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									Multidimensional Bing

"Multifaceted" Bing
■ staff reporter Li Meng
Born in 1964 in Chaohu, Anhui, non-prodigy came into the world, only a poor family
children Seoul. 1981 college entrance examination, quack clerical error, height 1
meter 68 for 1 meter 48, undergraduate dream then go up in smoke (fortunately, after
9 years was admitted to Beijing University, grew up a foul smells). Chaohu Lake in
Anhui Province 1981-1983 Department of Physics Teachers enrolled 51 students, all
without crescent eyebrows, so powerless. 1983-1984 Ma concentrated in Feidong
school to teach classes only over a hundred. Students who have big burly, makes me
terrified, not blame, fear of the things The feeling made a moment of anger. Feidong
County in Anhui Province 1985-1988 Youth League office. Why So busy during
Danmu? Call their own drinking water. 1988 Bar 1989 through-1990 obtain in any
full-time attorney law firm Feidong County, began the so-called legal career. In
September 1990 into the Peking University, Professor Liu Jiaxing study from the
Civil Procedure Law, and Professor Liu Xi Sichuan dialect, master's degree
in 1993. 1993 -1,994 work in Shenzhen, has headquarters in Fountain, Shahe Golf
Club, Ping An Insurance Company of serving, I feel it is a high-rise towering day,
sweated into the river boundary. 1994 -1 998 in Yantai, Shandong University, teaching
law, and the Yellow Sea Law Firm. Yond a sea breeze blowing and no way to appease
Moving hearts and minds. Peking University Law School in 1998 obtaining the
Constitution of the professional doctorate Administrative Law, Administrative Law
from Professor Jiang Mingan learning, and learning Professor Jiang Hunan dialect.
China University of Political Science in 2001 to teach ... ...
This is China University of Politics and Law School Bing on his blog in a section of
self-introduction, language, vivid and witty, but some people may find the detriment
of "Dignity" it, a vice president of the how to write their own
this? In fact, the president of the university are also human beings have to take many
of the social roles, and Bing, in every society has its own role in a very good side.
Bing was born in the 60's, his father was a steel mill coke Feidong shop
floor director, a very honest man of integrity. The courtyard of the coal piles of the
workshop, as the coke plant's director, her father never took a back burn his
own house, but trained for three kids to a "pick up coal"
technology. Bing childhood often partners in the courtyard of a small stove which will
be out of cinder, and then pick them before so the oven, small hands are better able to
turn out high temperature.
Later my father transferred to any boiler machine tool plant organs Finance Division,
led by food and drink factory hospitality, he refused reimbursement, refused to sign
Kosuke so. To 80 years, the National Reconstruction's Procuratorate, and
the number of legal knowledge is not the father actually was transferred to the
Procuratorate Economics, as a prosecutor and later became a section chief. His reason
is simple tune that he's clean and upright is the local name out in the
Procuratorate check the most appropriate of the economic case.
After his father became a prosecutor, and occasionally some people put some of
alcohol and tobacco, native visits to all excluded. Home mosquito net is broken, the
newspaper paste. A mosquito net, so long divine, more than a dozen film paste
newspaper. Visiting friends and family said: "Old Ho, you do not have a
bed net can not afford it?" My father's reply is: "If
mosquitoes do not drill on the line, to be so good why?" In fact, though
poor, but not As poor, affordable natural mosquito nets. But his father is a typical
pragmatist, do not care! After the death of his father, Bing often think: "My
father is real handsome man."
Procuratorate at home in the yard, inclined toward his father's office.
Sometimes, the office loud arguments at home can hear. Once Bing asked his father:
"what are you arguing?" His father said with a smile:
"We discuss the case." To discuss the case, why is it so loud?
Bing has yet to understand, but at least the father of democracy reflects the style and
serious attitude.
