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									MBA 2009 Comprehensive Paper
MBA 2009 Comprehensive Paper
Candidates Tips
1. Choice of answers should be 2B pencils are marked on the answer card, or other
document are marked on the papers or do other types of answers on the answer card is
2. All other questions in blue or black pen or ballpoint pen on the answer sheet to
answer according to specified requirements, all done without making the papers or
answers in the specified location is invalid.
3. An assignment, please meet the invigilator acceptance and asked the invigilator at
the examination admission form signed by the corresponding position (as candidates
handed in the credentials). Otherwise, all the consequences arising from the
candidates own.
2009 MBA Graduate Management Admission Test comprehensive examination
comprehensive ability
First, problem solving (the 12 small problem big problem, Meixiao Ti 4 points, a total
of 48 points. A total of 15 small problems, Mei Xiaoti 3, a total of 45 points, the
following five options given for each question in only one is in line with the
requirements questions. Please answer sheet will be the option to black out the letters.
Second, determine the adequacy of conditions: conditions to judge the adequacy of a
total of 11 small problems, Meixiao Ti 2 points, a total of 22 points
The 10 small problem big problem, Mei Xiaoti 3, a total of 30 points.
Problem Solving Description: This big question asked to judge whether the conditions
given the full support of the conclusions inferred from statements. Read the
conditions (1) and (2), invited the answer sheet blacken the letters will be the option
Third, logical reasoning: the big issue, trivial 30, Meixiao Ti 2 points, a total of 60
points. The following questions are given for each of the five options, only one is in
line with the requirements questions. Please answer sheet will be the option to black
out the letters.
26. Found in a middle school student after school to play with a poker game with
gambling, poker, therefore requiring students to not bring into the schools, but it is
coins, also can be used as gambling paraphernalia, but to prohibit students with coins
into the school is incredible, so to prohibit the students to bring poker into the school
is ridiculous.
Which of the following, if true, most weaken the argument?
A. Prohibition of poker into the schools with students in the school can not prevent
B. coin as far as poker gambling paraphernalia convenience.
C. difficult to identify whether students enter the school with poker.
D. gambling not only undermined the ethos, but also affected student achievement.
E. Some students play poker do not involve gambling.
27. A. B. C and D to enter a chess tournament semi- finals, the last to be decided at a
championship. Zhang. Wang and Lee made the following three prediction results:
Zhang: champion not C.
Wang: B champion.
Lee: A winner is.
Zhang is known. King. Lee just three in one person's prediction is correct,
which of the following is true.
A. is a winner.
B. B champion.
C. C champion.
D. Champion is small.
E. can not determine the winner is.
28. Unless the age of 50 years of age, and can continue to swim 3000 meters or more,
or can not participate in next month's activity patterns across the Yangtze
River. At the same time, high blood pressure and heart disease can not attend. Huang
can continue to swim 3000 meters or more, but not been approved to participate in
this activity.
Above to determine which of the following conclusions can be introduced?
Ⅰ Huang at least 50 years of age.
Ⅱ Huang hypertension.
Ⅲ Huang suffers from heart disease.
A. Only Ⅰ.
B. Only Ⅱ.
C. Only Ⅲ.
D. Ⅰ. Ⅱ and Ⅲ at least one.
E. Ⅰ. Ⅱ Ⅲ not released from the casual working.
29. 1 pair of small mountain Village West survey found that about three-fifths of
children in a small Village into the secondary after moderate myopia, while their
parents and grandparents, have a chance to formal school education, rarely myopia.
Which of the following conclusions as above to determine the most appropriate?
A. Cause myopia to receive an education is the reason.
B. Only formal education in childhood was easy to become myopic.
C. Reading and class work will inevitably lead to pressure to bring the vision of
children's myopia.
