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									March 20, 2009

West Hills High School

Issue #7

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“It only takes one choice to turn off that television, or get off myspace, or stop texting long enough to finish your homework.”

Stop the Distractions:

Patrick Lebedinski News Editor
With almost 200 deaths and over 1,000 homes burned to the ground, things Down Under are a bit hectic these days. After multiple– over 400– wildfires broke out in early February, many citizens in Australia are filled with anger and left with much less than they had before. Thousands of people have been left homeless by the blazes that have destroyed homes and nearly wiped out entire homes. Marysville, home to 500 people, suffered some of the greatest damage. Another town, Kinglake, was also destroyed. The survivors of the ruined towns and villages have some relief, as military bases were open to those displaced by the wildfires. While many of the wildfires started naturally, at least one of

them had been started intentionally. Authorities charged Brendan Sokaluk of starting a blaze near Churchill where 21 people were killed as a result of his arson. He faces over 30 years in prison on multiple charges, but if the citizens of Australia have

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Spring Sports:
“Softball, track and field, baseball, boys’ golf, and gymnastics are the school sports that help to pass the rest of year with excitement.”

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age will take months and the ensuing investigations into the various claims and causes of all the fires may take even longer. Aid is pouring in from other countries sympathetic to the tragedy. Millions and millions of dollars are necessary to repair all of the damage caused by the wildfires. The cost of life cannot be bought with money, and the suffering of every individual might never end. The people of Australia, already coping with the world’s recession, must now deal with this devastating blow to their country. It won’t be easy to repair all the damge to the country, whether it’s the damage from the wildHundreds of blazes burned throughout Australia. Courtesy: fires or the recession any say, he’ll be put to death poured into the areas affected that has Australia low on money. long before then. Outrage and by the wildfires and to support How Australia deals with this hatred for his actions are obvi- the thousands now left home- devastating tragedy is the key to ous with even groups on Face- less. Repairing all of the dam- recovery the country’s recovery.

book being dedicated to his death. One other fire has been linked to faulty electrical wiring, and lawsuits have already sprung up against SP AusNet. This fire is not linked with any deaths but caused plenty of damage. Millions of dollars have to be

A &E
Annie Get Your Gun is “The story of sharp shooter Annie Oakley and her adventures in a traveling Wild West show,”

Spring Musical Time:

Emmanuel D. Cisneros Editor-in-Chief

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On February 12th, 2009, a disaster happened: plane crash in New York. These words resonate images in our head we will never forget, an instant in our lives that affects the country we live in. And for the third time in the past six months, the same disaster happened with the most devastating results yet: 48 people aboard a Continental Airline plane died crashing into a home, where one person died and four others were injured. The plane was coming from Newark, New Jersey, and crashed near its destination, only seven miles from Buffalo Niagara International Airport. A passenger on the plane is making quite a story for herself. Beverly Eckert, a widow of a 9/11 victim, died in the plane crash on her way home from a trip around

the country to raise awareness about terrorist attacks. The irony is incredibly harrowing. The firefighters finally subdued a blaze at the crash site late Friday morning, more than 12 hours after the crash. Officials believe that a natural gas leak is the cause for the fire’s persistence. A Colgan Air spokesperson identified the pilot as Capt. Marvin Renslow.

down.” The pilot’s last comment was “Colgan Flight 3407,” following no signs of distress. A plane that arrived shortly after the crash reported rime icing, a condition in which ice quickly builds up on the leading edge of the wings. It is not yet known whether it is the reason for the plane crash. Witnesses reported irregular engine sounds. “It was an enormous explosion. It sounded like

”Two screaming babies are enough for most parents; hopefully, she is finally satisfied with 14 children”


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Firefighters search through the wreckage.

Courtesy: Charles Anderson

The last minutes of the tape of communication play as follows: “Can other planes see anything?” No one responds. “They might have a plane

it hit frankly right in our backyard. The house shook, the windows shook, the grounds shook. It was a real blast,” said witness David Luce who lives 300

feet away from the crash site. This reminds us of our own plane crash in San Diego. On December 8, 2008, a F/A-18D Hornet crashed into a home of a small Vietnamese family in University City, killing four people and damaging three houses. Dong-yun Yoon was left alone when his entire family died in the crash. His words are still ringing in many heads. But out of all this plane chaos, a good story arises. On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 lost control by striking a flock of Canadian Geese. The plane fortunately landed safely in the Hudson River, and everyone on board was rescued. All of these unfortunate plane malfunctions makes a person recall the unfortunate events that took place nearly eight years ago. It makes us remember, and it helps us realize how much people are affected by these events, how some peoples lives are ruined forever. It makes us realize that, for whatever reason, we all still have what matters and that we have not yet lost everything; because of that, we must help one another when those events do happen.

March 20, 2009

Paw Prints

2 News

D i g i t a l Transition
Lorianne Hoover Staff Writer

California Unemployment
Kyle Tonkyro Staff Writer
Have you noticed that many people do not have a job? The unemployment rate in California soared to 9.3% in the LAST MONTH ALONE! The jobs most affected by this are construction firms, hotels, restaurants, casinos, and amusement parks that laid off workers in response to the widening d r o u g h t Unemployment lines are swelling. of jobs. companies now have to deal with Statewide, 78,200 workers lost not only people trying to find a their jobs last December, bring- job but teenagers also going for ing the year-to-year job losses that same job; companies will not to 257,400. Before this reces- be able to hire most of them who sion, the jobless rate dropped have to support their families. to 8.3% from 5.9% but that was Those families now fall farther in 2007. Last month, the rate into the deep, black hole of debt jumped to 7.2%. According to economic, employment, and labor experts, California’s rate is going to double the rate, and the country’s rate is going to be even worse. Economists say that this crisis started when the housing prices started to go down, and since then we have seen what looks like the second Depression. To make things even worse, to help to support themselves, and their needs have to decrease. We know it all looks hopeless and helpless, but help is on the way my friends. With Obama becoming president, he is going to pass a bill he hopes will create a lot of jobs. It is going to happen sometime in the future. With the unemployment rate so high these days, it is like a fight to the death just to get a job, whether it’s partt i m e or fulltime. About 40% of people depend on a paycheck week to week, to either support t h e i r families or themCourtesy: s e l v e s . Most of these people have problems just paying the monthly bills because the bill prices are going up, and the job they currently have isn’t giving them a raise. Until that happens, keep looking for a job; maybe you’ll get lucky sooner or later.

