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Zombieland kills with laughter

                                                   those two important rules and more, as               most enthusiastic — zombie killer in film           not matter much, as the movie is more about
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                                                   Hollywood now has a semi-educational                 history. Harrelson is known more widely             mere survival. The cast is very minimal, with
                                                   film for surviving the zombie apocalypse.            for his leading role in “Natural Born Killers”      only a few characters in the entire movie, but
                                                   This is not in the spirit of the disturbing          and as a supporting character in “No Country        they all do a pretty good job.
                                                   global pandemic overtones of “28 Days                for Old Men.” He is our cowboy hat and rattle-          Expect a lot of gore in this �ilm: it’s still a
                                                   Later,” or the British knee-slappers in              snake skin jacket wearing, Hummer driving,          zombie movie. Both Eisenberg’s and Harrel-
                                                   “Shaun of the Dead.” This film is informa-           Twinkie eating, gun-nut hero. He said it best       son’s nonchalant attitudes about the situation
                                                   tive. The zombie-survival rules are pretty           while �iring an automatic weapon into the air:      somehow complement the impressive and
                                                   standard, such as wearing a seat belt and            “Thank God for rednecks.”                           gruesome special effects.
                                                   checking the back seat for zombies, the                  Harrelson works alongside a former col-             As pop culture has now become overrun
                                                   most insightful rule being to “enjoy the             lege student and self-proclaimed loner named        by zombies, you might as well look at it from a
                                                   little things.”                                      Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenberg, the young      humorous perspective. There is even a book
                                                       “Zombieland” is a film that will at-             and talented actor from “Adventureland” and         in Pickler Memorial Library called “Pride and
                                                   tract those who are zombie genre fans as             “The Squid and the Whale.” He is our awkward        Prejudice and Zombies,” which the cover says
                                                   well as those people who find gore and               golden boy that, for once, is not being played by   is co-written by Jane Austen. And let us
                                                   the undead more amusing than funny.                  Michael Cera. There is also a surprise cameo        not forget that the game “Cowboys and

                                                   “Zombieland” is as exciting as it is hilari-         from one of Hollywood’s funniest actors, but        Indians” has now been replaced by the

   Rule No. 1 for surviving the zombie             ous, so in quoting my first review of the            I can’t tell you who it is or it wouldn’t be a      more politically correct “Humans Versus
apocalypse is cardio: Make sure you can            film Inglorious Basterds, “we’re gonna’ be           surprise.                                           Zombies,” in which Truman students often
outrun a zombie. Rule No. 2 is always              doing one thing and one thing only: killin’              The plot is pretty much the same as any         find themselves caught in the crossfire.
shoot twice and don’t worry about saving           zombies.                                             zombie �ilm — it begins with a few wandering            I suggest you watch this film for its ed-
bullets.                                               Woody Harrelson stars as Tallahassee,            survivors in a wasteland overrun by some kind       ucational value, because I know I learned
  “Zombieland” actually teaches you                a man who might be the deadliest — and               of infection. The background to the story does      a thing or two. It’s all very basic.

“Glee” offers cute fun
                                  to every character. The           not something predictable
                                  students are very diverse.        like “Everything’s Coming

                                  The classic diva character,       up Roses.” At one point,
    Now they’ve done              Rachel acted by Lea Michele,

                                                                    the group has a “pep talk,”
it. Finally, a TV comedy          is pretty and very talented.      which is typical, but it still
about show choir. It’s a          Despite this, she isn’t popu-     was sweet and inspiring.
dream come true and,              lar and is made fun of by the     It was obvious most pep
for me, one of the best           cheerleaders. She also has a      talks they have aren’t as
shows on TV right now.            cocky attitude that doesn’t       nice or inspiring. What was
I’m talking about “Glee”          help either. She is talented,     cute about it was that they
which is at 9 p.m., Wed.          but not perfect.                  all offered to bring a spe-
on Fox.                               The jock character, Finn      cial talent or resource they
    This show is the story        played by Cory Monteith, is       could use to the group’s
of a high school show             a jerk, but he has a pretty       advantage.
choir known as the Glee           good singing voice. He is             There is a mean prin-
Club. The story is set in         forced to join Glee as pun-       cipal and cheerleading
a �ictional high school in        ishment for being caught          coach, but who hasn’t had
Lima, Ohio. Mr. Shuster           with marijuana (and it’s          one of those in their high
(Matthew Morrison)                not even his). Finn doesn’t       school career? The ex-Glee
becomes the director of           walk around calling things        Club director gets fired for
Glee Club, an unlikely and        “gay” and being mean to           touching a student. As a result
somewhat cliché group of          people. He gives the show         of his doctor’s consultation, he
high school students, and         choir a shot and really           gets prescriptions for medical
the magic ensues. Glee            loves it.                         marijuana and starts peddling
is a television program               Another member of the         it to make money. How original
about high school —               group is in a wheelchair.         is that? I would not have
some parts are accurate           He also plays the electric        guessed it at all. Mr. Shuster is
                                                                                                                                                                    Photo provided by thetvaddict.com

