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Watercolour News Dec 04 by pkv14415


                                                             The Friends of the Nordic Watercolour museum
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                                                                                         Editor: Rune Niklasson, Tel +46 (0)303 671 68

                                                                                   The Nordic Watercolour Museum
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Watercolour news                                                                                  September 2006
Summary in English for our members outside Sweden                                The next issue will be published in December 2006

        Exhibitions 2006 - 2007                                      When he died in 1972, 68 years old, a large collection
                                                                     was generously donated to the National Museum of
Gunnlaugur Scheving,         September 24 –
Iceland                      November 12, 2006
                                                                     In cooperation between the National Museum of
                             Members are welcome to
                                                                     Iceland and the Nordic Watercolour museum it will be
                             the opening on
                                                                     possible to show 64 of his watercolour paintings. It will
                             September 23 at 14 H.
                                                                     also be possible for visitors to see some of his
Nordic Watercolour,          November 19, 2006 –                     monumental pieces of work in the form of projections
from the museum              February 4, 2007                        in the exhibition rooms.
                                                                                  Nordic Watercolour
    Gunnlaugur Scheving – a                                          When November comes with shorter days and
                                                                     frosty nights, the Nordic Watercolour
figurative master of watercolour                                     Museum will show a selection of its own
This autumn will feature Gunnlaugur
Scheving (1904 - 1972) from Reykjavik,                               The winter season, when nature rests, has inspired us
Iceland.                                                             to show a number of paintings which show intensity in
                                                                     the small gestures and a low tone of colour.
Gunnlaugur Scheving is at the same time an odd and a
central figure in the art history of Iceland. During his             The collection today includes contemporary
fifty active years he found his motives in the life of the           watercolour art by about 90 different artists.
ordinary worker, on the sea, in the village, and in the              Traditional watercolour side by side with works where
field. His contemporary colleagues mostly devoted                    the watercolour is an expression or the watercolour is
themselves to painting landscapes. Today he is                       an imaginative idea.
considered one of the most important figurative
painters of his country.                                             Two of the artists whose watercolour will be shown are
                                                                     Anne Katrine Dolven and Lars Lerin. Anne Katrine
His watercolour paintings are characterized by warm                  Dolven was born in Oslo in 1953. She now lives in
and intense colours. The sensible and partly                         London and Lofoten Norway. Lars Lerin was born in
documentary character which was his starting point                   Munkfors in 1954. He is considered as one of the most
changed into a poetic and dreamlike tone in his later                important contemporary Nordic watercolour painters.
works.                                                                          Text by: Lena Eriksson, The Nordic Watercolour Museum
                                                                                               Edited and translated by: Rune Niklasson
At the age of fifty, Gunnlaugur Scheving also started to
work in monumental form, mostly in oil. He worked                    British watercolour next summer
intensely. Every motive was thoroughly examined in
many variations, and in this search watercolour and                  In the summer 2007, the museum will show British
drawings were his most important media.                              watercolour from the 17th century and onward, e.g. by
                                                                     William Turner and Thomas Gainsborough. /RN

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