It should be said, Bing took the road of the law, the father is really a guide. Twenties
have a chat at home, the father said: "I think this thing will certainly good
law, you might as well learn the law." An occasional chat, changed his life
Father's death years. But Bing is a man to act, and sometimes will feel
watching his father behind a clean and honest general prosecutor, to the best of his life
to set the coordinates. The role of the son, after the death of his father had, in fact, still
continue to do so, we must always remember that he is his father's son.
Bing's school experience into three sections. Because the height of the
clerical error after the entrance, no time on the course, read physics.
Master's and doctorate are in North Reading, and give him the biggest
impact of two teachers, a mentor when Dr. Rational Thoughts and had him on course
Haocai, their influence is not only academically, but also on the character .
Peking University Professor of Administrative Law Some Rational is a very
outspoken and friendly people, but also point Mr. Lu said, "Yu
Kuo." 1997 Peking University Law School, Dr. Bing test, test is civil law,
after results, but no places, wanted to go to administrative law, surrendered to the
Rational Thoughts sects. Stranger Rational Thoughts readily agreed. Bing formalities
can be when it is found that Rational Thoughts of enrollment was full. However,
Rational Thoughts or admitted Bing, for him to retain student status, but not to school,
come back next year reading.
Bing back to Yantai. After a year, Bing called again to ask, but could I forget Rational
Thoughts, 1998 the enrollment quota, he called full. Bing also enough roundabout, the
whole year not a phone call get in touch. It is said that under the hot spring, and may
Rational Thoughts obstinately persuaded a student, student status reserved for him
next year to read, but to move in. Bing, this time the two saw the three sides of the
conversation does not add up to more than half an hour. Warmhearted, this is the
Rational Thoughts.
The Rational Thoughts of Truth Yu Kuo, particularly on the performance of the
Unfolding. In early 1996, Peking University, Department of Radio Electronics
Unfolding the doctoral dissertation defense and the line through the academic degree
evaluation committee's approval, report to the school academic degree
evaluation committee reviewed the results of the review, not a majority in favor of
Beijing University that decided not to grant Unfolding the doctorate, only to give his
doctoral certificate. 3 years ago, Liu has been multi-reflection unsuccessful.
September 24, 1999 Unfolding the Haidian District People's Court to bring
an administrative lawsuit, the North onto the dock.
The first time trial, Beijing University Law School students to attend, came back said.
Unfolding the lack of legal knowledge, too, and always said how her thesis on how
high the level, the judge did not know how radio papers, how to sentence him to win?
Some Rational heard the words, there is a class of time that I heard Unfolding not
understand the law, how do you not help her? Encouraging their students to
participate in the proceedings to their own schools, but also public speaking, it is sleek
sophistication of the people do not. Later, Bing, HE Hai done Unfolding the two
The Haocai on Bing's influence was his far-reaching vision of academic
foresight, and very humble man demeanor. Later served as vice chairman of the
CPPCC National Committee Luo Haocai, Bing think the political status of teachers
has been so high, not like also to exchanges. Can be an academic conference met,
Chan Zhu Bing Luo Haocai active over the arm, said: "Little Ho, I recently
read in the newspapers often do your masterpiece." Modest, plain, Den.
Luo Haocai academic and work in a very strong principle, this has deeply affected the
Bing, now vice president of his position, has always Haocai principle that year to be
asking yourself. For all teachers, and his heart are in a sense of respect and will
always do their students.
Bing career teachers are divided into several paragraphs. Had been a rural high school
physics teacher, Master University after graduation to teach in Yantai, Shandong, and
later at Beijing University Ph.D., they and undergraduate teaching, was named in
1998, Peking University School of Law Top Ten teachers to teach after the University
of Political Science, Also in 2002, was named outstanding teacher. Students like to
hear his lectures, but he also loves the students.
Chongqing, a sweetheart college students because of pregnancy is a "moral
hazard" both ordered to leave the grounds, two prosecution to the court, the
court felt that the school expelled the students are "internal
management", not a range of courts dismissed the prosecution. And also
applauded the decision of a Professor. Bing specialized writing articles for two
students Mingbu Ping. He believes that since students are allowed to get married,
have sex any regard be dismissed? The late 90s premarital sex between men and
women aged 25-29 compared to 72.2%, 46.2%, follows that, 10 years after the
university president for 20 years, President of the Court majority had premarital sex,
the punishment and make such judgments Qi not self-contradictory?