Digital transition is the switch from analog to digital broadcast television, and many channels have already switched over to digital. Those who still use an antenna to watch their television will now have to use a converter box so that they can continue watching their shows. June 12th is the last day any television station can broadcast through analog, but many local stations may make the switch before then. The date used to be early February, but because of the lack of government coupons for converter boxes, they were forced to move the date back. What’s the reason behind switching to digital? Having all televisions in digital will free up

airways for communications for many important people such as police and the fire department. Switching to digital will also help the everyday person have improved picture and sound quality. Many people are not able to afford a converter box even with the government coupons and will have to live without any television. Those people, like many people, rely on the news for updates on their daily lives; without the news, they will lack knowledge of current events. There is a large population in Mexico who view our channels through antennas. Those individuals will no longer be able to view news channels or any other stations they normally watch Without government subsidies, the converter boxes hold a hefty price tag that many cannot afford in this recession-ridden economy. The loss of TV is not a loss that many people are willing to face, however: A way must be found to prepare everyone for the switch to digital or there will be problems.

Closing Guantanamo Bay
Kelsey Berger Staff Writer
While terrorism is considered to be an extreme crime, the intense means of interrogation (often resulting in torture) used in the notorious Guantanamo Bay in Cuba went against the prisoners’ rights as human beings. With this supposed problem, the Obama administration took swift action steps toward closing the establishment of detainment. While it may instill fear in some that such a notably secure establishment to detain terrorists is being A guard tower. closed, it should be taken into account that the prisoners aren’t being set free. Instead, they’re going to be in custody in a manner that’s effective but also respectful of their rights as citizens of the world. It was also addressed that the closing of the prison could be extremely beneficial to everyone in the long run; the people held in custody will be given their rights and treated fairly and there will be less chance of pl,ans being made for vengeance for being tortured or treated unjustly while in custody. Some of the people being detained in Guantanamo seriousness of the legal standing of the 250 detainees of the prison. The next step in the matter after Guantanamo Bay is closed is exactly what will happen to each person who is held in custody there. The Secretary of State, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Director of National Intelligence, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are all working together to determine the best possible destination for the detainees that will be the safest for Americans. All of the men behind the operation stated a wish that Courtesy: these actions will restore a sense of morality in America. All that we can do at this point is hope that their wish is fulfilled and that stability returns to America as soon as possible as this decision has caused controversy.

The Obameter
Kyle Tonkyro Staff Writer
Have you heard of the Obamater? The Obamater is a web site made by Politifact website creators who have put all of president Obama’s promises on it and show the progress of how successful he is achieving them, if they are Obameter in action, or if they have been complete failures. The website is www. The promises that are of most interest are those to launch a robust diplomatic effort with Iraq and neighboring countries, to reduce the Veterans Benefits Administration claims backlog, and to appoint an American-Indian policy advisor. Those are some of the little problems he will deal with after he deals with his other goals. He has bigger fish to fry with other goals.

Bay, while found guilty, were still not given a fair trial. By signing the agreement to have Guantanamo Bay closed, Obama dealt with the breach of rights while still taking into account the

The ones that have been in effect are to create a tax credit of $500 for workers, an increase of support to the NEA, and to create the American Opportunity Tax Credit to offset college costs. Most of those goals have already been met, and one of those mentioned has been compromised. Out of the 500 goals of president Obama’s run so far, 18 of them have been kept, seven have been compromised, two of t h e m h a v e b e e n broken, 41 are in the works, and 442 of them have no action at all. It shows that the president is taking the changing of our country one goal at a time. Some congressmen so far have disagreed with about 25% of the goals proposed already. Some experts say that the goal list will be complete sometime in the next two years. The president of the United States wants to complete the entire list sooner than just two years. Let’s hope that he can go through the list fast and get us out of this second Depression.

3 Sports

Paw Prints

March 20, 2009

Lea Morgan Staff Writer

With the spring sports season coming upon us, everyone starts to realize how near the end of the school year really is. Softball, track and field, baseball, boys’ golf, and gymnastics are the school sports that help to pass the rest of year with excitement. The spring sports season also

One of the major spring sports for West Hills is baseball. The varsity boys will be playing their first home game against Granite Hills on March 23 at 4:00 PM, while the JV boys go to Granite. On M a y 2 2 , We s t

finals, it means the school year is coming to a close. The spring sports athletes are sure to help end the year with a bang, leaving the rest of the students with school spirit to last through the summer and on into next year. Those

Emily Windham Staff Writer

Jv and
s hh ba sll


team C


means the school ll year is reachba se ing an end. Ba Spring sports athletes are sure to feel the time fly by while they keep busy with their training and competitions.

Hills will hosting gu lea the gymnastics of y tes CIF competition! It ur co is very exciting for the competing students here, since they will get to show off their skills in the comfort of their own campus. Not to mention, they will be able to brag about how nice our campus looks! With the upcoming testing and
in el eu



competed of goo m/site i n /whhsg ymnast ics spring sports will be able to say they really enjoyed the last part of the year. They will have been able to hang out with old friends, meet new people, travel to different schools, and compete in events they love. The whole experience is an exciting one, and, hopefully, they will be able to share their excitement with the rest of the students.

On Sunday, January 5th, the coach of a high school basketball team in Dallas, Texas, was fired for an uncommon reason. The Covenant School team beat Dallas Academy 100 to 0. The team was winning 69 to 0 at half-time. Though this is almost unheard of for a high school sports team, is it cause for the elimination of the coach? The headmaster at Covenant School seemed to think so. Kyle Queal, the headmaster of Covenant School, fired Mican Grimes, the previous coach of the basketball team. He did this after Grimes refused to apologize for this unique game. Queal refused to confirm that this was the reasoning for letting Grimes go unexpectedly; however, Queal did comment that Grimes and the girls’ behavior was “shameful” and “un-Christlike.” To add to these criticisms, Dallas Academy is a school that specializes in teaching students with

learning and physical disabilities. Queal and the administrators said that Grimes let the game get out of control and didn’t follow “the golden rule.” Grimes, as well as the girls on his team, disagree. Contrary to what the administrators said, Grimes claimed in a statement on that he did “allow the Dallas Academy players to get the ball up the court for a chance to score.” According to the statement, he believes that he and his girls played with integrity and respect throughout the entire game, as they always do. Grimes doesn’t see how apologizing will help either team and believes that losing builds character, as he learned four years ago when his team experienced a blowout of their own, the final score being 69 to 0. Grimes’ girls continue to support him all the way, one even pointing out that she suffers from ADD and ADHD and is therefore no different from any of the girls on the Dallas Academy team. This story is one great example of the very fine line between sportsmanship and forfeiting in high school basketball.

