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									Naruto sad colleagues

Lifetime lifetime quitting
But I can not escape
Entanglement of the curve suddenly grow palms

 They sat in a noisy venue.

 His first in his class graduated from the ninja school, he was Uchi wave home the
only survivor, Konoha's genius, the eyes of Prince Charming girl. Flushed
girls around sparkling eyes, behind him again and scream, he just felt too noisy, hand
block off half of the face, eyes looking straight ahead. Hsv Naruto Chinese network
He has always been the end of the last-minute cable car to get Konoha care places, he
sealed the fox inside a person grow up from childhood mischievous Shuabai Chi. He
saw the beloved red people screaming girls, not willing to rush Qucourenao, but just
has a look of shy girl turned toward him immediately furious that meal Haibian. Hsv
Naruto Chinese network
He headed straight up to him face to face was with him almost fiercely on the stare.
Then what happened was an accident. Soft lips touch with the moment, four eyes are
wide open, just see the eyes of her reflection in each other. Then the hall was silent,
until girls started screaming. Who pushed me, he screams. Idiot, he turned away with
a micro resentful. Hsv Naruto Chinese network
That year they are 12 years of age. Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno vortex Ming and
graduated from the ninja school, compiled Rukakaxi to lead the seventh team.

   ?He tied the tree to the delivery man shot in the lunch. However, Sasuke, Kakashi
teacher said, eyes wide open ... ... Sakura, Sasuke blankly. Naruto gawked at his dark
eyes, speechless. They finally become Kakashi brought the first batch of qualified
teachers under the forbearance.

   ?A few months later, in the wave of the country, fell to the Naruto Sasuke arms
covered with blood, body poking out of 1000 makes him look like a hedgehog. Do not
kill that man, how can I die this way, he pain and unwilling to face. Then Naruto
could only hear the voices of white, in order to protect themselves important, he
knows a trap or washed over. He suddenly felt desperate, so start gathering of
unknown forces, life for the first time, even Naruto himself felt incredibly powerful.
That year, they are 13 years of age. The first implementation of the A-level task, we
all survived.

  ?The man finally emerged. He said that the 9, then easily beat Kakashi Naruto
chasing footsteps away. Ferret, Sasuke and grinding his teeth clenching hard heartbeat
too fast, running all over town each inn. Can the man say, I now you are not interested.
Anger mixed resigned, he had to guard suddenly had the slightest feelings of jealousy.
He rushed forward and clenched his fists, then be beaten black and blue. Last month
he was trapped in the world of reading, along the walls of soft fall and the moment he
sneered at heart, you just want me to become strong, is not to say, do anything you

  ?Then at last he made up his mind, he said coldly, I had long wanted to fight you,
and then in the hospital roof and lashed out at once to protect the people; he
whispered thank you in the back, and then resolutely turned away never never look

   ?Even people who do not want to be betrayed Naruto let go, he remembers a time
when the tolerance test, he said the taste of losing everything I know, I do not want to
lose important friends. Sasuke do not know how much that sentence and gave him the
power, but he knew. He suffered no plan to severely under his palm, catching up to
say even if I have to break your hands and feet take you back. Then spiral pill on
thousands of birds in the air stirred up blinding light. Sasuke say you are my dearest
friends so there is the value of sacrifice. Heart, a voice whispers with a wry smile,
Naruto, I have died once.

   ?Light in the last two closed his eyes. He opened his, he has not. Sasuke forced to
rely on the past, looked down his life for the first time and last time, he stared hard
look at Naruto's face, eyes clear. He wanted this picture in mind, then do
not forget. With the amount of injuries in nursing dropped a snap, he threw a blood
gone. Then two hearts yet so far away, no longer so close.

   ?After many years Naruto looked at his palm, then the pain without leaving scars
stubbornly refused to fade, as if a slender one, what proof, runs through the hearts of
young at that time. Hsv Naruto Chinese network
That year, they are 14 years of age. Konoha Under a genius less tolerance, where one
more snake pills.