Always talk about sensitive issues will cause the number of waves, but
Bing's love for the students, have to say, even if the two are separated by
thousands of miles and did not have any fundamental relationship between the
In lectures to students, he in addition to knowledge about the law, but also about life,
about character, he felt, for a teacher, the shaping of personality is more important
than imparting knowledge. He told the students, state management, social
management, scientific management is a specialized technologies, the United States a
million lawyers active in all walks of life, running what companies, communities and
countries, the law's responsibility is to govern the community, governing
the country. Laws were unarmed, they desire to take the world of the rise and fall,
what would? Rely on knowledge and wisdom. So to read, not the optical knowledge
of the law can, at the same time language training, to enhance their debating skills.
The law often do a job that is clean of lies, search for the truth ... ...
"Easily met by the teacher, a teacher hard to find," Bing is
undoubtedly a "people division."
By Bing blunt-spoken character, but also when the Law School, I am afraid that due
to the academic freedom of Politics and Law University and leader of the air broad
tolerance to Manage College Affairs. This concept and academic air, but also infected
with the vice president of the positions of Bing's leadership style.
Earlier this year, took place in the University of Political Science for students
skipping caused controversy between the two teachers, law school teacher Xiao Han
huff decided to resign, while Bing firmly retain his retention of school leaders have
also been support.
Bing and Xiao Han is an old acquaintance. Year PhD at Beijing University, the Bing
and shared a room with HE Hai, so dormitory is named "Double Dutch
home." And Xiao Han and HE Hai Zhejiang Taizhou fellow, Xiao Han was
always 23 o'clock to find chat HE Hai impact Bing rest, Bing was
Tingfanxiaohan's. But Xiao Han's character knowledge, Bing
has been very impressed. He said that Xiao Han is a "reading
seed" voluminous books at home, and he is really a one carefully read and
made some notes. Washed his knowledge and very rigorous academic attitude, he had
only then transferred to University of Political Science.
And Xiao Han is a strong personality who has an organization of teachers mark the
papers, Xiao Han come in a look, "the professor how capable this
thing", turned away. But Bing and his colleagues are very tolerant Xiao
Han, he smiled and said, this thing Xiaohan can do, other people can not do ah,
because that Xiao Han Xiao Han. Bing said Xiao Han is not a good employee, but
definitely a good teacher. He took a course to students, "Qin Public
Law", a look at how popular the subject was aware of, but a very serious
attitude Xiao Han preparing lessons, each day before class, certainly not closed to
concentrate on preparing lessons, or even two days. Therefore, this course actually
very popular, students are taught in every eight to 90 people.
In that incident, before Bing and Xiao Han had a quarrel. With pieces of
administrative matters need to Xiao Han performance, Xiao Han refused, He
Bingsheng gas, and the phone said: "No you will resign." Xiao
Han back immediately saying: "I do not resign, so you fire me !
"Bing angry and hung up. But then the problem solved by other means,
things undone. And that market turmoil to resign after the Xiao Han, He Bingjian not
He felt no such thing as a good teacher to let go. Now the network, the media is too
developed, originally occurred in a small school, because on the Internet, the media
and then fry, which makes the country the whole world knows, uproar, leading to the
resignation of a good teacher, that students, the loss of the schools are too big. So until
today, Xiao Han did not resign as.
Bing's lawyer career, obtain a solicitor from the beginning of 1988,
1989,1990 on for two years full-time lawyer, later teaching career never stopped
practice activities.
When he was studying at Beijing University in 1999 Unfolding the agent had hit.
Peking University doctoral student in reading the law for the defense told the people
of Beijing University, itself embodies the fairness of the laws. The results of first
instance in favor of losing the second instance. The case challenged the prevailing
degree evaluation system, and promote institutional change, to quietly open the door
to judicial review, there are far-reaching significance. Recently, Bing has represented
clients in a very sensational case.