Emily Windham Staff Writer

This year, MLB spring training, also known as the preseason, starts on February 25th, 2009. It is held before the regular season starts, hence the name. The regular season usually starts around the beginning of April, after about two months of spring training. The preseason consists of practices and exhibition games. Its use is to give new players a chance to try out for roster and position spots. Also, existing players use this time to practice playing competitively before the real games

begin. Often, spring training games and regular season games may overlap between teams and be played on the same days. Pitchers and catchers will report to the fields first, followed about a week later by the rest of the players. This is because the pitchers and catchers need more practice, as MLB their positions are generally more difficult. Fans especially love attending spring training, for good reason. It is a treat to them because

it is during warm weather and is held during many colleges’ spring breaks. Also, the tickets are generally slightly less than those of the regular season. In general,

tickets sell for anywhere between $20 and $85. They are already on sale for both the Cactus League, which is located in Arizona, and

Some have predicted award winners for the 2009 season, which include Dustin Pedroia and Albert Pujols. The favorites to win the World Series from the preseason have also been announced. They are the Los Angeles Angels, the Boston Red Sox, the Chicago Cubs, and the New York Mets. Some preseason games will be broadcast on WGN America, such as the Cubs vs. The White Sox and the Padres vs. The Cubs. Courtesy of: So, whether you’re goMany have already made MLB ing to tune into the games or be preseason rankings and predic- right there with the action, the tions, such as bloggers on web preseason is sure to be an exciting sites like introduction to the 2009 season. the Grapefruit League, which is located in Florida. Tickets can be found on web sites such as and w w w. t i c k e t m a s t e r. c o m .

4 Opinion

Paw Prints

March 20, 2009

April Ball Staff Writer
As many know, the state of California has been cutting back on school education. This includes schooling supplies, school developments, and much more. But does the economy benefit from taking away from California’s youth? I think not. By cutting the budget to the schooling system, theThink About It government is hurting the future. The education of children and teenagers is priceless. By having a welleducated generation, they help

refuel the economy. It works the other way as well: If a generation is not taught to its full potential, there is an even small chance of an economic reconstruction. Everything ties into one another. The loss of textbooks means the loss of reference, the loss of supplies means the loss of resources,

and so on and so forth. The government has the ability to budget for the school system. I am sure there are good reasons for this

behind the scenes, but the public only sees what is on the surface, that students are not receiving the best possible education. The State of California should not take as much as they are from schools. Everything is essential in learning and that needs to come to light. There are different ways that the economy can be fixed without tapping into the education of this country’s students. Some day those same students who had their education lowered due to a money crisis could have discovered an alternative Courtesy of fuel source of could have reached an amazing scientific discovery but did not because they were never given the chance. We must protect our schools.

Melissa Reed Photo Editer

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If you’re interested (and you should be) get an application from your English teacher, your counselor, or come to B4. If you have any questions come to B4 or e-mail us a Submit an application by April 3rd.

We all know that going on MySpace can be a number one priority for most everyone at West Hills who knows and or uses MySpace and Facebook. It is one of the top ways to communicate with friends today. On both sites you can personalize your page and make it your own. You can reveal your personality and show who you are with one click of the mouse. But everything has its downside. Revealing your personality can open up your personal life to people you seriously don’t want to know. So, the first order of business is to be careful. M y Space is a worldw i d e network, obviously. This means you can reach almost anyone in the world w i t h a MySpace account. It encourages friend making and involving yourself in culture. It is supposed to promote “friends for the friendless.” So, all of us loners out there can now find a friend. It encourages you to share your interests with others as long as they are safe and harmless interests. MySpace does not discourage fake identification, so you can be who you want to be and not…who you are…I guess? Playing the devil’s advocate, there are also many dangers about MySpace. Because of how

Almost everyone at West Hills uses MySpace and Facebook. They are the top ways to communicate with friends today. On both sites you can personalize your page and make it your own. You can reveal your personality and show who you are with one click of the mouse. But everything has its downside.

widely it is used around the world, you can run into anyone, which also means running into people you would rather not “bump into.” Giving the slightest information about your personal self can put you in real danger. Not movie danger where you can run out into the street half-naked and be all right but a real scary danger. Even giving away the state you live in can be dangerous. Remember all those news reports where kids gave out limited information like only their age and occasionally what they do on Saturdays, and still these murderers find them? Well, so far many of those reports were related to MySpace. We move onto Facebook, a sight much like MySpace. Facebook and MySpace are basically the same, o t h e r than the fact that F a c e book really encourages you to put your true identity out there. It’s nice w h e n you meet friends, but I still don’t believe that you know that this person you meet is who they say they are. Both sites use Internet safety and protection devices to protect their users from b e i n g harmed. T h e popularity rate between the two is slight. Although MySpace is more popular, Facebook is quickly catching up. Both sites have their ups and downs, but ultimately they are rated about the same quality, and it really depends on what site you want to meet your friends on. So, have fun and be careful while you establish your online identity. Remember, during a scary moment in life it is not okay to run out into the street half-naked like in many 1970s horror flicks.

5 Opinion

Paw Prints

March 20, 2009

Patrick Lebedinski News Editor
As was prone to happen sooner or later, a sickness has gripped a majority of my peers. A near-deadly disease, it’s contagious to many. While the treatment is absent as of now, the symptoms include the following: lack of a backbone, negativity, lack of action, whining, and more. Are you unlucky enough to have one of these symptoms? I guarantee that you are sick. It might be that friend who always seems to have a problem and an excuse or that kid on Myspace, the one with the bulletins about being “over it” or “done with it.” More than likely, it’s you and one or more of the previously mentioned examples. Contrary to popular belief, this malady is not unique to my peers. Our parents, teachers, and everyone else had the disease when their age matched

ours. They had a cure, however: They had the ability to grow immune to this sickness as they aged. Unfortunately, we have lost our ability to grow out of it. Free time, once believed to induce enjoyment, has weakened the immune systems of my peers. Some believe that cleaning a single room is a hard d a y ’s work; s o m e people believe that a day spent doing nothing counts as achievement. A horrible strain of the disease – containing complaints, negativity, and do-nothingness-- can creep into the body during one’s free time. While many of my peers have jobs, many of them also fail to

With one sentence I can pull them through their next day at work: Suck it up, quit whining, and do what you applied to do because plenty of people with more character and integrity than you are readily available to take your job.
what you applied to do because plenty of people with more character and integrity than you are readily available to take your job. The recession, a perfect remedy to the lack of action and courage, has failed to awaken any

appreciate their hard work and earnings. Negativity shining bright, they find a way to complain about their despised job. With one sentence I can pull them through their next day at work: Suck it up, quit whining, and do

moral strength within my peers. It doesn’t work like that for them. Many have erased the plague of peer pressure, but few have overcome the pressure associated with obstacles and barriers. When trouble comes up, they stand down. Simple but true. What happened to the days when humans had the strength to overcome an obstacle? Now, my peers seek to go under, around, or over them but never face them and go straight through. Hundreds of my peers grasp pessimism over optimism. Even more complain rather than act. Only a few of us actually welcome challenges with open arms and a smile, prepared to fight through till the end. It’s our gain and everyone else’s loss. Fear, complaint, and inaction are always

active in my peers, ready to stop them from doing a single thing and ready to prove them weak. Unfortunately for you, and so that you can’t make any more excuses, hypocrisy is a rhetorical fallacy and arrogance is not a symptom of this deadly disease. For the many people that have no idea what “rhetorical” or “fallacy” mean, especially together, look it up – it may surprise you. If you don’t know what a hypocrite is, then you have another sickness: ignorance. To my peers, are you considering having children one day? Think long and hard about it. Your incessant negativity and whining and lack of action may just destroy logic and become hereditary. If you can make that happen, then who knows what other travesties your children will supplant into the human race. To the small number in future generations that don’t catch this disease, the nondiseased never had multiple eyes, horns, or wings. That’s what insects – not humans, I assure you-looked like back in my time.

