Voluntary Random Drug Testing Proposal

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					Voluntary Random Drug
   Testing Proposal

Bernards Township Board of
  Education Presentation
      April 14, 2008
Common Elements Addressed
 Community values
 Ability to meet statutory compliance
 Percentage of students impacted
 Direct cost
 Impact on facilities
 Impact on safety and welfare
  Common Elements NOT
Impact on college admission
Impact on rigor and relevance
Impact on losing or reducing the program
Student achievement
Academic theories
Recap: Presentation May 2007

Sept 06 - May 07 VRDT Committee
Students, parents, administrators,
Visited: Hackettstown, Warren Hills,
Hunterdon Central, North Hunterdon &
         Summer 2007
Investigated the “how to”
Began revisions on VRDT policy
Coordinating the athletic policy
 State Board of Education
RHS Principal and SAC testified in
Trenton – October 2007
Late Fall 2007
  NJDOE completed revisions to NJ
  Administrative Code
We waited to re-draft VRDT policy
  Ability to Meet Statutory
State revised procedures for VRDT
Tightened requirements
Outlined choices for schools
Required lab license
     Community Values
     Safety and Welfare
Empower students to make healthy
Reduce drug abuse
Get help for students who need it
Defer onset of use
Protect students
Maximize educational opportunities
               American Drug and
                Alcohol Survey
   Percent of Bernards Township School District 12th
  Graders Who Have Used Each Drug in the Last Month

            1990-91   1994-95     1998-99          2002-03     2006-07

Alcohol       71%       69%           55%              56%      69%*

Marijuana     13%       22%           21%              23%      33%

Cocaine        2%        2%             4%               0%      1%
                          *Statistically significant change.
               American Drug and
                Alcohol Survey
 Percent of Bernards Township School District Students
  and 12th Graders Across the Country Who Have Used
         Each Drug in the Last Month (2006-07)
               6th     8th    10th    12th    National
            Graders Graders Graders Graders 12th Graders

Alcohol       5%      14%     47%     69%       45%

Been Drunk <1%         2%     25%     50%       30%

Marijuana      0%      1%     14%     33%       18%
             American Drug and
              Alcohol Survey
 Percent of Bernards Township Students Who Have Used
                Marijuana in the Last Month

           1990-91   1994-95   1998-99          2002-03              2006-07
   6         0%        0%        0%                 0%                  0%
   8         0%        3%        2%                 2%                  1%
   10        3%       13%*      13%                18%                 14%
   12       13%       22%       21%                 23%                33%

National    14%        19%       23%                22%                18%
Avg. 12
                                *Statistically significant change.
Suspicion Based Testing vs.
     Random Testing
Suspicion: 18A:40A-12 (1988) Requires that
all educational personnel must report a
student to the principal or his designee for a
reasonable suspicion
A student suspected of being under the
influence of a mind-altering substance is
required by law to submit to (1) an exam by a
physician and (2) a drug test
Random testing is “suspicionless”
      Positives of VRDT
Random Drug Testing serves as a
Reassures parents that their students
have another tool to deal with the
outside pressures to abuse substances
Gives kids a tangible reason to choose
for themselves a lifestyle free from
substance abuse
VRDT at RHS would involve:
All athletes
All students involved in extra-curricular
Students who volunteer to be in testing
Students granted permission to park on
% of RHS students impacted:
Anticipated 2008 – 09 Total Population: 1700
80% of 1700 = 1360
Propose to test 10 - 20% of 1360 = 136 - 272
                      Direct Costs
RHS student population 1700
 80% of 1700(RHS)=1360
 $15/urine test x 136 (is 10% of N)= $2040
 $15/urine test x 272 (is 20% of N)=$4080
 $35/confirmation test (GC/MS)
     $35 x 5 inconclusive tests = $175
  MRO fee $30 for GCMS confirmed positives
     $30 x 5 = $150
  Shipping Supplies = $100
  Lab License = 100
  Validity Testing of Lab = 275
  Total RHS approximate annual cost = $2840 - $4880
        Student Contract
Student Consent to Test Form
    Signed on or before first day of practice
    Signed no later than attendance at second
    meeting for clubs and activities
    Prior to the first day of parking by permit
    Any time for volunteers
    Eligibility for VRDT lasts one calendar year
  How Does VRDT Work?
Random number generator
Secured testing site
Maintains student confidentiality
Chain of custody testing procedure
  How Does VRDT Work?
Student gives urine sample
Sample is screened for metabolites of 12
different commonly abused drugs
Student returns to class
Parent called by Testing Coordinator
Inconclusive results are sent to lab for further
confirmatory testing
Medical Review Officer consults with parent
Final determination
Students Who Are Confirmed
First Time Confirmed Positive
Expectation for confirmed positives – less
than 5 students / year
  Suspended from all athletics and extra-curricular
  activities for 2 weeks
  Parking permit suspended for remainder of the
  academic year
  Complete 3 sessions with SAC over two week
  suspension from activities
  Determine need for further evaluation
 Second Time a Student Is
    Confirmed Positive
Suspended from all extra-curricular
activities for 30 days
Parking permit privilege terminated for
remainder of student’s tenure at RHS
Meet with SAC and parents
Refer for D&A evaluation
  Testing Pool Withdrawal
Ineligible for participation for one
calendar year in all athletic programs,
extra-curricular activities and student
15 day grace period for reconsideration
once withdrawn from testing pool
     Impact on Facilities
Minimal cost to secure collection site
Set aside time for nurses to administer
Additional responsibility for
  Program management
   Procedures for Athletics
First offense
  Was 2-game suspension (1-game for football)
  changed to 2-week suspension
Second offense
  Was 4-game suspension (2 for football)
  Changed to 30-day suspension
Third offense
  Remains 1-year suspension
NJSIAA Steroid Testing Policy
 Initiative of Acting Governor Richard Codey
 Implemented 2006-07 school year
 Includes steroids, stimulants, diuretics,
 All athletes must consent to random testing to
 participate in athletics in NJ
 Selected athletes in state tournament play are
 Ridge athletes in boys lacrosse, track and field
 and ice hockey have been tested
 Existing Student – Athlete
     Conduct Contract
Implemented in 2006-07
Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, steroids
BOE Attendance Policy
    Benchmark Districts
Chatham – Discussed
Livingston - Discussed
Hillsborough – Adopted 3/08
Montgomery – Being Discussed
Princeton – Not Considered
Holmdel - Discussed
Millburn - Discussed