Sixth Grade Social Studies Understanding by Design Social Studies by pkv14415


									  Sixth Grade Social Studies

   Understanding by Design

          Social Studies

       Performance Task

            Prepared by:
  Carrie Dziubczynski, Title I Tutor,
  Vicki VanLaningham, EH teacher,
 Denise Wolfe, social studies teacher,
and Kate Perschon, UDL team member

      Timothy Ball Elementary

        Crown Point, Indiana
Authors’ Note
The Crown Point Community Schools uses the concepts of Understanding by Design
when writing the corporation curriculum guides. The Social Studies curriculum includes
a performance task assessment. The sixth grade Social Studies curriculum is organized
around five Enduring Understandings that have been correlated with the Indiana

   1. Students will understand that the events of the past have affected the present and
      will affect the future.
   2. Students will understand that government affects lifestyles.
   3. Students will understand that where and when you live affect how you live.
   4. Students will understand that countries are dependent on each other.
   5. Students will understand that cultures are created, learned, and adapted.

The Performance Task for sixth grade involves the following scenario:

       “You have been nominated to submit an application as an exchange student from
       the United States to another country during your 7th grade school year. In
       preparation for your stay with your host family you will need to become familiar
       with the country and the specific area they live.”

The students must answer several questions drawn from the Enduring Understandings with the
goal of exploring the geography, culture, government, interdependence, and history in order to
live in a foreign country. The students prepare a product that may include a poster, brochure,
oral presentation, written answer, computer generated presentation or a booklet. Most of the
Timothy Ball students prepare a poster, brochure, written report and an oral presentation.

The following lesson a modification of this Performance Task for a group of sixth grade
emotional handicapped students. The students worked with a Title I tutor who had been helping
them with writing.
What standards will be met through this unit?

Compare the economics, culture, government, geography, interdependence, and history of two
countries to that of the United States.

Standards: Social studies:

6.1.21 Research present historical data on people, places, events, through print and electronic

6.2.4 Identify major forms of Government

6.2.7 Functionality of the government in the world

6.3.4 Physical regions of the world

6.3.5 to 6.3.15 Cultural regions of Europe

6.4.1 to 6.4.9 Economics and trade
                                     Planning Pyramid
                                        What should students know?

 Some students will know:
      •   The differences between written and electronic media in
          obtaining research..
      •   The differences between the many forms of government.
      •   The trade history of the United States of America and
          European countries.
      •   Cultural differences among various countries.

Most students will know:

      •   Names of countries within the seven continents.
      •   Various types of governments of the world.
      •   Cultural differences

All students will know:
      •   Seven continents of the world have countries.
      •   The United States form of government.
      •   One form of government besides the United States.
      •   Countries trade goods with each other.
      •   What culture is and the culture of different countries.
      •   Climate effects of a country.
Teacher Library
What materials and resources will be useful for

The 6th grade performance task is modified to include adaptations for students with
special needs. These students will complete the modified assignment with assistance in
the special education classroom. The Kurzweil software program is being used to
complete this assignment. It was necessary to use the Kurzweil program to scan the
original performance task document, as it was completed on an incompatible computer
program. After it was scanned and made into a Microsoft Word document, modifications
were made to better meet the learning needs of the students. The Kurzweil program will
also be used by students during the process of completing the performance task. After
researching information about their chosen country, students will apply the Kurzweil
program to highlight relevant information, and then extract the highlighted information to
assist in development of their essays. The use of this program will reinforce development
of the skills necessary to identify key words and phrases in a document, and then use
those words and phrases to compose their own paragraphs.

Brain Pop


Various travel sites from the internet

Microsoft Word
Learner Activities
What materials and resources will be useful for
engaging students in meaningful learning activities?

Introduction- Students chose two countries from the world to research. Students are
encouraged to research printed media as well as electronic media. In some cases, students
may bring in people they know from the country that he or she has researched as a guest
speaker. This research will be independent. He or she will be given time (and assistance)
during class to complete the research and. work on the project.

Writing- Students will be given a template from which to design his or her own product.
First, a booklet with the requirements will be given. Next, the students will be given a
poster template with the grading rubric. Last the student will be given note cards to write
down important facts to share with the class. During class each student will be given the
opportunity to present his or her poster, video, power point, audio or guest speakers.
What materials and resources will be useful for assessing
student knowledge and skills?

Have students present his or her country to the class and answer informal questions about
the topic.

Observe data collection, assimilation, and presentation.

A question and answer session will follow the presentation.

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