April Ball Staff Writer
The average student could have anywhere from one to six (or more) hours of homework a day/night on top of any after school sports or activities. This makes for a stressful evening. It is easy to be distracted while you are doing your homework, but how much of it is a distraction versus complete will power to totally get rid of whatever is distracting you? It only takes one choice to turn off that television or get off Myspace or stop texting long enough to finish your homework. Yes, it is difficult I know, but where is the texting conversation going to be in fifteen, twenty minutes? I will tell you… the same place it was when you left it. I promise that if you set

aside at least thirty minutes a night doing nothing but studying or doing homework, your grades will improve. Guaranteed. If you do not have the desire to ignore the distractions for a small portion of the day, then obviously you have no desire to get better grades, which could eventually get you into a college so you can eventually get paid more money when you are older. It is a simple choice. We are all guilty of being distracted. We are human; it happens, but it all boils down to your own will power. Do you have it in you to say no for a simple thirty minutes? Today, technology enables teenagers to do practically anything they want: text, surf the web, watch TV, etc. There is a point in the day when all that technology needs to disappear for a distraction-free time: homework time, study time. Are you going to choose to turn off your technological life for a short time to benefit your grades?

Shannon Lacy Staff Writer

There are several new changes in the California tax law that may affect income tax returns prepared in 2009. These changes are effective for tax years beginning on or after 1/1/09. Some of these changes will be beneficial for some and harmful for others. Suspension of Net Operating losses utilization for individuals and corporations for tax years 2008 and 2009 are suspended for businesses with income of more than $500K. Business tax credits will only be available to offset 50% of the California tax liability. For example: R&D credit, Enterprise Zone, and Low Income Housing Credits. The Limited Liability Company (LLC) must prepay by June 15 their LLC fee. You can penaltyproof yourself by paying in last

year’s fee by June 15. For example: A calendar year LLC must eses timate its 2009 gross receipts by June 15, 2009 and pay the LLC based on this estimate or pay the 2008 LLC fee to avoid any penalty. The penalty is 10% of the amount of any underpayment. Taxpayers with California estimated tax payments of $20,000 or more, or a projected 2009 tax liability of $80,000 or more, are now required to submit their payments to the Franchise Tax Board electronically. For some people, this could

Business tax credits will only be available to offset 50% of the California tax liability. For example: R&D credit, Enterprise Zone and Low Income Housing Credits.
be very inconvenient. This is for tax years beginning after 1/1/09, and so the 4th quarter estimate of 2008 and extension payments for 2008 are exempt. Once you meet this threshold, all payments cur-

rent and future must be submitted electronically, even if you do not meet these minimum thresholds in the current year. Failure to submit electronically will subject you to a 1% penalty of the amount. You can also pay by credit card; however, this will result in an additional charge of 2.5% of the amount. This is an unnecessary charge. For all California taxpayers, the percent of estimated taxes that need to be paid in has also changed. Prior law indicated that you could pay in four equal installments. The new law says that you must pay in the following percentages: 30% 1st & 2nd quarter, 20% 3rd & 4th quarters. This new form of payment may not be as effective as the 4 installments. California taxpayers who have or are projected to have adjusted gross income of $1 million or more (or $500K for married filing separately) cannot use the 110% safe harbor for prior years. Hopefully, these new tax laws will stabilize our faltering economy.

March 20, 2009

Paw Prints

6 Centerspread

Will Save the World...
Katie Behan Staff Writer
dividual who has pledged to help fight against society’s cruel social stigmas and a controversial war: Brooke Kisinger, (’10), is this individual. These issues have influenced Brooke since childhood. When asked about when she decided to become an activist, she thought for a few moments reflectively and answered, “In the early 2000’s my dad took me to my phasis of her words that it meant a great deal to her, this obligation of sorts. I continued to wonder out loud, “Who inspired you?” She smiled as she spoke of the source of her inspiration, “My Father,” she said; “My father didn’t push his political or religious views on me so I could develop an opinion of the world on my own.” She nodded as though to finish a train of thought. I recorded her words and continued our quesques tion and answer session. What is the main focus of your activism? “Equal rights,” she stated clearly, “peace, and animal activism. I’m a Vegan.” For anyone who isn’t aware of the subject of VeganVegan ism, I asked her to elaborate. “A Vegan can’t eat any food rived from animals. This means no dairy, poultry, beef etc.” Basically, a step more serious from being a Vegetarian. So, finishing my inquiry, I asked, “What are you supporting currently?” She answered, ‘Well, I’m the GSA president (Gay Straight Alliance). We are trying to educate people about tolerance and acceptance. I am also working with Vegan Out Reach, a group that educates people on the benefits of Veganism.”

People these days generally spend all their time worrying about the future, but few actually do anything to improve the social and political issues that are a probl e m s now that will only worsen if left alone. I have the good fortune of knowing an inin

What is the main focus of your activism? “Equal rights,” she stated clearly, “peace, and animal activism. I’m a Vegan.”

first war protest; it made me feel a certain obligation to join the cause.” It was quite obvious by the emem

product or use any product dede

Melissa Reed Photo Editer

“Get up, survive, volunteer, go back to sleep...,” is Brittany Emerson-Mowery’s philosophy to life. Born on March 7th, 1993, Brittany woke up to a whole new world. Growing up in San Diego, Brittany had a handful of friends at Santee Elementary and Prospect Ave Elementary. During elementary school, Brittany liked to experiment with style and music. She put her heart and soul into dance groups such as Heart Lite and La Folkgloria. Brittany helped establish an unofficial cheer squad at Santee Elementary.

As a volunteer at PetsPets mart, Brittany hopes t o maybe one day open up an animal rescue in Texas. She also may want to become a traveling pet surgeon

one day. However, for the time be being, she doesn’t really know what she wants to do when she grows up. Brittany enjoys cookcook ing breakfast, criticizing people, books, and movies, as well as listening to music and texting. Her favorite books include and incalculable numb e r o f

complete in Brittany’s world unless there is a little green, such as T-shirts, fish, and frogs. Green reminds Brittany of how San Diego is supposed to look after a good rain. Brittany has a total of three brothers. Her two older

Green reminds Brittany of how San Diego is supposed to look after a good rain.
brothers James and Patrick help her with her homework as well as take her to and from school. They can always get a good laugh out out of Brittany when she’s sad. Her younger brother Ryan can eas-

mysteries and science fiction novels. Of course, nothing is

ily rem i n d her of how to be a kid again after a long, hard school day. Brittany’s parents Susan and Walter Mowery have given loads of support throughout her life. I asked Brittany how she felt about b e i n g high-lighted in Paw Prints, she responded, “I feel a little weird, I have to admit. I mean, like there’s going to be a ton of people reading and probably looking at me a little oddly.”