  ?Naruto never give up I believe Sasuke will come back, but Sasuke do not know
when is the return date. So he chase, he fled, two of which had many times wrong
body has never been any intersection, do not know each other's experience.
Hsv Naruto Chinese network
One other years.

  ?Meet again when Naruto is Konoha's top shadow, wearing a black robe
with a fox mask. Sasuke covered in blood fell to the Konoha village, and before the
eyes of the same blood red it has not yet subsided, in the end he was unable to use
mirror writing Wanhua round eyes. Naruto is the only welcome Sasuke rushed
forward to blow fiercely, and then tired but calm Sasuke closed his eyes, he knew who
the immediate.

   ?Sasuke refused to end the final analysis, what happened, even questioning the Five
project Huoying He is also as simple as that snake balls and Ferret are dead, not a
word more. Naruto does not ask. Even if he is not worth mentioning. Pill to kill the
snake and Sasuke Itachi Konoha willing to come back naturally welcome, after all, he
really did not constitute acts of betrayal that year. He just left, and then six-year
period would not come back. Sasuke then smoothly join the shadow, and in a very
short period of time to work into the top and Naruto. They get along like before, when
working act in harmony is the best team shadow ninja Konoha is the most
unpredictable of the two. But not the old trouble for Naruto, Sasuke not Zaima him an

  ?That year, they are two years old. Sasuke returned to Konoha. Naruto still likes to
eat ramen, but not the same as before, prank.

   ?Shadow of high-level talks have been looking for Sasuke to hurry to marry him,
after all, write the blood to pass round eyes only by Sasuke. Department of signs in
the dark there Uchi wave family family crest ah, one day emerge when talking to this
voice. Sasuke suddenly black gown rigid body under, no one was looking across the
mask to his face at the time. Then he nodded.

   ?Sakura come out more and more beautiful. She also occasionally to the dark
before the Department to see Naruto, Sasuke came back from her are much more
frequent. Then one day she came out from the shadow blushing, happy face full to
overflow. The next day all know the whole Konoha Haruno Sakura Sasuke Uchiha
accepted the marriage proposal.

   ?Weddings are also held soon. Sakura laughed a lot that day, happy people get
jealous. Sasuke is still very little expression, he was afar off see Naruto in a corner
drinking, was rushed to Zuixun Xun to tell him, you have to keep on Sakura.
Naruto's hand stroking his frowning, you can not drink on the drink so idiot.
And two relatively daze, how long, not Naruto say so, another long heard Sasuke say
so. The voice of the crowd was booing and calling back the two, they also turned
towards Sakura Sasuke, Naruto back to the corner.

  ?That year, they are 21 years of age. People know the whole Konoha, Sakura is
married and has. Ming and Lee B. Lok complete romance, the day the two of them
were drunk, hugging each other comfort.

  ?Later, a long time not seen Sakura Naruto. Can not say out what kind of
psychology, she did not want to see him, he avoided her. By Sakura dystocia news and
rushed to Konoha with Sasuke when Xiao Li is also the hospital. The atmosphere is
very tense. Naruto felt after the end of time so long out of a white figure inside. She
looked at Sasuke say that the only guarantee of a child, then hope that the relatively
large, Sakura said to the child, without any hesitation, Sasuke nodded. Naruto
suddenly felt dry throat, and then the blood rushed into the brain, he was punched in
the face of command to the time when Sasuke saw next to Mike's feet have
taken the lead reached Sasuke's chest. Sasuke no vest heavily against the
wall and then hit the next mouth hanging bloodshot. You've not asked
Sakura there is no hope, Naruto felt something stuck in there for himself speechless.
Sasuke you are a jerk. Xiao Li, the voice of anger could hear the entire hospital.

