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					                                                 FAMA Newsletter
                                   Fellowship of Adventist Missionaries to Africa
                                  Volume 4 June 9, 2010 Number 11
A.       Calling all FAMA Members World Wide – re the FAMA meetings for 2010 in Atlanta, GA
B.        Reports
1.         Last Stop in Africa for the Traveling Bible - SID
2.         GC president, Jan Paulsen visits the Adventist University of Africa (AUA) – East Central Africa
3.         School for the Helpless in Maluti - SID
4.         Update from LakeView College/University, Malawi
C.         We Remember:
1.         James Bradfield
            a. James & Veronica Birkenstock
            b. Fred Wilson
D.         Letters “We Heard From You”
1.         Joy Butler
2.         Roger & Evelyn Pelayo
3.         Margaret Ayeley Attey
4.         Barry & Shelly Bacon
E.         Mission Story
1.         Fiery Frances
F.       Miscellaneous
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2.        FAMA Website:
3.        Mission Kids Grown (Africa) - Cheryl (Harvey) Webster [] – Facebook
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                                                 IT IS ALMOST HERE!!
A. Calling all FAMA Members World Wide – re the FAMA meetings for 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia
1. The Fellowship of Adventist Missionaries to Africa is happy to announce that the GC has reserved a room for FAMA at
Bldg B, Room 314 for two days only, during the Pre Session of the GC meetings. FAMA meetings for 2010 will take place
then, that is on Thursday, June 24 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and on Friday, June 25th 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Watch
the FAMA Newsletter and Website for further announcements. Let us keep these meetings and the complete GC session in our
prayers. - Perry Parks, FAMA President
2. GC Accommodation Information
    Additional Information:
    For those who may be planning to attend GC and our FAMA meeting, and want information, Dorothy Jean Salhany
suggests that you go to, MARTA'S website. This is the web page for the Atlanta mass transit
company. On this site you can get a map of Atlanta MARTA Co. transit lines. When the web page comes up, type in the space
provided "conventions". The SDA GC is listed and you can get other information on fares, etc. For those not familiar with
Atlanta the lines run North and South, East and West and the best access is from the East/Indian Creek end, no transfer to get to
the convention center (GWCC/CNN) or the Airport on the South, one transfer needed to go to the Convention Center. Check
the main chains of motels to make reservations. Camping and RV spaces available from the Eastern terminus, Stone Mountain
Campground. There is free parking at several of the places where you can board the trains. There are motels in the Decatur
area, and free parking at stops before and after Decatur. Also checkout Camping/Atlanta
   Hope this helps. One person has already made reservations at the Stone Mountain Campground.
   Previous information:
   Anyone interested in information for accommodation can look up the main chains: Best Western, Days Inn, Holiday Inn,
etc., and type in Marietta, GA and get information. These hotels/motels are cheaper than around the convention center. There
is parking at the metro bus station so one can take the metro bus to the convention center without driving to downtown. Traffic
in and around Atlanta is a nightmare. .
     - Dorothy Jean Salhany, FAMA Treasurer []

B.      Reports
1.   Last Stop in Africa for the Traveling Bible – before being presented at the General Conference Session.
    Today we were richly blessed as we celebrated the Bible at the last meeting of the much travelled Bible in our Union. The
SAU Union Conference put on a wonderful all day service at the Helderberg College Church before sending this Bible to the
GC with our Division leaders. The past few weeks it has been travelling in the various Unions in this Division and today we
sent it on its way to the North American Division and then to the GC in Atlanta. The Pathfinders from the Mitchell's Plain
Church carried this much travelled Bible into the church on a special constructed ark with the Bible lying on top of the ark so
that it could be seen by all. It lay in state all day on the ark in the front of the church as the various programs and music was
presented in honour of the Bible. We had 13 from our congregation who read from the Bible in different languages. Three
languages were represented from South Africa in the Bible, Afrikaans, English and Xhosa. We were privileged to the have the
director of the Bible society in South Africa address us and share with us its work in South Africa which started here in South
Africa in 1820! It was indeed a high day for our church to be host for this special program from our Union led by Pastor
Francols Louw, the Union President, Pastor Eddie Barron, the Ministerial Director for the Union and SOP director, assisted by
Jannie Kritzinger who took care of arranging the music for the day from the College. We had a small foretaste of the program
that will take place at the GC when the Bible is received and reports are given of its journey - the most traveled Bible in the
          - Greetings and God Bless, David & Veronica Birkenstock. []
2.    GC president, Jan Paulsen visits the Adventist University of Africa (AUA)
      Seventh-day Adventist world church President Jan Paulsen recently encouraged local leadership and members in East-
Central Africa to ―take ownership‖ of the church.