7 Centerspread

Paw Prints

March 20, 2009

Role Model Material
Malina Coyne Features Editor
All of us aren’t as lucky as Alex Miller. By that, I mean this girl was born and been teaching Taekwondo to younger kids. She loves it. How does a girl get involved in football? Well, the coach of a football team knew her dad and had seen her ever, to this day Alex is still a stud out on the softball field. She has played all her years of high school and is hoping to get a scholarship to her dream college Point Loma. Another unique, fun fact about Alex is that she actually should be going to Patrick Henry High School, due to the fact she lives in San Carlos. Who can blame her for choosing West Hills? Isn’t it pretty much the best school in the district? Besides, we’re p r o u d to have her. Though a lot of her friends go to Patrick Henry, she wouldn’t change going to West Hills. She is still able to see all her friends because she lives right by them. Not only does Alex have athletic talent, she is a very funny girl. famHaving a big fam ily, Alex says they go on a lot of vacations. On top of that, they travel all over the United States playing softball. She is a junior and is already on the varvar sity softball and volleyvolley ball team at West Hills. talAlex is extremely tal ented in many aspects, and, there is not even the smallest doubt that she will get into her ideal college Point Loma. Get ready Point Loma! Here comes Alex Miller, and she’s ready to knock your socks off! Good luck Alex! his life in the future. He says, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I’m focusing on all of it to make sure I have an extended amount of opportunities to succeed.” For the time being, James Everyone has a story. This one says what motivates him to do so starts with the ever-so-popular much is the fact that he wants to boy that all the ladies love and all find his limits and then surpass the men…still love! Ladies and them. This should be an extremely gentlemen, I’m talking about ev- strenuous task, seeing as James is eryone’s favorite: Yes, the James already good at so much! It does Bennett. James no justice is notorious “I don’t know what I want whatsoever for balancing to do with my life, but I’m to simply it all: school, write an arsports, and focusing on all of it to make ticle on this friends-- only sure I have an extended person beto an incredibly cause it does high extreme! amount of opportunities to not accuMaintainrately cover succeed.” ing a 4.7 GPA all aspects (holy cow is an UNDERSTATE- of his life! There’s more to James UNDERSTATE MENT) while still playing than being Mr. A+. He is a water polo, soccer, club person who is full of husoccer, and swim is no mor and who claims easy task! Somehow, to be a great menJames seems to manman tor, which is evident age it all! Sports and through his outgoing homework is what personality. Whether keep this eager beabea on the field, in the ver moving most of the water, or studying his time. When his time isn’t butt off, James can being tied up with always be responsibili responsibilifound doties, James ing someenjoys thing inhunting teresting for ladies, and prodining at ductive your lo(no, this cal Rudoes bios and not inspending clude time in my Speehis Speedo comdo, since ment). everyone O n e insists he t h i n g ’s looks so for sure: good! AlHe may though sube #11 per-focused on the on the presfield, but ent, James is at school still unsure his rank about what he is off the wants to with charts!!!

Priscilla Fernandez Staff Writer

raised n beautiful San DiDi ego. She’s been rockrock ing in S.D. since 1992 (16 years!). She also has a younger sissis ter who looks up to Alex greatly. Growing up, Alex Miller wasn’t the typical little girl, playing with her Barbie dolls. She was a tough tomboy, showing all the guys up. Playing football, soccer, baseball, Taekwondo, softball, volleyball, and basketball, she has many experiences and stories. For the past couple years, Alex h a s i

arm. After some convincing, her dad let her play quarterquarter b a c k on the team at the age of 10. Unfortunately, she was only able to play for a y e a r because her dad didn’t want Alex to get hurt in tackle football. How-

March 20, 2009

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Arts &
To Cancel or not to Cancel? Annie Get Your
What’s happening?! Katie Behan Staff Writer
Why are all the good TV shows getting canceled? The great writers’ strike of 2008 is partly responsible, but come on! Possibly one of the most original shows on TV, Pushing Daisies, was canceled half way through its second, and apparently final season, last year. What would have happened to Ned & Chuck? In a semi-recent issue of Entertainment magazine, it was revealed that the show would live on in the form of a graphic novel. But the creators did disclose what would have happened had the show continued on. Chuck would have been exposed to the world as someone who is supposed to be dead and runs away with her mother. On Ned’s deathbed Chuck would come and see her soul mate; apparently, she doesn’t age being the living dead and all. She offers Ned a kiss, which will kill her because he brought her back to life with his magic touch; they both die together. Journeyman is another great show that was shown the boot from NBC after only one season. It was an innovative show, but, because of the writers’ strike, it lost any following it had gained. I mean, if a show isn’t on for a long time, you kind of forget about it. A n y - Chuck and Sarah body remember Moonlight, the awesome vampire show? This show came on the air before the whole Twilight phenomenon. Maybe it was a case of wrong place/wrong time, but I’m almost positive it would have been a ratings juggarnaught if it were a little later in its debut. Does anybody actually watch that Kath & Kim show (sorry if you do) or Private Practice? Both shows are not really all they are cracked up to be. What happened to that Bionic Woman show? Not that it really matters but Family Guy was canceled Courtesy of and brought back due to avid fan support in DVD sales. So come on people, bring ‘em back!

Aubrey Walford Assistant Editor
The Bob Guess Theatre for the Performing Arts is becoming the center of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Well, actually it’s the time of the year that the Spring Musical is hitting our stage. Annie Get Your Gun is “The story of the Sharp shooter, Annie Oakley and her adventures in a traveling Wild West show,” says the show’s assistant director Kelly Dalman (’10). The cast of this very comedic show includes Jordan Deleon (’11) as Annie Oakley, Andrew Williams (’09) as Frank Butler, and Nathan Reinike (’09) as Buffalo Bill. Also, Courtenay Brown (’09) plays Dolly Tate, Emily Zobel (’11) is Winnie Tate, Michael Dalman (’12) is Tommy Keeler, Steven Sechler (’09) is Charlie Davenport, and Sarah Pishney (’11) plays Foster Wilson. Chorus members include Ashley LaSpesa (’11), Miranda Gill (’10), Payton Boeh (’11), Billy Huynh (’12), Bryan Phillips (’10), Jamie Dietrich (’10), Anne Jeffery (’09), Minerva Abikhail (’09), Cameron Ray (’10), Chris Fordyce (’10), Sarah Zickel (’10), Samantha Diamond (’09), Thomas Brynwood (’11), Lizzy Byrd (’09), Carrie Gedeon (’09), Erin Hucke (’11), Jaquelyn Lebedinski (’11), Katie McNellen (’10), Cassie Pellegrini (’12), Jessica Randall (’10), and Wendy Richter (’10). Dalman states, “We have so many great people in this show. We have some new DramaKids and some who have done many shows with us, and it’s so cool to see the mix of people working together.” With the amazing cast, and amazing script, this show is bound to be fantastic. Show dates are Friday March 20th, Saturday March 21st, Friday March 27th, and Saturday March 28th.