  ?Sasuke did not refute the wall behind him leaned over, and then continued calmly
looked up, eyes become blood red, and Ferret exactly the same. Naruto gasped, round
eyes Wanhua mirror writing. Naruto rushed over grabbed Sasuke by the collar he
picked up years, roared at him, you only if she is a friend! She do that for you, you
only when she is a friend. Then suddenly unable speechless, he was on the wall by
Sasuke. Sasuke slowly closed his eyes, his tone faintly, I killed her. Alan looked at the
two men, suddenly do not know what to say.

   ?Sakura pushed Naruto out of hand when Sasuke still tugging at the collar, Sasuke
just looked at the white sheet next to his wife, Naruto's eyes were fixed on
Sasuke's face. Xiao Li stare at Sakura's face, he always felt that
Sakura does not seem particularly upset. He thought of Naruto, then, if not loved, then
let him in such a way to remember their own generation, it probably also makes
people feel comforted. Ino far hid behind the door, Sakura, you beat me to marry this
man, really like you laugh at the wedding so happy? She upset to speak. Little baby
born in the next crying out loud. Standing on the border between life and death, no
one speaks.

   ?That year, they are 20-year-old. Sakura's death by giving birth, leaving
his son Uchi Namiwaka leaf. Sasuke out of the shadow, the time he was almost three
years without leaving home. Only if it leaves his eyes. One day when his teacher
Kakashi current tolerance knocked the door of his house, open the door when he saw
the people who taught him Chidori still looked straight ahead, looking at the hands of
bad books. He intends to close, and then silver in the tolerance that Naruto has not
become Huoying. He was slightly startled a little, in front of people did not rise, can
not see his eyes. He suddenly laughed and said I will not die, and now not the time.
Kakashi nodded, as if accompanied by a puff of smoke then vanished. Sasuke relied
door in a daze, until hands pulled behind him and pulled his clothes to collect myself
behind closed doors.

  ?Naruto felt should have been nasty if the leaf. Because either he, Sakura does not
die, but children are innocent; and if the leaf really cute. He looked like Sasuke,
Naruto would sometimes think Sasuke has had so little a time when so cute. Sasuke,
however, and his eyes are light in different, not the kind of green is a trace of blue
Sakura, and their like. Naruto looked at this time if the leaves and sometimes you feel
Sasuke's eyes watching him, but he pretended not to know, just Douzhao
leaves little if speaking to him.

  ?If the leaf age of three, will be able to launch a write round eyes, no matter what
kind of jutsu one school will soon become history Konoha new talent.

  ?Sasuke responsible for the identity of the return to shadow the time is
Konoha's six generations present Huoying takes office, because the whole
Konoha people think, even if Naruto has a sensible adults, but still need Uchi wave of
adults look good he was doing only less likely to go wrong. Sasuke at that time look
deep, bearing calm, the village facing the talented young girls began to name a daze.
Naruto always say you should not go out again hurt the hearts of young girls, and the
hands of Sasuke handed him a stack of files on that so Huoying adult you first finish
the work today.

  ?Naruto always thought that when the outline of his hands She said Huoying to take
over when his pique to say that Sasuke had left not just to make him Huoying, if I
have not won him here I will not as long as he will accept. Gang hand turned and
looked out the window, that you know he will not, come back when he had not then
Sasuke was. Then you do not regret leaving him, or he will not ... Sakura ... Naruto
asked sharply. Gang hand silhouette adults unspeakable moment old, so Naruto
thought my illusion. After a long time before her opening, that is their business, I have
no right to interfere. Naruto nodded and remained silent. Yes, snake balls and Ferret
were dead, but people will never come back, is Sasuke.

  ?That year, they are 20 years old. Naruto finally achieved his desire to become
Konoha in the Huoying, he recognized best friend Sasuke Uchiha as the new head of
shadow and become his right hand.

   ?Tolerance test in sand and forbearance Village and Konoha, after the relationship
has been very good, young ninja often visit each other. Especially Shikamaru with
Temari. This is already well known secret in Konoha, but the two of them for a long
time without any movement.

