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Detailed Interpretation
Phrase now the development of things and understanding of the response showed a
different state of mind and views.
World all things, you can see it two concepts, one is positive, positive, and the other is
negative, negative, this is like money, a positive and negative; how to read, this is a
counter, that is, attitude, it completely depends on your own ideas.
Positive attitude make people happy, ambitious, energetic, mental, negative attitude is
frustrating, sad, no initiative.
Do you think what kind of person he is, it will become why the kind of person.
Trouble and joy, success and failure, only lies in an idea, this concept is the mentality.
Many aspects of decision attitude.
Thing depends on how we look at them.
The highest state of man is to hold an unbiased, indifferent attitude
?Human nature

Advantage of human nature

The most important thing is not to see distant things vague, but to do things well at
hand. Live in a totally independent today.
Can accept the worst case, allow you to play a new capacity.
We can use both hands to handle the daily work of annoying, but do not put it got to
the liver, lungs, blood.
--- --- Work is mental busy you the best therapeutic agents.
Do not exaggerate the importance of little things.
Let us ask ourselves at the average rate, I am worried about things, how likely to
Strained to understand leisure time, sneak.
Adapt to unavoidable circumstances.
Know how to exercise self-restraint.
Rest is not a waste of life, which enables you to do more clearly conscious of the time,
efficient business.
Four kinds of good work habits: 1. On the table, leaving only thing you have to deal
with. 2. According to degree of importance of things to do. 3. Encounter problems do
not hesitate. 4. Learn how to organize, hierarchical management and supervision.
If you "pretend" to work you are interested in this little bit of
pretending will make you become really interested, you can reduce your fatigue, your
tensions and your worries.
You sleep better to sit up and watch reading.

The weakness of human nature
Benjamin said the U.S. ambassador to the secret of his success: "I only
said I saw everyone's strengths."
Do not criticize, blame or complain.
Do not force others admit, psychologists, special high-Park said: "People
are just mistaken in Buguantongyang of things."
The first impression is key.
Best to meet others interested in
Enthusiasm is always entertaining success.
The twenty-first century psychologist Sigmund Freud said excellent, and we do
anything, all from the two motives, sexual desire and the desire to do important
people. To maximize the ability of one party
Law is welcomed and encouraged. Appreciation and compliments are different, the
former is true, from the heart, which is false, from between the teeth.
Do not worry about those who attack you, to beware of those who compliment your
The only way to influence others to talk about what he wants, and taught him how to
A question from the perspective of others who never have to worry for their future.
Ask for a favor, not only made him feel important, while you get the friendship and
To be friends, we should be interested in others. Remember their name, and he called
out, equal to his best reward.
Respect for others, to meet his self-fulfillment.

Happy Life

Buddha said: "Needless to hate hate, love just depends."
The courage to admit mistakes.
Let each other talk at the beginning is, yes.
If you want to be enemies, you performance is superior than your friends now!
If you have to pick the wrong, it Xianyanghouyi.
Allow others to keep face.
To others a good name for him to fight this.
The devil to destroy love the most vicious way to find --- nagging.
Sell your confidence is most important.
Shakespeare said: "Do not your enemy and ignite a fire, thermal burn
Can not fool people angry, not angry people are smart.
Do not imitate others, find themselves, maintain their own character.
Not to criticize other people unhappy, kicking a dead dog has never been.
Schopenhauer said: "The vulgar characters in great error and folly in the
greatest of pleasure.
Trouble of the best "antidote" is the movement.
Should never be too serious.
A letter written to a girl
Love is not eyes on the TV, but in one direction, as the cast.
Whether you grasp what hands, do not forget what your final result, you will not lose
Her husband on the work of enthusiasm, do not do what you do not like work.
A pair of sensitive and empathetic ear, talking more than a pair of eyes to make a
woman more appealing.
Wife's role is to help her husband become the man she had hoped not to
find fault with him, not to compare him with others, should be gently encouraged him
to appreciate him, trust him, for his encouragement and support.
You are your husband's colleagues at home, to understand his work, if you
are worried about your husband in the office that pretty secretary, why not try to steal
her work.
In order to pull the car stuck in the mud where the wife should get off to help.
Do not be left lying in the back of her husband.
Nagging wife to the husband, just as drops of water erosion stone, is the wisest way to
kill without spilling blood.
To the husband of a relaxed and comfortable, orderly and clean home.
Promote the advantages of her husband, others the impression that your husband is
often reflected in your attitude to your husband.
Husband's income in the context of life.
Husband's life lies in your hands, make his family happy life.
Show your love every day; be generous heart, for every little thing that your
appreciation, understanding and considerate to each other.
Great man
For Einstein, there is no one thing that he loved too much, but he did not matter too
much what hate. Einstein set up both for their own rules: First, no matter what the
rules are not, the second is not dominated by any of the opinions.
Crowe, founder of McDonald's: tenacity and determination is invincible.
Honesty first credit.
Strength is derived from the practice of.
Wisdom of the seminal vesicle
People on the go all day, efficiency is not good. Do one thing before we should
consider how to use the simplest way to do it well. Develop a plan and then do it.
Scientific management and human relations should be distinguished.
Eliminate the stubborn problems.
Mind to pay to pay and efficiency is different.
Experience is important, but should be complementary experience and practical
Mentality Categories

