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									Nicholas. Tesla NikolaTesla (1856-1943)
(Nikola Tesla, 1856 年 -1 943 years, July 10, 1856 born) is a world-renowned
inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer. Serbian origin, was
born in Croatia (later incorporated into the Austrian Empire). Tesla is considered an
important inventors in history. He in the late 19th century and early 20th century the
contribution of the electrical and magnetic properties are well known. His patents and
theoretical work form the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC)
systems, including multi-phase power distribution system and AC motor, helping his
band for the second industrial revolution.

In the United States, Tesla in history or popular culture can be compared on the
reputation of any other inventor or scientist. In 1893 he demonstrated the wireless
communications and has become the winner after the current war, it became the
United States one of the greatest electronic engineer and respected. The results of
many of his early works to become a pioneer of modern electronics, and many of his
groundbreaking discovery of the important. In AD 1943, the United States Supreme
Court recognized him as the inventor of radio. Tesla did not care for his financial
situation, the poor and forgotten under the age of 86 years.
Use of electricity in the modern world full of Tesla's legacy can be seen.
Apart from his work on electromagnetism and achievements, Tesla was considered
robotics, ballistics, computer science, nuclear physics and theoretical physics superior
contribution in various fields. Tesla later life as a mad scientist and create weird for
saying that science was the invention of attention. [1] [2] Many of his achievements
have been applied with some controversy, to support many of the pseudo-science,
such as the mysterious UFO theory and theory of the new century. Tesla
contemporary admirers regard him as a "person who created the twentieth
He was a great man of the world's forgotten. Alternator is his invention, but
Edison invented his favorite DC generator, strongly suppressed Tesla. If the Tesla is
not forced to give up the AC's patent for the world to free use ($ 2.53 per
horsepower), then he will be the world's richest people. His dream was to
provide the world with inexhaustible energy. His life is very tragic, very sympathetic
to him, but he is a peerless genius, unfortunately not many people remember him.
July 10, 1856, he was born in Yugoslavia and Croatia's smilyan, his father
was pastor, the mother is the inventor of mixer. Numerous inventions of his life. In
1882, he was following the Edison invented direct current (DC) soon after the
invention of the alternating current (AC), and create the world's first AC
generator, and the creation of a multi-phase power transmission technology. In 1895,
he was manufacturing for USA and Nicaragua station generating units, with the result
that the station is still one of the world's leading station. In 1897, he made
Marconi radio communications theory a reality. In 1898, he created the
world's first a radio-controlled boats, radio remote control technology
patent (U.S. Patent # 613.809). In 1899, he invented the X-ray (X-Ray) photography.
Other inventions include: radio, radar, fax machines, vacuum tubes, neon tubes,
missile navigation, planet defense system. Even his name and the name of the
magnetic density of units (1 Tesla = 10,000 Gause) also showed that on his
contribution to magnetism.
The Tesla is a young smart, fast in the brain in the completion of complex calculations,
the teacher always thought he was cheating.
Tesla can speak multiple languages fluently. Apart from Croatian, he also said that
seven kinds of languages: Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin.
Middle-aged Tesla and Mark Twain became close friends, they spend in the laboratory
and elsewhere, a lot of time.
Tesla because he can not deal with intimacy and a lifelong bachelor. 40 years old, he
said: "a French actress kept the came to me, so I can hardly concentrate.
Too bad, sometimes I feel very lonely." (A certain french actress kept
comming to me and made impossible for me to concentrate. It's pity too.
For sometimes, I feel so lonely.)
Although his life is committed to continuous research, and obtained about 1,000
patents and inventions, but his research is not for the life of his own interests.
Unfortunately, the entrepreneur and his contemporaries made use of the genius
scientist of love and talent, defrauding his research and honor, for his invention of the
wealthy. But Tesla is impoverished, long years of economic hardship. January 5, 1943
to the 8th night some time between the morning, Tesla died in New York hotels lonely
heart failure at the age of 86 years. AC for refusing to sell his patent, Tesla was
already debt-ridden death.
Why this extraordinary history, scientists will be forgotten it? Never been
everybody's lips? Although the invention that alternative because he has a
major contribution to mankind, but at the same time want to encourage many
companies to make money instantly collapse, suppressing his people had Thomas
Edison, supported, he abandoned his J. Pierpont Morgan, etc., in his The U.S.
government secretly remove the dead man on his historical records and reports, most
of his research were collected and included in the top secret, so his name was erased.