D. Education development and the emergence of the phenomenon is closely related to
E. Little Village is about two fifths of children are illiterate.
30. Alan was admitted to Tsinghua, or not admitted to Peking University Xiao Sun.
Which of the following additional conditions, to introduce Xiao Li was admitted to
A. Zhang and Xiao Sun at least one person is not admitted to Peking University.
B. Zhang and Xiao Li at least one person is not admitted to Tsinghua.
C. Zhang and Xiao Sun are admitted to the Beijing.
D. Zhang and Xiao Li admitted none of Tsinghua.
E. Zhang and Xiao Sun none of them into the university.
31. Li and Wang is a great newspaper editor of the Department. The chief
editor's plans to deploy personnel to the Department of Economic Affairs.
Editor decision: without a large Li and Wang I agree, would not mobilize the two. Big
Lee told the editor: "I do not agree with the mobilization, unless I know
Wang is to mobilize." Wang said: "unless I knew Lee would
mobilize, or I do not agree to mobilize."
If the above three insist their decision to which of the following conclusions can be
A. They can not mobilize.
B. They are likely to mobilize.
C. They may mobilize at least one person, but not both mobility.
D. Or both to mobilize, or both are not mobilized.
E. Casual working conditions to promote both the mobilization of the determination
of no conclusion.
32. Jingwei auto shop last year raised marketers marketing ratio of performance
awards, store Manager Li intends to continue the implementation of the new year, the
proportion of the award, because last year the store's car sales increased by
16% over the previous year. Chen Assistant Manager skeptical. She pointed out that
their competitor is no incentive to adjust the proportion of marketers, but in the past
year have seen similar growth.
Which of the following are best summed up the method of Chen deputy manager of
the question?
A. Using a counter-example, the negative Manager Li's general
B. Using a counter-example to illustrate Manager Li's argument does not
conform to the facts.
C. Using a counter-example to illustrate Manager Li's argument has been
around, but not enough to launch conclusions.
D. Manager Li's argument that the concept of a critical understanding and
application of wrong.
E. Manager Li's argument that contains contradictory assumptions.
33. A comprehensive university that only science and arts, science students than
liberal arts students, girls more than boys.
If the determination is true, then which of the following students on the university
also must conclude that true?
Ⅰ liberal arts liberal arts boys more than girls.
Ⅱ science than liberal arts boys boys.
Ⅲ science than girls, boys arts.
A. Only Ⅰ and Ⅱ.
B. Only Ⅲ.
C. Only Ⅱ and Ⅲ.
D. Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ.
E. Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ not necessarily true.
34. For all the Olympic Games medalists were urine tests and found no Hing calendar
user agent.
If the above statement is false, then which of the following must be true?
Ⅰ or not of some medalists check urine, or medalists have found stimulant users.
Ⅱ Although some of medalists did not check urine, but still found a stimulant users.
Ⅲ If all of the medalists for the urine test, then the user must find a stimulant.
A. Only Ⅰ. B. Only Ⅱ.
C. Only Ⅲ. D. Only Ⅰ and Ⅲ.
E. Only Ⅱ and Ⅲ.
35. In a region over the past three years, the average price of daily necessities rose
30%. During the same period, to buy daily necessities of expenditure the ratio of
average household monthly income has not changed. Therefore, in the past three years
the average family income must have increased by 30%.
Which of the following is most likely to be assumed in the above argument?
A. In the past three years, the average family to buy the daily necessities of life did
not change the quantity and quality.
B. In the past three years, in addition to daily necessities, other commodity prices
increased an average of less than 30%.
C. In the past three years, the number of families in the region increased by 30%.
D. In the past three years, the family used to buy luxury goods, the average
expenditure decreased.
E. In the past three years, the average household living standards declined.
36-37 based on the following casual working:
Zhang: Nature in South America discovered prehistoric tools exist in 13,000 years ago.
Some archaeologists believe that these tools are their ancestral migration from Siberia
to Alaska's population use. This view untenable. Because of the need to
reach South America, 13,000 years ago, these people must be experienced in a long
journey from Alaska to South America in between, never found 13,000 years ago,
wood tools.
