinces and cities are invited to teach comrades
Ningbo experience, many local leaders led to the Ningbo learn. Assistant to the
governor of Shandong Province People's Government of Shandong
Province, led the Sun Guangyuan mayor in charge of tourism to Ningbo visits, not
without emotion, said: "The experience of Ningbo, to remove the high and
low points, is 100! Us to the National Tourism Administration leaders suggested that
the National Tourism Ningbo. "
Outline pull out lead, acupuncture, gas pass, be done in days, with man. Ningbo, there
are two fundamental experiences: leadership attaches great importance to the industry
caught effective. City clerk, mayor of materialized; secretary, the mayor is the
personification of the city. In other words, what kind of city will have what kind of
secretary and mayor; what kind of secretary and mayor have what kind of city.
Therefore, we emphasize the development of tourism is "the number one
project" and to adhere to government-led. At the same time, we must see
the implementation of decision-making level and the relationship and interaction
effects. Tourism authorities and tourism enterprises as long as new ideas, look for
goals, perseverance, passion unabated, always take practical action to
"move of God." Therefore, we also emphasized that rely on
themselves and no regrets, depends on human effort. Ningbo's success is
the combination of the two models.
Last week, the news and from Ningbo came, in order to better co-ordination and
implementation of the central five spirit of Zhejiang Tourism Development
Conference, the municipal government put forward the six linkage. Development of
service industry conference in the city, Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Party
Secretary of Ningbo Bayinchaolu further: We should cultivate tourism economy into a
pillar industry of national economy, the momentum to the tourism industry to a new
level, push forward the market to the tourism Tourism City's forward.
Acting Mayor of Ningbo City, Mao Guanglie, He Jianmin, vice mayor of the tourism
sector specially convened meeting, proposed in the new year to continue to vigorously
promote tourism development, leadership and management of tourism industry
structure, major tourism projects, city marketing, tourism, urban tourism function
further improve the four new breakthroughs. At present, of one mind, make concerted
efforts, Ningbo tourism is the development of better posture. We have reason to
believe: Ningbo Jinzhao look better, more promising tomorrow Ningbo.
- Ningbo Tourism reported that one of the
Impression of Ningbo is linked with water, the whole city on the river in Yuyao,
Yongjiang, Fenghua Jiang Sanjiang the confluence. Of water is filled with the aura of
Ningbo, Ningbo connected with the water is full of wisdom. Ningbo wisdom proud to
say that most of our tourist products and water separated.
Xikou, Chinese fishing village, Ninghai Hot Spring they let the world afresh, Ningbo
famous attractions for water Xing. However, in the first batch of
"excellence", the talk about the tourism industry of Ningbo,
Ningbo themselves feel so ashamed.
Ningbo Municipal Tourism Bureau Zhu Zhizhen have said such a thing: seven years
ago when he just took part in a tourist city of the Secretary in 15 meetings, that he
slipped out early from the floor, because Ningbo Tourism product too little, almost no
one knows what may travel in Ningbo, he felt very embarrassed. 7 years later, this
situation never occurred. Affected by SARS last year, though, Ningbo, the full
realization of the tourism industry is still positive growth, received 17.42 million
overseas tourists trips, tourism 16.4 billion in total revenue. Domestic tourists in the
first half of this year grew 36.5%, 71.5% growth in foreign tourists. Ningbo rapid
development of tourism, so that all people are proud of Ningbo.
Government-led tourism big way
Previous mention of Ningbo and visitors an impression of the "four
heads", that is, "Chiang bald, head monk, taro head, Beilun
Terminal." Ningbo not always leave visitors the impression that the old,
Ningbo tourism have something new, there are fine, Ningbo tourism to catch up with
the pace of other similar cities. Through the efforts of Ningbo in 1998 became the first
excellent tourist cities in China, but Ningbo is not for this. Immediately, the Ningbo
Municipal Government put forward the "secondary excellence",
and making a major tourist city of Ningbo.
In 2000, the Ningbo Municipal Government issued a document No. 2, which defined
the orientation and the tourism industry to support tourism initiatives, and proposed
resource development, promote the building of the primary starting point, build
quality. Enjoy the city tour highlights the treatment of key projects and will be key
support; of the newly formed travel large enterprises and groups to be supported.
Meanwhile, the municipal government has even development of tourism projects, the
formation of a new tourist attraction as the city and county (city) area, a hard task, and
included in the scope of the annual target management evaluation.
This dry tourism momentum is rare. Ningbo city's 11 counties (cities) and
districts held a special party focus group study sessions tourism economy, regional
economic development of tourism as a pillar industry, has published a corresponding
support tourism development policy advice, and as the situation complement the
development in a timely manner. Tourism Bureau directly under the municipal
government from undertaking to the Executive Board, the following counties and
cities have had enhanced the functions of the Tourism Bureau, the absence of a
Tourism Board Tourism Bureau set up one after another. Xiangshan County has also
established a tourism police station, specialized management of attractions and hotels.
In addition to a travel policy, but also require funding. Ningbo people are generous.
Ningbo people are smart, know that only big investment will have a large output. It is
understood, Ningbo, 11 counties (cities) and districts have about 600 million to 20
million yuan special funds for tourism development, while there are 10 million yuan
in Ningbo city. 2005 Ningbo Tourism Special Development Fund is expected to rise
to 40 million yuan for the tourism master plan revision and deepening of the planning
of major projects and tourism investment, promotion of urban tourism image of the
publicity, tourism, information technology implementation Improving the Function of
urban tourism, tourism, personnel training, tourism product development and the
development of new tourism Yetai so. Such a large special funds for travel around the
city envy. Meanwhile, Ningbo has introduced a "project of Ningbo City
tour assistance, incentives," "Tourism District, Ningbo (points)
in Construction of Provisional Measures." Ningbo municipal government
paid off, since 2001, Ningbo total launched more than 130 tourism investment
projects, total investment of more than 1.39 billion U.S. do

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