      During a four-day tour last week, Paulsen met with local church leaders, laypeople and Adventist University of Africa
(AUA) administration and partners, encouraging self- sufficiency in the region.
     ―The church in Africa must be able to provide for its own needs for the future because of its rapid growth,‖ he said, citing
that the more than $10 million invested by the world church headquarters into AUA infrastructure is not sustainable.
     Assuring AUA administration that world church headquarters would continue to help the institution grow stronger
academically, Paulsen urged local leadership to embrace the opportunity to build on the church‘s existing foundation in the
    Classes at Adventist University of Africa, a church-run postgraduate institution in Nairobi, began in 2006. During his visit,
Paulsen learned that the government is currently assessing the school with intent to grant it an official charter. In a meeting
with Paulsen, Kenya‘s minister for higher education, William Ruto, said the country is ―committed to working with the church
to develop AUA.‖
      With the campus faculty housing now complete, student apartments and a library are slated for completion next. A center
for technology is also planned, which will house laboratories for health sciences, information technology and computer
science, as well as a media center, school officials said.
                                   - Bernard Onditi/ANN staff, Nairobi, Kenya
3.   School for the Helpless in Maluti
     The children‘s smiles were dazzling—and contagious—as they playfully teased one another and greeted their teacher,
―Good morning.‖ After initial instructions, the young students started pulling books off shelves, then sat at desks, brows
furrowed, deep in concentration, as they began studying their lessons for the day.
   This classroom scene was distinctive because very few books lined the shelves, pages were missing and covers barely clung
to the book. Nine students with little ―elbow room‖ squeezed into this 8-by-st-foot metal shipping container turned into a
library. Oblivious to the atypical surroundings, the Lesotho youth began another school day just grateful for the opportunity to
obtain an education.
   A group of educators from North American Division visited the region on a Hope for Humanity mission trip in September
2007. They saw firsthand the HFH feeding program for orphans whose parents had died as a result of AIDS in Nhlengelo, SA,
as well as the Adventist hospital and school in Mapoteng, Lesotho. They left determined to raise awareness of the children‘s
plight and solicit funds not only to help feed the orphans but also to build a new school building on the hospital campus.
    During 2008, educators and students raised$120,000 for Hope for Humanity‘s feeding program for the orphans. Then they
turned their attention to the needs of Maluti.
      ―Maluti hospital serves a very underprivileged area with a high HIV/AIKDS rate. They are doing a tremendous job there
   under very difficult circumstances.       – by Sandra Blackmer, Adventist World p25 Dec,2009
4. Update from LakeView College/University, Malawi
   Since we returned in March, we have completed the front porch and the front steps of the renovated Farm Manager‘s House.
Also The Drs. Lukens Senior Staff 4 bedroom/2 bath House has the foundation in and the wall to wall concrete floor poured.
   The welding/plumbing storage rooms and work shop, plus storage sheds begun before we left, now has the walls up to the
ring beam.