American Idol! Oh, Please.
Katie Behan Staff Writer
American Idol: those are two words in the American vocabulary that inspire... well, what do they inspire exactly? Some might think it’s a stupid question to ask. The show used to inspire feelings of talent and accomplishing-the American dream whatever that means. There have been a couple successes in the American Idol American Idol family, however, such as Kelly Clarkson, who just recently had a stint at the number one spot on the billboard charts with her song, “My life would suck without you,” and Carrie Underwood has done quite well for herself with a couple catchy number ones. However, there have also been numerous Idol failures like Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks-- where did they go anyway? But as of late, the show has switched from an inspiration to a royal laugh fest. And that’s just putting it lightly. And Paula was she always all… well, she always been very animated, but now it’s getting a little weird. Now that Idol has been in the business for a while, it’s had a couple scandals including that Corry Clark guy-- boy, did that guy drop off the map after that. But this year is different (or so they say); there is a new group of wann a b e s looking to make it big, including a contestant from N e x t Nashville Star. But hey, American Idol s t i l l has its Courtesy from Michael Becker (fox) charms despite its “not so reality” reality status. Maybe next season the execs will decide to give Ryan Seacrest a cohost because he’s so busy and all. Time will tell if American Idol continues to dominate in the ratings.

Brangelina Gets Betrayed
Mallory Stratton Features Editor
Have you ever had a friend that you tell all your secrets to and trust with your life? Well, maybe you should have them sign a gag order just in case they, I don’t know, decide to share all your secrets! That’s the mistake Angelina Jolie made when she fired her long-time bodyguard of seven years Mickey Brett. Who wouldn’t want to spill all your dirty details you’ve kept secret for years and turn it into a book that would make you filthy rich. That’s what Mickey’s doing, and who could blame him? After all, it’s not like he’s getting paid to protect their personal lives anymore. So what brought on this betrayal of friendship? Oh, maybe it’s the fact that Mickey was abruptly fired in 2007 for no apparent reason other than an ongoing feud with Brad Pitt. Mickey may have been left a little bitter. After seven years of loyalty and a relationship so close to the family that little Maddox would call him “Uncle Mickey,” you can’t really blame him. What should we expect to see in this little biography? I’m sure Mickey wouldn’t want to leave anything out. We should be expecting to hear all the details leading back to when Brad and Jennifer Aniston were still married and when the affair between Brad and Angelina began. It’s promised to include intimate secrets about Angie’s sex life with Brad, things she’s said behind Brad’s back, and secret relationships she’s had while Brad was working. The contents of this book are supposedly so intense that In Touch Weekly Magazine is claiming, “He (Brett) knows everything about Angelina. It’s going to be one of the most explosive books ever written.” Angelina is seeking to find a way to block the book’s publication but nothing is for sure yet. If I were Angelina, I’d watch my back. You never know what ghosts might pop out of the past and haunt you.

“We should hear all the details”

Simon, Paula and Randy have been at this for over a decade now and have lost their touch. I mean, I think that Simon’s sarcastic wit has gone a bit dry with everyone every year for the past decade.

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March 20, 2009

Coachella... and MORE!
Nick Lane Staff Writer
We’re approaching Southern California’s biggest music festivals, starting with Coachella in the middle of April. The Internet is going crazy with line-up rumors. But this year, much like every year of the festival, crazed fans have taken things a step further on the festival’s message board, going as far as to contact bands directly for confirmation. Fans now no longer have to wait because the line-up for the threeday festival has been announced. Headliners include Paul McCartney, The Killers, and The Cure. Coachella ranges from smaller bands such as The Airborne Toxic Event, Liars, The Black Keys, and MSTRKRFT, to bigger bands such as Morrissey, The Killers, The Cure, and Franz Ferdinand. Friday, April 17th: •A Place To Bury Strangers •Alberta Cross •Bajofondo •Beirut •Buraka Som Sistema •Cage the Elephant •Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band •Craze and Klever •Crystal Castles •Dear and the Headlights •Felix da Housecat •Franz Ferdinand •Genghis Tron •Ghostland Observatory •Girl Talk •Gui Boratto •Leonard Cohen •Los Campesinos! •M. Ward •Molotov •Morrissey •N.A.S.A. •Noah and the Whale •Patton & Rahzel •Paul McCartney •Peanut Butter Wolf •People Under the Stairs •Ryan Bingham •Silversun Pickups •Steve Aoki •Switch •The Crystal Method •The Aggrolites •The Airborne Toxic Event •The Black Keys •The Bug •The Courteeners •The Hold Steady •The Presets •The Ting Tings •We Are Scientists •White Lies Saturday April 18th: •Amanda Palmer •Amy Winehouse •Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti •Atmosphere •Band Of Horses •Billy Talent •Blitzen Trapper •Bob Mould Band •Booker T •Calexico •Cloud Cult •Crookers •Dr. Dog •Drive By Truckers •Drop The Lime •Electric Touch •Fleet Foxes •Gang Gang Dance •Glass Candy •Glasvegas •Henry Rollins •Hercules and Love Affair •Ida Maria •James Morrison •Liars •Junior Boys •Mastodon •Michael Franti & Spearhead •MSTRKRFT •Surkin. Para One (Live) •Superchunk •The Bloody Beetroots •The Killers •Thenewno2 •Thievery Corporation •Tinariwen •TRAV$DJ-AM •Turbonegro •TV On The Radio •Zane Lowe •Zizek Club Sunday April 19th: •Antony and the Johnsons •Brian Jonestown Massacre •Christopher Lawrence •Clipse •Friendly Fires •Fu**ed Up •Groove Armada (DJ Set) •Jenny Lewis •K’naan •Late of the Pier •Lupe Fiasco •Lykke Li •M.A.N.D.Y. •Marshall Barnes •Mexican Institute of Sound •My Bloody Valentine •No Age •Okkervil River •Paolo Nutini •Paul Weller •Perry Farrell •Peter Bjorn and John •Public Enemy •Roni Size Reprazent •Sebastien Tellier •Shepard Fairey •Supermayer •The Cure •The Gaslight Anthem •The Horrors •The Kills •The Knux •The Night Marchers •Themselves •Throbbing Gristle •Vivian Girls •X •Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

