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The Master Build Institute of exchange
           - Record Tanabata Festival Event Mediterranean Song K
   (Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Xiao and Bai Dian) August 26, 2009,
Institute of Chemical Technology, Textile Institute, School of Information graduate
and undergraduate students to visit the "only entertainment"
guidance, extensive and in-depth exchanges, has set up a communication between
colleges , graduate and undergraduate students a bridge between the common learning
and development.
   9:00 sharp, the sky cloudless several flower floating clouds, sunny atmosphere of
harmony, the students from Shanghai Wenhui Road Songjiang University City starting
gate Alley 300, Kaiyuan to the Mediterranean, take bus No 11, channels Shanghai
Institute of Foreign Trade , visited the military training school in full swing in the new
house finishing games, and made constructive comments. The only entertainment
after arrival by the warm hospitality of staff, and membership card. Since then, all
"social practice, Donghua University, Yan'an group"
members are welcome to take this card to enjoy discount.
   ?The occasion of the Tanabata festival, student representatives: the future of the
textile workers Tin Dangdang students, the future of intermediate electrical, appliance
repairman Chan black students, the future of the daily soap, soap, washing powder,
shampoo, cosmetics, fertilizers, pesticides Daomaidaomai business Chen white
students, have recalled the past and look to the future, their families, friends,
classmates and teachers to send our best wishes.
   ?The only entertainment the students in-depth internal and experience the unique
atmosphere of fun entertainment, the students started singing voice test microphone
sound effects, non-stop debugging the various different styles of music. First, the
speech by Chen white students sang "has been very quiet," to
remember the death of the Asan illness, then sang a tune they play is more sad,
"Bai Yueguang," students of painful memories, sad memories.
Meanwhile, the students have lamented the body is the capital of the revolution,
postgraduate sister Chen white students high expectations, hoping Chen white
students to be able to improve the spiritual life while strengthening what limbs
movement. Overall atmosphere of black students in Chen's
"Love-ing" reached a climax under the leadership of graduate
students to field a magnificent Dangdang the "sake of serving the
country" to sing the number of students surging heart.
   ?The communication between students, study guides continued for three hours, and
then they play Dangdang students about 15 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution,
many are feeling younger sister Dangdang no limit learning. During dinner, after
discussion, the practice of school groups separately after 2 months in a new
commemorative gathering to form, such as we go swimming, skating, etc., out to eat
and sing together only cliche, take the simple, green, health, exercise, meet new
innovative way.
   Undergraduate study and three graduate student exchanges in the hot sun under the
sun's shining over, warm and harmonious atmosphere, while promoting
friendship between the students love to build a harmonious and make new
contributions to the campus.
   PS all the trip were: Chen white, black Chen, Tian Dangdang 3 ... ...

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