   A faith project, by a Sabbath School class at Southern Adventist University, promised to raise about six thousand dollars
towards the renovation of the Secondary/Primary Girls quarters. Already the electricity has been renewed, the old plaster has
been removed and new added and the trim work & painting is underway. We will go as far as possible to make this a livable
   I believe we have mentioned about the breakdown of the whole Mission water system of July/Aug 2008. The pipes were so
old that when we repaired one section, the next section broke. Thankfully the Petersons, who had experience with water
systems, were here at the time and led out in designing the new system. However this emergency set us back from other
   On May 26th, we discovered that (children? ? ?) had hacked a hole near the bottom of one of our 5,000 liter tanks, and had
cut the main supply line leading to the temporary site for the water holding tanks. This situation is very serious! We will have
to do something to secure the water system!
   After a walk-a-bout we have decided on the following 7 Critical needs:
  1.   Security gate, and guard house connected to a security wall enclosing the water tanks and the Secondary/Primary Girls‘ Quarters.
  2.   A Proper Drive-way into the Clinic. The Ambulance got stuck and had to be pulled out last Rainey Season.
  3.   The Secondary/Primary Dorms; we have covered the Girls quarters, but the boys is worse.
  4.   Seven Primary Teachers Houses; presently so old and damaged, they cannot be renovated.
  5.   A Kitchen for the Secondary School.
  6.   Water connections into each house.
  7.   Road Work; Culverts, Water Control.
    Many have abundantly blessed Lakeview Mission with their love gifts without which we could never have accomplished
what we have! To send receipted love gifts make your check out to "Hot Springs S.D.A. Church" and mail to Dr. Rheeta
Stecker 441 Weston Road, Hot Springs, AR 71913.
    Beit Trust:
    The University had applied last year for a grant to build an extension to the Library. The committee came last year, but
didn't approve, tho' they said ―if we do approve a grant, we want the same man who built the Ladies Dorm.‖ This year the
head man from England came. They met first at the University Center (the old Mission House) and as they walked down to see
the Library, they were impressed with the design and quality of the original building! Then they noticed the new "faith" 3
classroom block, built following the original design, and asked if the Library Extension would follow the same design? When
assured that it would, the feelings seemed very positive. They will meet June 7th! Pray for a positive response!
                       - Reported by Fred Wilson []
C. We Remember:
1. Remembering James Bradfield
 a. We were very sad to hear of the passing away of Jim Bradfield. We salute him and Carol for the years of service given to
the church in Africa. We were touched by their lives, their example of Christian service and friendship and their kind counsel
in difficult situations. We are thankful for the Hope that burns in our hearts and we long for the time when death will be no
more and we can rejoice in the glories of a new heaven and new earth.
          - David Birkenstock []
 b. I want to pay special tribute to Jim Bradfield. I was privileged to sit on many Boards and Committees over the years with
Jim and came to greatly admire both Jim and Carol. Jim was a role model for many of us! God used him and Pastor Malee to
bring the two Unions together in South Africa! Jim was a great leader, and I would have voted with both hands raised for him
to be the Division President! He was a great worker for God! We will greatly miss him!
          - Pastor Fred E Wilson []

3. Letters “We Heard From You”
1. Joy Butler []
    Bob and I are off to Zanzibar in a few hours. It will take us many hours of travel and we ask for your prayerful support.
Zanzibar has 2 clinics there which need major upgrading and repairs. Although the islands are 98% of another faith persuasion,
the government is asking for the SDA clinics to remain and be revived. This needs equipment, dedicated personnel and
finances. If anyone knows how they might help - or give advice on how to raise funds for this project, please tell us now. I will
give you more information when I am back next week.
2. Roger & Evelyn Pelayo []
   Before going to Africa, we served 21 years in the Philippines as teachers for the church, then 8 years in Yuka Mission
Hospital, Zambia, Africa, then 3 years back in the Philippines and now this is our 5th year in Adventist University, Zurcher,
   Roger is the Infrastructure Development Manager and I am Librarian/English teacher in the elementary school. We have
two children living in North Carolina, USA and have one granddaughter.
   The Lord is good to give us this privilege to serve young people at this University. The school also has an Orphanage with
36 children, sponsored by REACH INTERNATIONAL.