Frank Finnerty
and His Story
Le Anna Merrill Staff Writer
Some of us take the bad thrown at us, accept it, and let it take us down, while some of us are survivors who fight back until we can get back on our feet and become stronger. Some of us are lucky enough to know one of these people who walk among us but not many know his story. Frank Finnerty (’10) attended a normal high school party one weekend, not expecting his whole life to change and almost end. Frank remembers a dark party, people dancing, and music playing, nothing unusual, when arguments were overheard and then everyone was being told to leave. He heads outside and notices his friend is being jumped by a group of people he does not recognize, so he runs to help him, and the group of people grows, and the fight gets bigger and bigger. This fight is happening, and people fleeing the party are running left and right, jumping in cars, when someone yells that the cops are coming. The group of people fighting separate, and Frank runs down the street when some of the people from the fight follow him and then he is the one being jumped. Frank falls to the ground because of a sharp pain in his stomach, and they keep beating him; his first thought is to “get the heck out of there,” but despite all the pain, he knows what he has to do, so he gets up and runs down the street. Frank runs down the street without his shoes and his face covered in blood; he then sees his friends Keith and Trevor who drive him to the hospital. Frank walks in and everyone just stares, so Trevor yells that his friend was stabbed, and Frank is grabbed and placed on a bed, his clothes torn off, and he sees his intestines hanging out of his abdomen. Frank had to spend a week in the hospital after his surgery, and it took about twelve weeks to recover; although he probably will not fully heal physically or emotionally for a while, he says he is getting over it. He is a strong person, and this experience will only show him how valuable life is. He says that the surgery and the time in the hospital was the worst part of the incident. Frank risked his life trying to help his friend; he is a true hero walking among us. I am happy to say he is a good friend of mine. He says this experience has taught him a lot. Next time you are walking down the halls to your next class, remember, everyone has a story.

March 20, 2009

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10 Features

Academic League
varsity captain Tim Ault. Jennifer Ault (’11) claims that this team’s Becky Hoffman success is because they “Work together well as a team. All of us Staff Writer are so academically diverse that it becomes easy to answer questions with different subjects.” Now that West Hills’ Academ- Last month, when asked if they ic League has finished, they com- will beat rival Santana on their pletely deserve applause. This last match of the season, she reseason had been great for both plied, “Uh….duh….” This team the varsity and junior varis younger than the varsity, sity teams. However, great with mainly sophomores and is not the word: Incredible freshmen, but their intelliintelli or marvelous would be gence levels are no differdiffer better to describe our ent. Junior varsity’s coach fantastic classmates. is French teacher MaMa This year, the vardame Janet Hédeline. sity team has only During an acaaca lost two matches demic league match, with captain Aneach team sits along drew Huynh (’09) a table with a series to help lead them. of buzzers. They are This team mainly given five seconds consists of seto answer a toss up niors and juniors. Jenifer Ault courtesy of Melissa Reed question. The team Their coach is bethat answers the loved chemistry teacher Mrs. toss up question will then receive Cheryl Gabler. A few times a a bonus question which conweek, this team meets in S4 sists of three parts. The team is for their practice. Practicing is given twenty seconds to answer similar to their meets: They set these questions. The team with up a match within their team. the most points at the end wins. The junior varsity team was unCongratulations, Academic defeated this year! Their captain League, on your success this year. this year is the sister of last year’s You are building on a fine tradition.

New Classes
Becky Hoffman Staff Writer
It is almost the end of the year, and we are already starting to go up to the counselor’s office to choose our classes for next year. If you are a senior that is graduating this year, you now get to sit back and watch the rest of the school frantically try and choose courses for next year. So, if you aren’t graduating, you may want to read this article! First, there are the four standard classes: English, math, science, and history. Mostly they are the s a m e as previous years, a n d nothing really change s . However, this year for incoming seniors (this year’s juniors) there are two new English courses available. One is creative writing with Mrs. Preble and the other is non-fiction based with Mr. Brent; however, standard college prep classes will still be available. Don’t neglect your electives after all of your English options. As for world languages, the same courses of French, German, and Spanish will be offered. This year, Mr. HoffHoff man’s sociology class and Mr. Reyes’ psychology class are getting huge hits. If you want to be in these classes, register quickly, or they will be taken and full. ROP classes for veterinary, dental, and medical professions courses are wonderful opThe best class that you could possibly take next year is Paw Prints! You work with teens who write articles on what whatever they want, work with Mr. Brent a n d h i s o n g o i n g mus i c lists, and, of course, have a few parties a year! porAlso, tuni- Mrs. Preble n e x t ties to courtesy of Melissa Reed year the take in class will order to not be first period, so if that’s get jobs not an issue, what’s stopping right af- you? Did I mention it looks ter high great on a college application? school. These aren’t your only opAP art tions. For more information history, photography and guitars visit the school’s website or will help with your art credits. go see your school counselor.


Q H [ W

Natalie Skinner Staff Writer
In the past there have been some well-known deaths that have occurred at amusement parks such as Disneyland. Who knew that the “Happiest Place on Earth” could be capable of such a thing as this? It is true that Disneyland does have a few deaths on its record; however, many people flock to this park every day because of the rides, Disneyland happy environment, and courtesy of even the food. Most people do not come to the park thinking that while. Disneyland was sued, it will be too dangerous. The of course, and they worked chances of death were very to make the ride as safe as afterwards. Alslim, but they still happened. possible though this is a hard topic of Each time it does happen, the park makes sure that they discussion, each of these ocmake the ride safer than it was currences has made Disneyland in the past to ensure safety for Disneyland guests. In 2000, there was an incident of brain damage because of a ride malfunction. The boy, around age five, left the park not being able to speak or walk. The ride crushed him, and he was in a coma for a long a safer place for everyone. It is one of the most popular amusement parks, and standards must be met. Disney is a big company, and with this on their record, they must fix the problems before they become bigger ones. The boy that received brain damage back in 2000 just recently died in January. The ride re-opened in 2001, and it was made safer, with bumpers on each of the cars. Now Disney is hoping that this type of situation will not happen in the future. Disney spokeswoman Suzi Brown said Disney was very sad about the death. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time,” she stated. Disneyland is working at becoming the “Happiest and Safest Place on Earth.” They are trying their best to keep each ride very safe so that the visitors of Disneyland will be assured that they will have a good time.

Mallory Stratton

Features Editor

The cost of returning to Cox Arena year after year has officially gone above and beyond the school’s budget. Some people have been wondering why we couldn’t just do more fundraisers to cover the costs; however, fundraising through ASB is not legal for expenses that are the responsibility of the district. Although other locations were also considered, the final decision w a s that graduation would be held on June 5th at 9 AM in the football stadium here at West Hills.