  ?I love Feng Ying Luo's father for many years when you want to pay the
heavy burden under the hands of time much deliberation decided to give her daughter.
When the news came Shikamaru joked that we are related to the sand and forbearance
Village after you think should be lots of us do not speak Shikamaru just laugh.

  ?But the news was released for a long time many people think history is about to
become true or not, we have lamented the efficiency of low sand and forbearance.
One day Gaara Temari and Kankuro survey that we gather again to Konoha drink and
a chat is lively, suddenly rushed Temari Shikamaru stood up in front, I would not
Feng Ying, and I went to Konoha, she looked Shikamaru stressing each syllable that
you want me to wait until when? Noisy scenes suddenly quieted down, we stay with
Temari Shikamaru waited nervously with the answer.

   ?Shikamaru stood up and started smiling, and then hugged the front of a slightly
trembling hand man. In this sentence, he said, as long as this one, you need not wait a
second, then I heard you, I'm just as inseparable from Konoha. Temari
closed her eyes and rely on Shikamaru's shoulder, eyes are something to
the light flashes, you say nothing, her voice gentle. Because if the fight would be too
much trouble. Shikamaru smiled softly comfort. Suddenly the sound around the big
up, we applaud each other alcoholism whistle, and then noise was to discuss how to
help them to do the wedding.
   ?Head Huoying adults drink a Louguo Xiao Li, slurred speech to say that we have
the solution of two is not about personal problems. Alan looked at Naruto a manner
pushed him away with a sigh, filling the cup to his wine. Opposite Gaara and Sasuke
quietly, just keep drinking. Hsv Naruto Chinese network
That year, they are 20-year-old. Temari married Konoha, Gaara of sand and
forbearance that I took.

   ?Huoying adult goof off locations are different each time, but no one can escape
Uchi wave adult palm. Naruto Sasuke catch up when he sat by the river. Sasuke
familiar with this area. Often little time to sit here one day, alone, looking at a
distance less than the first of the horizon, he was only one person, but he want to live.
Sometimes will not occasionally lonely, a little playground for Naruto to come out
from the empty, two people see each other with disdain and then turned on. Turned on
when the mouth will be slightly bent, then at least one and, like his, so little eye
contact is his only joy. Now he stood before Naruto stand and look out on the sitting
position before his Naruto. He suddenly discovered that the people sitting there when
the original look so helpless, those who had to hide their feelings with the
unscrupulous practices.

   ?Sasuke. Naruto did not look back, Konoha Village and then can not find where the
second person can either hide themselves in the first time tracked person. You have a
lot to do today. Sasuke said. Naruto suddenly jumped out and looked at Sasuke, right
hand chakras began converging vortex. Sometimes I really hate you, Naruto looked at
Sasuke's eyes, then what you can do now to stand here if nothing had
happened. Sasuke did not speak, fixing his eyes looked at Naruto, waiting for the next
second spiral perhaps oncoming pill.

    ?Finally spiral pill ado, call the tree on the side of the innocent. Naruto stared at
Sasuke, I do not want you die, but I will not forgive you. Oh, then go back. Sasuke
did not know what his feelings are turned, he would have thought that Naruto would
say forgive myself sad time, but no. The decision may be betrayed, it already knew
the result would be like this, so no longer have any hope of it.

   ?Naruto suddenly felt powerless and wanted to find where and one can rest. He
tried to stand up straight and keep up with Sasuke's footsteps, and then said,
I will marry Hinata, she has agreed. Ah, Jordan to help not turned, look at Naruto get
his shot from the side, still without expression.
That year, they are 20-year-old. Naruto and Hinata heard the news of Ning second
marriage broke up Huoying's office, he want this agreement with Naruto,
and then say you want to take on Hinata. Naruto suddenly felt he had little time to
understand the feelings of Sasuke.