Learning attitude: learning is added to their energy input prior to output. Especially in
the era of knowledge economy, knowledge updates become shorter and shorter, equal
to scrap the outdated knowledge, only the continuous learning in order to keep energy
consumption to meet the social development in order to survive. To be good at
thinking, analytical, good at integration, the only way to innovation. Than reading
thousands of books from thousands, thousands in person than reading countless;
access to countless people as a guiding teacher, therefore, to keep up with winners.
Through learning and mastering the related computer operation and learn to explain
MELO company, products. System, the Internet. Take part in more training and
learning for training.
Zero state of mind: to re-start. The first success is relatively easy, but the second is not
easy, because there is no zero. Changan Group President, in the Oriental Son, when
interviewed, said the word, often a business failure because he had success. The laws
of development of things forward wave, spiral, cyclical changes. Use an old saying in
China, called fate has turned, in economics: asset restructuring. There is a TV
character asks: Life is constantly try again. Is not zero can not enter a new distribution
of wealth. Not sustainable development.
A positive attitude: things will always be kept with yin and yang, positive attitude is
always to see the bright side of things, and negative attitude only see the bad side. A
positive attitude and bad things can get better, good thing negative attitude can
deteriorate. Current era is the perception of the race! Positive frame of mind like the
sun, where it shines bright, negative attitude, as the moon, who started 15 different, is
not no sunshine, because you always head down, not without an oasis, a desert
because of your heart. Success in attracting, attracting migrant workers migrant
workers. Wall Street rich motto: To get rich must be away from the fool, at least 50
meters away.
Pay mentality: a causal relationship. Care is paid, to pay the boss mentality mentality.
The mentality of doing things for themselves, willing to understand the relationship.
Homes themselves were small homes small to large homes large enough, not reluctant.
The working of the mind is to meet state of mind. Do not want to pay, always save
money, and effort, save trouble, save the last to success.
Adhere to the mentality: 90% of them can not be successful, and why? Because more
than 90% can not persist. Adhere to the mentality of the time in the face of
frustrations reflected, not smooth when. Encounter a problem, but also insist on the
time until the break through the bottleneck to reach new heights. To adhere to the in
the end, not losing his.
Attitude of cooperation: Cooperation is a state. Cooperation could conquer the world.
Powerful combination. Together not only the addition of and. 1 +1 = 11 plus 1 is 111.
This is the force. But the first one fell into a -11 on the middle on that one fell into a
1-1. Success is the positive with the people who do things.
Humility: remove the shortcomings, learn the advantages. With an open mind makes
progress, pride makes one lag behind. There is a saying: humility is the greatest
achievement. Modest so that you get respect. The more full the more bent ears.
Modesty is the Chinese people's qualities!
Attitude of gratitude: gratitude all around, including the frustrations, difficulties, and
our enemies. Things are not isolated, not everything around you would not exist. First
of all thanks to our parents, they took us to the world, followed by Thanksgiving the
company has given us such a good platform, and then on Thanksgiving we are, that he
gave you such a good message, but does not help you, encourage you. Also grateful to
our partners is our effort to have our success. Thanksgiving all.

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