    We hope to meet at the FAMA meetings in Atlanta, Georgia.
3. Margaret Ayeley Attey []
    I‘m happy to see that some responses and sharing are coming from the West African friends. Thank you, Mr. Baiden
(George), for your commendation on missions. Please encourage our friends from your part of the world to contribute items
from West Africa, too.
   I was thankful to read about the Babcock University program. Some of the people mentioned are people we know very
well. I thank the Lord that some news is ‗filtering‘ in now from West Africa. I will be encouraged to read more of these
4. Barry & Shelly Bacon []
          We are inviting you to our place on the evening of June 12, this Saturday evening, at 7:30 p.m. to discuss plans for our
next trip to Africa. We need to narrow down our options to the top 3 or 4 at this point. In addition, I have a few pictures from
my Rwanda trip in April, Sam's video presentation on our trip to Mwami (her senior project) and to read a bunch of letters from
the lepers at Mwami. Bring a small gift for the lepers, if you have something that you would like to contribute. Thanks.
E.        Mission Story
1. Fiery Frances
   It was test grading time, and I was exhausted. For two weeks I‘d been responsible for entertaining a new missionary family
who was waiting for their house to be repainted so they could move in. In addition to all of my other missionary
responsibilities, I had written the tests—and now I needed to grade them all and turn in the grades. I loved my Ethiopian
eighth-grade Bible class, but it was challenging since their knowledge of English was very limited. They found it hard to
express themselves in English, and I tried hard to read through their misspellings and bad grammar to get to the ideas they were
trying to express. I encouraged them to try their best, and I told them I wouldn‘t grade their English. I wanted to know how
much they understood the lesson and to do their best to express themselves.
   I decided to take the test papers and go over to the school to work where it was quieter. We had spent the whole quarter
discussing many Bible heroes. My test was for them to choose three of their favorite heroes, tell the story, and quote the
memory verse that went with each one. I found the papers to be very typical. Most of the students struggled with spelling.
However, I could tell that many of them had understood the questions and had received the messages I had tried to get across.
   Just as I was about to quit for the day, I came across the test of one of my best students. His English was good, and I had no
trouble understanding his story. He had chosen to tell of Daniel‘s three friends who refused to bow down to the idol. The story
was well done, but his memory verse sent a shock through me. Then I laughed and laughed—it released all the tension that
had built up inside for many days. I could just picture my students praying this prayer when I would become impatient with
them in class. I knew this boy meant no harm. He had seen my name on the blackboard many times, and it certainly
resembled the word he was trying to spell. He had written: ―Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning,
fiery Frances.‖
   Not only did it relieve my stress, but I wondered if God was trying to teach me a lesson as well.
                                    - By Francess Morford, Grace Notes p 204
F. Note from FAMA NL:
1. FAMA Website –
2. a. We are looking for the current E-mail addresses for the following FAMA members: (Thank you for the great response
we have already received for this project. NL Vol 4 #8)
William & Jean Johnson      Doug & Carleen Flaiz         Claudia Guillaume            James Lanning
Richard & Jean Jordan       Herman & Sue Davis           Donald & Genelle Hunt        Lisebye Luchman
Faith Marais                Dr & Mrs. Othello Vergeres   Eliseu Menegussos            Don & LaVerne Richert
b. Remember, if you change your e-mail address, please let FAMA NL know. Thanks.
c. If you or one of your friends is having the FAMA NL blocked by the spam blocker of your internet service provider and
you do want to receive the FAMANL, it may be helpful to include the FAMANL email addresses in your contacts list (for
Outlook or other email programs) FAMANL email Address is
Thank you for sending to FAMANL any email addresses for current or former missionaries to Africa (and their children) who might
be interested in receiving this newsletter. Any news on your present or past activities will help to make this newsletter interesting to
others in the FAMA family. It would be helpful if you include information on where and when you served in Africa. African mission
stories would also be appreciated)       Rose Stickle, Compiler
If you do not wish to receive the FAMA Newsletter, please let us know.

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