There is no ticket system or limits on amount of tickets, but there will be no saving large amounts of seats, so large parties should arrive together. They are also working on the obvious need for additional seating. Each graduate will receive one parking pass the day before graduation. They can use it any way they wish, though it is suggested that you have your parents drop you off and then go back to get the rest of the family. You can use your pass starting at 7:00 AM, and the stadium will open for seatseat ing at 7:15 AM. There will also be portable bathrooms available with wash stations. The night before graduation there will be a “Senior SunSun set” dinner event here at West Hills. Congrats to this year’s seniors, and good luck at graduation and everything that follows.

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March, 19 2009

Art For Orphans
Kelsey Berger Staff Writer
Ever had the opportunity present itself to learn about the life of an orphan in a third world country? Ever thought it could be through an art project? I didn’t either until I, and the all of the third and fourth year art students in Mr. Vandyke’s class, were presented with a project to choose a photograph of an orphan from Burma and create a portrait with the medium of our choice. Art students are asked to create portraits all the time, but this project held significance beyond the basic art enlightenment a portrait normally does: It was an opportunity for cultural understanding and a new sense of pride in one’s art. The assignment we were given didn’t just stop at creating the portrait and turning it in for a grade because it wasn’t as much about the grade; the portraits we all created were sent to the children and “I thought it was a really cool asteenagers whose photos became signment. I liked that we got to colorful works of colored pencils learn more about the country and and paint, along with a personal what’s going on over there,” exletter from each student. “I felt pressed Daria Ahmadian (’10). The organization North by happy because they got something difthat shows someone out there is Northwest specializes in dif memothinking about them,” comferent ways to create memo phomented Ama da Kazemi. ries. In this instance, a pho In doing this assignment, tographer travels to various we were given insight as countries whose culture to what life was may not be very well like in Burma known and photographs neighand how they the people their neigh elelive their borhood, capturing ele day-toments of that culture day lives, to enlighten people. and it The photographer phoa l s o then sends the pho gave us tos to art classes the chance to around the country reach out to them and presents the chance crein a new way. for students to learn, cre As Mr. Vandyke ate, and influence in one stated, “I think inspiring assignment. Student with art The feelings after finit’s a great way for Photo courtesy of Kelsey Berger ishing that assignment students to understand the lives of other children.” and sending them off to Burma Life for people in other coun- are indescribable but definitely tries can differ so greatly from resembled that unique, special, what we see in America, and it’s and incredible “warm fuzzy sometimes hard to grasp that until feeling” that comes about when we’re presented with an example. making someone else smile. tion reading and writing class The first semester is going to cover the topics of character, conflict, setKris McClain ting, point of view, and voice in Staff Writer the framework of your experience as a teen. You will also create stories and work on longer projects of your choice, such as novellas, graphic novels or digital story As a senior we all know that booking. The second semester English isn’t everyone’s favorite is focused on script writing and subject in our schedule. Well, if playwriting; the class will read theatre critiques and you want to stretch your brain, then maybe This class is very fun, analyze the compothe new non-fiction or and you will never nents of critical thinkfiction focused Eng- find yourself bored. ing. This class is fun, and you will never find lish courses is just for you. You maybe wondering yourself bored. This class is going what I am talking about when to be taught by Mrs. Preble, so I said new “English” course. you are guaranteed to have many Well, the non-fiction course will laughs as she always knows how to cover reading and writing in make learning fun and interesting. So, for all of you soon to be non-fiction, including things like speeches, articles, biographies, seniors out there who want to take print ads, reviews, manuals, and a college prep English class and more. This class doesn’t just help challenge your reading and writyou get closer to graduating, but ing skills, then either of these it will also fulfill college require- classes would be right for you. ments and give you unique expe- Remember: The credits you reriences for several careers. The ceive for either of these classes teacher for this class is Mr. Brent. will look good on any transcript Now, if non-fiction isn’t quite and meets college requirements your thing, then there is also a fic- and you get to stretch yourself!

Lorianne Hoover Staff Writer
unemployed, living off disability checks after a severe back injury back in December of 1997. Since all eight babies are in the hospital, she is racking up millions dollars in hospital bills that taxpayers have to pay. There is no father in the picture, and all the children came from the same sperm donor, which is a friend of the family. Suleman used the same doctor for each pregnancy. There are questions rising about the ethics of the doctor who put in the six embryos (two embryos split). He is currently under investigation from many people and has lost his credibility for future patients and many colleagues in his professional field. Nadya loves all her children, even with the controversy surrounding the situation; “All I wanted was children. I wanted to be a mom. That's all I ever wanted in my life.” Suleman aspires to continue her college education and eventfully get her own television series about child development. Two screaming babies is enough for most parents’, hopefully she is finally satisfied with fourteen children and does not try to break any more records! English. The subject tests evalu- coming up soon, so prepare as ate your skill in individual sub- best as you can. The first SAT Natalie Skinner jects such as history, languages, available is on March 14 and regStaff Writer English, and science. If you plan istration was on February 10. This on entering a comday will only be the munity college, it By taking these tests, regular SAT. On is not necessary May 2, and schools get a good idea Subjectthe SAT will to take an SAT, Tests although they are of where you stand on be taken. You must still good to take. your education level. register by March Attention Juniors: It’s time to To prepare for 31 for this test. June take your SAT’s. These tests are the SAT’s, there 6 will be the next important to get into a four-year will be prep classes towards the test. This day includes both the college or university. Most schools end of February through the be- SAT and the Subject Tests. May 5 require a SAT and a Subject ginning of March. Check the is the registration deadline. These Test; some also require the ACT. bulletin for more information. In are the first three test dates. There this class, students are more tests towards the end of Schools such will learn the best the calendar year. You are able to as San Dimethods of taking take more than in order to choose ego State University tests. They will learn your best score out of the group. require only how to choose the Remember: Schools do look one SAT. best answer possible, at your test scores, but they By taking even if by process of also look at your grades, so these tests, elimination. An SAT keep them up. There are many book will be avail- many factors and areas in your schools get able for $20 to help high school experience to quala good idea prepare for the tests. ify you for any certain school. of where you There are practice stand in your Make sure to sign up for these questions given, vo- tests. The classes will help to education cab cards to study, better understand how to test, level. SAT’s and tips on getting and testing will help you get test you on ready for the test. into a great school. Take charge skills such The dates are of your future-- take the SAT! as math and SAT study guide Courtesy of

Once upon a time, men and women got pregnant the old fashion way. Nowadays, there are many ways to get pregnant, as we all have heard Nadya Suleman recently delivered eight babies. It’s a phenomenal achievement to give birth to eight children at one time and to have to them all thriving at Kaiser Hospital. Even though they were premature at birth, they became the longest living octuplets in US history. There is a controversial side to this story. Even though she is well known as the Octomom, she has six other young children living with her at her parents’ cramped, three-bedroom house. She is currently receiving food stamps and is quickly becoming one of the most hated women in America. With debt up to her knees, she is

March 20, 2009

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