Talented scientists - Nikola Tesla
His name is Nicolas. Tesla Nikola Tesla (1856 -1943). July 10, 1856, he was born in
the former Yugoslavia smilyan Croatia, his father is a pastor of the church, was
brought grew up in Christian families. 1880 graduated from the University of Prague,
after 1884, emigrated to the U.S. became a U.S. citizen, and Yale University and
Columbia University for an honorary doctorate. The invention of his life are
numerous, as: In 1882, he was following the "Edison" invented
direct current (DC) shortly after the invention of alternating current (AC), and create
the world's first alternating current generators, and Pioneer According to
legend, technology and more power. In 1895, he was manufacturing for USA and
Nicaragua station generating units, with the result that the station is still one of the
world's leading station. In 1897, he made Marconi's
"Wireless Communications" theory a reality. In 1898, he
invented and patented wireless remote control technology (U.S. Patent Number #
613.809). In 1899, he invented the X-ray (X-Ray) photography. Other inventions
include: radio, radar, fax machines, vacuum tubes, neon lights ... ... and so on and
even named his name and unit of magnetic field lines density (1 Tesla = 10,000 Gause)
also show that the magnetic study on his contributions. Why scientists seem so
extraordinary it has never been recorded in history? Never been
everybody's lips? The answer is because he has those kind
"Unknown invention" though has a major contribution to
mankind, but at the same time has led many "make money"
enterprise instant closure. So his name will forever be erased.
Age heresy: the invention of alternating current
Imagine all the readers back to 1888, the then extensive coverage of many newspapers
are: Thomas Edison, the famous DC (Thomas Edison) announced Nikola Tesla
(Nikola Tesla) is a large scientific community, "heresy", he
invented alternating current (AC) directly affects the safety of human life, and
repeatedly demonstrate how dogs and cats only moments after the death of AC
("electric chair" was inspired by the death penalty and therefore
When we think that the "experts" such as on the authority of
"experts" on the Well for the self-interest and to hide the facts.
Even you will be destined to Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla) is indeed the scientific
community, "heretics" condemned by everyone.
In fact, today we do know, how the world needs "AC" existence.
"AC" of the invention is to improve people's lives,
enhance the industrial development and to expedite "the progress of
science." But why Edison repeatedly attacked "AC"
and its inventor Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla) do? The answer is
"AC" has, however, Edison operates a direct threat to the
"DC" business. Since the use of "DC" too
many shortcomings and limitations. As: "DC" adverse
long-distance transmission, will have to add power stations every 1 km, but the
"AC" is available as a long-distance power transmission
transformer substation. Relative use "DC" price is expensive,
and performance and fine group of people is much less than W
"AC." Based on conflict of interest, it prompted Edison and
Tesla to start the fight.
The results, he as a great scientist, "Edison" invented a total of
24 new designs, the design of DC generator by the "Edison"
patent, to mass production. But the rewards of his efforts in return but a fraud and
relentless ridicule. A result, Tesla sense of anger and heart from the beginning,
"Edison" and his company. This is the history of the prelude to
the current war.
In 1888, Tesla received Westinghouse (Westing House) entrepreneur George
Westinghouse (Geovge Westing House) to support R & D head buried in 6
years AC invention. Six months later, that he developed for "AC
generators" patent, and should the United States Institution of Electrical
Engineers (American Institute of Electrical Engineers) invited lectures and
demonstrations, "AC" power of the research results. As
"AC" performance than the "DC" better,
so "AC" is also widely used in the beginning, and slowly
replace the traditional "DC" position. Business interests in a
serious threat, Edison, Tesla has been much criticized and labeled
"scientific heresy" in the name of an inhumane
"scientific persecution" should take its place. Although the
"AC" has become the mainstream of industrial and social power,
or even "AC" has become a necessity of our daily lives,
bringing unparalleled convenience and happiness. However, Nikola Tesla (Nikola
Tesla) name has been forgotten, or even have not been properly rehabilitated. This is
the "orthodox" scientific masterpiece.
Nicaragua Station century mark
If you have been to the United States Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls), I believe we will
be a magnificent spectacle for the site issued heartfelt admiration.
Hundreds of tons of water from all directions converging to Shanbengdilie pouring
down trend, the impact of the river suddenly rumbling sound, a truly daunting. In this
steady stream of rivers, but bears an unexpected wealth of resources.
In 1897, world-famous "Nicaragua" station, the first will be up
to 100 000 v horsepower power plant built here, two years later became far and 35
kilometers from Buffalo, NY (The City of Buffalo) of the main power source. Block
was more than 10 large and small power stations have been built, resulting in the
production of hydropower electricity daily, enough to supply New York State and
Ontario, Canada a quarter of total demand, its real power output is amazing. And this
a full over 100 years of electric power construction has continued to function
normally, I have been to produce unlimited natural energy, this fact of human science
in recent years a great marker.
