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                                   Department of Health and Hospitals
                                         2008 Parish Health Profile
                                                Fact Sheet

What are the Parish Health Profiles (PHP)?                            provide information on evidence-based
The PHPs provide information to help promote                          research and best practices to improve
and improve health outcomes in communities.                           health conditions reflected by those
They are tools that can be used to develop                            indicators.
policy, write grants, develop new initiatives,               What’s new for the 2008 PHP?
improve existing programs, and assist in                     Hurricanes Katrina and Rita changed
evaluation efforts for developing and maintaining            demographics and other important factors which
“healthy communities.” The first PHP was                     influence health indicators. Data for population
published in 1992 with subsequent publications               shifts, changing health determinants,
in 2000 and 2005.                                            environmental and economic factors have been
PHP Mission                                                  greatly affected by the unprecedented storms of
The PHPs are published by the Louisiana                      2005. The new PHP will attempt to address these
Department of Health and Hospitals, Office of                factors and provide information for individuals to
Public Health. The development of this                       make informed decisions about their community’s
information supports the                                                      health. The development of the
DHH OPH mission to                                                            PHP is being guided by a
educate communities and                                                       multidisciplinary steering
promote health by collecting                                                  committee and will include
and distributing information                                                  recommendations obtained
that helps people to make                                                     through statewide community
informed decisions on                                                         meetings.
matters related to individual,
                                                                               Why we need the
community, and
environmental health.                                                          community?
                                                                               Communities want to know that
                                                                               policymakers “respect their
The goals defined for the                         Health profiles are          experiences and knowledge” as
PHP are to:                                       produced for each
                                                                               decisions are being made about
       Publish the PHPs                           parish in Louisiana.
                                                                               their well-being. Policymakers
       by spring 2009
                                                            and planners are custodians of public dollars and
       Disseminate information about most
                                                            work to continuously preserve the trust of the
       relevant health indicators in accordance
                                                            public about the good intentions of their
       with current literature, community needs
                                                            decisions. Communities must be given the
       and data availability.
                                                            opportunity to participate in the planning process
       Develop an interactive, user-friendly
                                                            to help determine what indicators are needed
       website for the comparison of national,
                                                            and how data will be used.
       state, and parish data through
       customized reports                                   If you have any questions regarding 2008 PHP please
       To develop a tool that informs individuals           contact Anshoo Kumar at 225-342-4481 or send and email
       about parish health indicators and                   to

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