Dyslexia by LisaB1982



Dyslexia Definition
Dyslexia is difficulty with language. People with dyslexia typically have average to above average intelligence. They may have difficulty with reading, spelling, understanding language they hear, or expressing themselves clearly in speaking or in writing. An unexpected gap exists between their potential for learning and their school achievement.

Characteristics of Dyslexia
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Slow Word Recall Average or Above Intelligence Beyond third grade continuing to reverse and invert letters and transpose words More difficulty decoding nonsense words than content words Difficulty decoding single words in isolation Difficulty with letter/sound relationships Confusing small words such as at for to, said for and, does for goes. Transposes number sequences and arithmetic signs (+, -, x, =) although math skills are typically a strength

May have difficulty learning to tell time Spelling is usually difficult, frequently spells the same word differently in a single piece of writing Frequently able to decode a word they cannot spell Listening comprehension is usually a strength and the student typically can comprehend at grade level what he hears orally Poor grasp of abstract concepts Difficulty in telling or retelling a story Difficulty with rhyming words

AISD Dyslexia Plan
Campus Dyslexia Coordinators One certified person from each campus will be selected to be the Campus Dyslexia Coordinator The Campus Dyslexia Coordinator will:  Coordinate the campus dyslexia program  Work with the Campus 504 Coordinator to follow AISD 504 procedures for identification and remediation of dyslexia

Campus dyslexia programs



Each campus will make a site based decision to determine which dyslexia program will be used at their individual campus. The program chosen must meet all of the descriptors as defined in the SBOE Procedures Concerning Dyslexia. The AISD Dyslexia Plan can be found at http://www.amarillo.isd.tenet.edu/speced/dys1. html

Dyslexia Flow Chart
Data Gathering for all Students
No difficulties found Difficulties found-interventions begin

Student struggles even after interventions so more in depth instruction is given Student is successful Student is not successful

Referral to 504 OR Referral to Special Education

Assessment of Dyslexia
Referral  To the dyslexia coordinator  To the 504 Coordinator.  To the diagnostician Assessment Completion of the dyslexia data sheet 504 committee or the ARD committee will determine eligibility, placement, and accommodations.

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