Must-read four books

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					Must-read four books
Many women do not like reading. But no matter how many reasons, as a Chinese
woman, a looking forward to wonderful and beautiful Chinese woman in life, there
are four books you have to look at, but look carefully. Because they will teach you
how to look at a man, how to be a woman.
(1) "evil"
Jin Yong's research on women almost reached the point where superb:
smart clever Huang Rong, Zhou Zhiruo deep effort, good strong Chengling Su ... ...
almost every woman, in contrast, each book is also brilliant, can be singled out
" Condor Heroes, "it is because inside the hero Yang Guo and
Guo Fu.
Let 's rock Yang Guo, who commented: "to see the profile for
life", did not leave. Yang Guo is Xingqingzhongren, Little Dragon Girl and
he Shengsixiangxu, Cheng Ying, Lu Wushuang hard Chilian him, Kung-sun Lve is a
Wife, and even small Guo Xiang also attachment to him, see Yang Guo charm. May
simply not easily fall in love with his woman, unless you think you're
capable enough, or you will be injured for the situation.
Such as Yang Guo as the new man, he will only see the "Little Dragon
Girl" is so lucid and elegant and superb people, saying vows Haikudanlan,
because he has the best ah ... ...
Yang Guo in fact really "missed the life" and is Guo Fu, Yang
Guo, she has secret crush on, in the absence of Yang Guo's love
temperament had greatly changed, complaining, bad temper, Chuangxia countless
disaster. Who can understand her to say? Profile for some mixed feelings among the
confused army, called all of Jin Yong's novels a psychological description
of the most successful, it is very frustrating! Can profile for this character is so
unpopular, and one about her, were all bitterly endless This is her failure.
"Evil" in Limo Chou, also a highly individual women, but this
woman's most terrible Limo Chou, Guan Yuan Lu let a sad life she Chilian,
Ren Qingchun sand flow, but also full of murder to vent their anger. Harm others and
oneself, to be spurned by the world? This woman can not be in too deep, this is a
(2) "Besieged City"
"Fortress Besieged" is one wonderful picture of
China's man of the evil men in the world to help you break all kinds of
unrealistic fantasies. The culmination of those who set bad quality, devaluation Fang.
Fang goodness, but his biggest drawback is indecisive, there is no principle. Today,
men indecisive, there is no principle that is fatal. Men of female readers must pay
attention to whether your boyfriend is "Zhang jian" or
"Li jian", if not, of course, is a good thing, and if so, deep
feelings for him changed slowly, have long-term preparations for war, when feelings
of the rejection he deal is off.
Others, such as Zhao Xin Mei, Li, he and his ilk college long, life is not not on their
best to play it safe. Very few girls Daoshi features. Su Wenwan very cute, but think
about it, with a modern perspective, she is a strong woman; Tang Xiaofu is very cute,
but unfortunately she was scornful of such men Fang; Sun Roujia no loveliness
Department, has its dark side effort, but this is true, men can no more acting by the
king do not know now ** flocks.
"Fortress Besieged" Mr Qian is well deserved of all, look at
gender relations delicate and sharp, and female readers to be carefully figured out,
then on to see men do not take the eye, it pushed the first choice.
(3) "Gone with the Wind"
Just look at "Gone with the Wind" This world is not enough
business cards, the original should be read. For Margaret? Mitchell will teach you to
be a successful woman. There is no difference between American, Scarlett can do,
you can do it. Strong, independent, active, modern woman's essential
qualities. If you do not Scarlett is so beautiful, you must not inferior, you also have
the right to pursue a better, you can make itself customs 10,000 kinds. Like Scarlett
Rhett Butler did not really have, if you can not get their love of men, does not matter,
you can love yourself.
Modern women have to learn is the kind of style of Gone With the Wind, never give
up, always fight with the harsh reality. In a sense, this world is controlled by men, the
only way cruel, it appears to Scarlett's valuable, too valuable Only female
personnel should be properly read "Gone with the Wind."
(4) "Dream of Red Mansions"
If a woman did not read the "Dream of Red Mansions", then,
simply can not forgive the crime. The reason is simple, just read the
"Dream of Red Mansions", only to realize that women are so
subtle language, a touching, so that Variety and so delicate and charming, so
clever ... ... Dream of snow and ice tell you what a real woman.
Heroic as The Figure also Zuiwo Paeonia Jiaohan; intelligence, such as chai, also
noticing the Ya Hua Qi; are only hidden bitterness, such as Lin, have buried Fallen of
leisure. "Dream of Red Mansions" Let's really
exciting to see a woman, a taste of the water to do what is the profound meaning of a
woman. Even snobbish vicious as Wang Xifeng, her sociable, resolute, panic still
worth studying today's women.
Must remind you that, do not do Similarities, it is difficult to be a man Jinwucangjiao
good outcome; they should not imitate the tomb in harsh, especially when you a no
talent, nor beauty of the situation; Do not Science Jia Xichun, cowardly and weak,
just walk away, to be a courageous woman; more Do not learn the Third Sister, as a
LIU Xiang-lian, name for the so-called section will wipe the neck, the
world's powers were more men yes, lost love, and the heavens did not fall