and some are just stupid.         guitar and gets pushed            a deep character who is sweet       Emma, shows him a video            get all choked up. Emma was        and, I could conquer anything.
But clichés have to exist         around in the performanc-         and inspiring. Without being        of his old show choir from         making the point that the only     You really see that effect in the
somewhere.                        es to imitate dancing.            over the top, he motivates          high school. She asks him, “You    life worth living is the one you   show. They end the pilot with
    The humor and witty               The token gay guy has         the kids to do their best in a      know who that is? That’s you       are passionate about. I thought    the group’s rendition of “Don’t
replies from the characters       depth as well. He is fash-        charmingly pleasant way.            happier than I have ever seen      it was the perfect motivator       Stop Believing” by Journey. If
sets the show apart from hit      ion-forward and sings and             Mr. Shuster wants to quit       you.” He responds, “That was       to get him to stick with his       you’ve heard it, you’ll know
shows. Despite high school        dances, but his dancing           being a teacher at one point        the greatest moment of my          job as a teacher. When I’m         how good it is and how perfect
stereotypes Glee’s writers        is better than his singing.       because his wife is pregnant.       life, because I loved what I was   performing with the Franklin       it was for the ending of the
have managed to break the         For the audition, he sings        To convince him to stay, a          doing.” I know it might seem       Street Singers, the feeling is     episode. Glee is funny and
molds and really give depth       “Mister Cellophane” and           co-worker, Jayma May as             sappy, but I love those lines. I   indescribable. I feel so great     inspiring, a great TV show.

                                                   Fictional band releases album
                                                   leads to each song having a strong narrative         of Oden” and “Laser Cannon Deth Sentence.”          complements her perfectly with their edgy,
                                                   component. Their immense popularity has              Standouts on the album include two songs            driving sounds. Lyrically, they allow them-
                                                   caused riots, murders and the accidental             not included in any of the show’s episodes,         selves to be emo but not whiny, and are very
                                                   raising of an angry Finnish lake troll. Did I        “The Cyborg Slayers,” narrating a Terminator-       confessional in nature. In the song “Look-
                                                   mention that Dethklok is a �ictional band,           like future, and “Murmaider II: The Water           ing Up,” they mention their near breakup
                                                   popularized in the Adult Swim cartoon “Met-          God,” the follow-up song to “Murmaider,”            with Williams crying “God knows the world
                                                   alocalypse?” It is the brainchild of Brendon         the opening track to “Dethalbum.” The lyrics        doesn’t need another band/But what a
                                                   Small of Home Movies fame, and Small almost          convey social problems and concerns that            waste it would’ve been” and agreeing that
                                                   single-handedly brings the band to life.             parallel today’s real-life issues, such as “To      their dreams were worth �ighting for to stay
                                                       “Dethalbum II,” the follow-up to the popu-       keep me alive it is costing me/National de�icit     together. The �irst two songs, “Careful” and
                                                   lar “Dethalbum,” was released last week by           times three” from “Deth Support.”                   “Ignorance,” are the crunchier songs on the
                                                   Williams Street record label, Adult Swim’s in-           Paramore, the power-pop rock band from          album, with great opening hooks. Sprinkled
                                                   house label. Although I am not a fan of death        Tennessee, also released their third album          in are acoustic and softer songs such as “Mis-
                                                   metal, this band has always kept my interest,        “Brand New Eyes” last week. Paramore,               guided Ghosts” and the beautiful “The Only
                                                   and “Dethalbum II” draws you in and mur-             derived form the word “paramour,” mean-             Exception,” in which Williams sings about

                                                   ders your mind with metal. Small’s vocals,           ing “secret lover,” shows just how much of a        the only exception to her belief that love
                                                   an imitation of death metal vocalists, growl         guilty pleasure this band is. Back from recent      isn’t real. The song manages to express her

    This week is all about guilty pleasures —
those bands that you know you like a little bit,   imposingly, making you forget this band does         troubles following their last album “Riot!,”        immense emotions, but never seems angsty
but you won’t admit it to your indie-loving        not actually exist. Layered guitars, wailing so-     members Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis,              or whiny. The album is a new beginning for
friend with the collection of 127 EPs from         los and throbbing bass lines are all provided        Taylor York and brothers Josh and Zac Farro         the band, therapy to keep them together and
bands no one has heard of. So draw the curtains,   by Small, proving he is a multitalented musi-        return with a bang. This more mature release        strengthen their bonds, readying them for
put your headphones on and hide under your         cian, animator and writer. The only other            shows the band has come a long way from             the long career they still have ahead of them.
blankets. Paramore and Dethklok are coming         artist brought into the mix is drummer Gene          their early beginnings in 2002. Only 13 years          If you are a fan of fun music that isn’t
your way.                                          Hoglan, who has played with several metal            old when the band began to form, Williams           necessarily ground breaking but still man-
    Dethklok has been hailed as one of the         bands in previous years. Hoglan, along with          and her status in the media as the band             ages to de�ine itself, then you should pick
world’s most in�luential bands, and they strive    Small’s increasing music skills, makes this          leader led to a near breakup of the band. The       up these albums. “Dethalbum II” is witty
to hold their goal to make the world as metal      album much more polished than “Dethal-               hurdles they overcame and the emotions that         and proves to be a solid metal album, while
as possible. The mixed American/Scandina-          bum,” catering to metal fans before fans of the      followed as they struggled not to be known as       “Brand New Eyes” delivers a more mature
vian band consists of singer Nathan Explosion,     show. Many songs lack the satire that de�ined        Hayley Williams but as Paramore are evident         band while sticking to the catchy tunes
bassist William Murderface, drummer Pickles        the band, although ridiculous song titles            in “Brand New Eyes.” Williams is a powder           that made them popular. Guilty pleasure
and guitarists Skwisgaar Skwigelf and Toki         and content still litter the album, such as “I       keg of energy, belting out impressive vocals        or not, they deliver the musical goods that
Wartooth. Their unique style of death metal        Tamper With the Evidence at the Murder Site          from her tiny frame. The rest of the band           your ears crave.

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