However, we may have been thinking, Who is this great invention and design of
power supply facilities?
The original of this scientific century mark, it is a brilliant scientist Tesla (Tesla) in
more than 30 years of age of a building, when the Chinese Communists use of
patented inventions to his nine. Invented by Tesla, "AC
generators" and "AC transmission technology", not
only provides a greater amount of power output, in order to improve the daily needs
of mankind, and even "power science" into another realm .
In fact, business at the time, street lights and houses, are expensive to use the
"DC." Because the loss in the circuit, use the
"DC" when they need to build every one kilometer of a
generator. Therefore, the construction of "Nicaragua" station, if
the power to "DC" transmission, transmission to 35 kilometers
from Buffalo, New York, is an almost impossible thing. But the genius scientist Tesla
(Tesla) in the construction of "Nicaragua" station when he is
using the invention "alternating current" electricity supply and
transmission technology to transmit electricity through the transformer method even
further broader. Consequently, his invention of the landmark, achieved through people,
"Nicaragua" power station for remote dream, and give people a
convenient and cheap electricity of life.
Later, people in honor of Tesla (Tesla) contributions, then the "Niagara
Falls" next to the park, stands the Tesla (Tesla) of the bronze statue in
recognition of his "Nicaragua" station on the contribution.
Selfless dedication: AC's patent royalty-free collection
As has been denied a great scientist Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla), the invention of his
life he has witnessed the community, "selfless contribution."
Although his life is committed to continuous research, and obtained about 1,000
patented inventions. Unfortunately, he is destitute old age, years of economic hardship.
Study hard because his life not for his own "private interest",
but for mankind to create a happier life and times of refreshing may. Although in the
past many talented scientists, entrepreneurs use the love and talent, and his fraudulent
research and honor. However, in his later years he still is the happiness of mankind to
work and inventions.
In Tesla's invention of a number of years, the most benefit mankind than
alternating current (AC) and AC generators. In every corner of the world, economic
and trade development, scientific progress and enjoyment of life depends upon the
help of AC. As the United States in late 2003, the blackout and the blackout in Europe,
leading to paralysis of social and economic wreaking; even booming domestic
economy, but the power supply shortage is more delay the development of many
enterprises and factories. See "AC" in our lives is actually a
closely related, and nearly a hundred years has mankind really great contribution.
The original back in 1882, Tesla had invented the world's first
"AC" generator, also invented in 1885, multi-phase current, and
power of technology to more than legend. In fact, in every place around the world are
5060Hz (Hz) transmission of electricity, and the experiment is the most effective
method of transmission power, and this invention is the Tesla out of the study.
So as July 10, 1990 a meeting of the United States Congress, more than 10 U.S.
senators to commemorate 134 anniversary of the birthday Tesla, it is more recognition
of his contributions on the power school and how he changed the concept of human
power understanding. Even in the parliament meeting, Tesla was praised more than
the Edison (inventor of direct current) greater contribution to life.
Since Edison invented "DC", the people are to pay a high tariff
in exchange for the convenience of life, so business output "DC"
can be counted as the most profitable business at that time. Up in 1884, Tesla from the
"Edison Company", his only chance to meet head of
Westinghouse George Westinghouse (George Westinghouse), and in 1888 formally
"AC" to bring the community when the time .
And in January 1893 a World's Fair in Chicago in the opening ceremony,
Tesla demonstrated "AC" How to light up the 90,000 light bulbs
at the same time, frighten the audience. Because it is "DC" can
not reach. Later, Tesla made even more so, "Nicaragua station"
to host the electrical design.
Because of "AC" instead of "DC" has
become the mainstream of power. The Tesla also has the "AC"
of patents, so that producing an alternating current at the time, he can earn a dollar a
royalty, and instantly he became rich. However, when the power is off an consortium
threatened to abandon the Tesla, "AC's patent," and
intended to take advantage of monopoly. The results, after several rounds of
negotiations, he decided to give up, "AC's patent,"
but because "AC" will be permanently open to this patent, so
that it will become Tesla free gift to the world. So, he tore up the
"AC's patent," and the loss of charge
"royalties" rights. From then on, "AC" is
no longer the patent, as free as the invention.
One pair of the inventor of the world's selfless devotion, although many of
Williams's life has been fraud, injustice, persecution, malicious slander and
defamation, even selfless dedication of his life but not future generations remember
and praise. But the world is because of his invention, his AC, but changed.
When you can during the hot summer, enjoy cool air-conditioning time; when you
enjoy the bustling city of night time; when you use the home as domestic appliances
each; or when you are using your computer when browsing this article, I hope You
can know that a reform of the power house, but who have to pay the world
unconditionally his life.

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