   ?Wedding thing has been said for a long time there are always a variety of reasons
not to act. Naruto Hinata finally feel that I am sorry to have to run off the wedding
anyway, when it suffered the attack Konoha. Is dawn. Sasuke came back from a long
no news for Ming Xiao almost forgotten eyeing this on their own organization. Flood
of low-level rebellion tolerance. Although no cause is too serious consequences, but
also to Konoha overwhelmed. Naruto headache, knows so much cannon fodder to
send to the purpose of confusing the Leaves may be can not let go no matter, so the
wedding was postponed once again.

   ?Fighting continued for many days, Naruto was busy high-level meeting held to
collect information of the purpose and response programs dawn until dark to hear
when talking about the Department of Nv Renzhe know so many days, as the dark has
been head of operations in the first line Sasuke the first time back. Naruto with a
straight face to the hands of the material Shuaixiang Desktop. Sasuke said not to tell
you, Shikamaru opening break the tension in the air.

   ?Sasuke went to eat when everyone was surprised, how many years have not seen
covered in blood looks like Sasuke has. Over the years, the strength of Sasuke, or as
unpredictable, even in the shadow the most dangerous tasks, Sasuke does not hurt to
so embarrassed too. Write round the excessive use of blood red eyes after the eye has
not faded. They are directed at you come, Sasuke looked at Naruto, tired eyes are faint,
you not played. Having Sasuke turned and left. Sasuke, Naruto in the back call. I went
to rest, Sasuke said, and disappeared at the door.
   ?Sasuke once again to see when he was entangled like a mummy, but he does not
care to activities of the wrist and then got up and prepared to leave again. The door
when he heard Naruto's voice from behind, I said I do not want you dead.
Sasuke looked back at him, black and white of the eye burst into an empty nothing.

  ?There is nothing to regret, and Sasuke said dismissively. I've fucking
had, but was delayed until now, Sasuke smile in my heart. He held out his hand
pulling up Naruto's hand, ask on his own neck of the curse seal.
Sasuke's fingers cold, not the living temperature, but the curse seal hand
there is burning hot. I do not have time, this is the last time. Sasuke looked at Naruto
blue eyes, and then released, so if it leaves with you. At that time if the leaf is dark on
the Department of tolerance.

  ?I do not need to protect the little devil, Naruto suddenly temper up. Idiot, Sasuke
Naruto a look, I mean to write round eyes. Then decisively turned. Sasuke, Naruto
shouted. Bandage strapped to the back of the door stopped. Vortex Naruto,
Sasuke's voice was cold, not a shred of temperature, we are too selfish.
Speed up the foot of the steps and then he left. Naruto suddenly felt just curse seal
touched the finger seems to have been burned, but the people seem to fall into the ice
water, and began to tremble.

   ?Naruto can not convince myself not to look, and he finally knows what makes
Sasuke injury into that way. Endure endless low-level rebel who rises up, then
powerful ninja will find difficult. Sasuke has not taken any measures to protect
themselves, they rushed into the crowd as to concentrate on a wide range of places to
display their reading. Vast expanse before him were to fall, but someone dashing
white bandage Sasuke who soon re-open red Yin.

   ?Sasuke suddenly fell down on the crowd, without warning. Sasuke, when Naruto
fell to just rush to catch him. Sasuke did not say a word this time. Closed his eyes.

   ?His last words in Konoha's hospital said. He suddenly sat up, sitting on
the bed startled daze of Naruto. Sasuke fiercely rushed over, grabbed his collar and
said do you want to write round eyes, I can use. Then look slack, and then bed down
again lost consciousness.
   ?Later Konoha Huoying adults think Sasuke to leave the moment he is aware of
this. Even six years ago not see, he always knew Sasuke was still alive, in one corner
of the world, but the moment that breath is gone, he knows this is true Sasuke to leave,
even if another number of years will not come back. At that time he was not around.
Vaguely, he saw a familiar figure, a ferret. Naruto Sasuke suddenly learned the
meaning of spoken and written round of the eye. For Ferret not dead. Naruto closed
his eyes on the people, to work out from the scroll arms.

                                                ---- Yao Yao

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