July 2007, Jiangsu Suzhou Industrial Park, Kingswood Court, trial courts
"planning permission" case, the case in Kingswood Court, the
Commission sued owners of Suzhou Industrial Park Planning and Construction
Bureau of violation issued to a third Ka-hing real estate companies,
"Construction permit. " China University of Politics and Law
School Bing is the case the plaintiff's legal representative.
Bing introduced a Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park developer certificate with the
failure of land, construction land planning license expired and the EIA report to the
Planning Bureau, Suzhou Industrial Park, applied for a construction permit, to the
plaintiff Kingswood House owners the district where housing. Proceedings, the
plaintiff in court found that developers in order to obtain this license, even the
construction land planning license was altered, the site location, "the
South" and the words changed to "North" word.
Alteration is so obvious, developers agent admitted in court first and second instance
are altered, his only argument is "we change right!"
Penal Code section 280 provides: "counterfeit, alter, buy, sell or steal, rob,
destroy official documents of state organs, certificates, seals of three years
imprisonment, criminal detention, public surveillance or deprivation of political rights;
if the circumstances are serious, three In ten years in prison. ""
Building Construction Permit Management Regulations, "Article 11
provides:" The fraudulent use of false documents construction permits,
construction permits to recover the original issuing authority, shall be ordered to stop
construction, and Responsible for the fine; constitute a crime shall be investigated for
criminal responsibility. "
As the parties acknowledged in court altered the law is so clear, Bing should be no
doubt that winning, let alone "Nanfang Dushi Bao" also made
the depth of coverage, the case has been made public. However, the results of
litigation, the plaintiff not only in the Suzhou Industrial Park lost the first trial court,
but also lost the second instance of Suzhou in the hospital!
Public Intellectuals
For the case of Suzhou Kingswood Court, Bing bitterly wrote in his blog an article,
"bat in the sun dance! . " He felt that the trial court's
decision two very absurd, is a major scandal. This indicates that the current system of
administrative adjudication is difficult to play its due role, the Chief Justice System
failure. The fundamental reason is that the local administration tried hard to
completely independent of the local government. Therefore, the transformation of the
core of the current administrative adjudication, is to ensure that the Chief Justice and
local independence. Specific to the system design, the following points:
First, the establishment of an independent, unified administrative court system.
District administrative court hearing the current system of administrative cases, as the
District Court itself can not completely independent of the local administrative
proceedings, must not be independent of the place. Established by the State Supreme
Administrative Court, Administrative Court of Appeal and the local administrative
court, specifically handling administrative cases, supervision of local government.
Second, judges appointed by the NPC Overview. They live all over the country sent
on behalf of national interests of the judge.
Third, the Chief Justice to implement a national tour.
Fourth, state-appointed administrative judge, the implementation of paid support.
5, relaxing the conditions of administrative prosecution, as far as possible into the
administrative dispute proceedings channels, and orderly manner to resolve social
In recent years, due to poor administrative litigation pipeline, some of the people and
the conflict between local governments can not be ordered to resolve, resulting
masses of the people and local governments in the fields, the government plaza,
public street disorder solution disputes, disorderly petition troubled social stability has
become a major problem, but to solve this problem the most effective way is to relax
the conditions of administrative litigation, administrative adjudication to increase
strength, so that the people and government in the court order, rational to settle the
dispute. It is this reason, the Central Political and Law Commission and the Supreme
Court has also recently been encouraged and promoted through administrative trial to
resolve social disputes. This policy must be implemented in specific systems.
Many of his academic point of view reflects the strength of character of a public
intellectual Kosuke. "Public Intellectual", which may be the
most essential identity Bing. Therefore, we can often be in the "Legal
Daily", "Chinese courts report", "Nanfang
Dushi Bao" to see his remarks, cry out against injustice, uphold justice, is
the law's sacred mission.
Public intellectuals, Bing deserved.

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