Lee Fellows: You probably overlooked: these wooden tools are found in peat swamps,
peat swamps in North America very few. Wood tool in ordinary soil will rot within a
few years to resolve.
36. Which of the following most accurately summarizes the researcher Zhang and Li
discussed the problem?
A. The wood tool is its prehistoric ancestors migrate from Siberia to
Alaska's people use?
B. Professor Zhang's argument whether the overthrow of the
archaeologist's conclusion?
C. The possibility of 13,000 people from Alaska to South America before the
completion of the long and arduous journey?
D. The wood tool is only in the peat swamp will not decomposed to resolve.
E. The prehistoric wooden tools exist in the 13,000 years ago to determine whether
there is sufficient basis?
37. Which of the following most accurately summarizes the researcher's
response to Lee method?
A. Professor Zhang pointed out that the arguments against the facts.
B. Zhang cited the conclusions with the authority that runs counter to research results.
C. Professor Zhang pointed out that the distortion of the archaeologist's
point of view.
D. Zhang questioned the implicit assumptions.
E. Professor Zhang's argument that the negative effect of its conclusions.
38. Anthropologists believe that if you do not have the ability to cope with the natural
environment, human beings can not survive in the prehistoric era of down. However,
considerable evidence that the A France Southern ape species, a prehistoric and early
human-related species, in a variety of natural and tenacious ability to survive as much
as prehistoric humans, but eventually died out. Therefore, anthropologists, this view is
The reasoning is similar to the loopholes in Which of the following?
A. Recognizing the large sheet of gambling is harmful, but is Gaibu Diao. Therefore,
"do not know can not correct the error error" that determination
is not established.
B. Ike has found that mine is operational errors caused by the evidence. Therefore, the
cause of the equipment on the mine aging Ike, dilapidated guess is not established.
C. Big Lee's cheaper to buy a pair of sneakers, clothing and a few days and
it broke. Therefore, the suspected "cheap no good goods" is
D. Since no doubt be admitted to the University of Xiao Zhao, then there is no reason
to worry about Xiaozhao may test into college.
E. Since the suspect admitted to the university Xiao Zhao certainly, it must pass the
test, there is no reason to doubt that Xiao Zhao University.
39. Sports on the Class A compliance test, the three teachers are forecast:
Zhang teacher said: "not all people do not pass."
Li says: "Some people will fail."
Wang said: "The squad leader and learning committee member will
If only one of three teachers in the forecast is correct, which of the following must be
A. Monitor and learn from members of the no pass.
B. Monitor and study members were passing up.
C. Monitor pass, but the study members did not pass.
D. Squad leader did not pass, but the study members had passed the.
E. The above is not necessarily true.
40-41 based on the following casual working:
Because the photo image is through the formation of light contact with the film, so
each photo has a certain authenticity. However, photographs taken from different
angles always reflect the real object, not a side full of truth, in this sense, the picture is
not true. Therefore, in the present technical conditions in order to photograph as
evidence is not appropriate, especially in court.
40. Which of the following is assumed in the above argument?
A. Does not fully reflect all of the real thing can not be the appropriate evidence.
B. All can not grasp the truth.
C. The current court regarded as important evidence photos.
D. If an object taken from different angles, you can grasp all its authenticity.
E. The court has determined the ability of any evidence of authenticity.
41. Which of the following, if true, most weaken the argument?
A. Photographic technology is evolving, in theory, panoramic photos from the
appearance to reflect the true object of all.
B. Any evidence of the fact that only one side need to reflect.
C. In court, some photos may not be evidence, but an important reference value.
D. Some photos are synthesized by technical means or forged.
E. To reflect the truth, the picture quality is very diffe rent.
42. If a majority of school students have sufficient appreciation of literature and moral
self-consciousness,       then,    like    "Pink        Dream"          and
"Performing Arts 18 hairpin" This publication can not be sold in
most school students book. H school students last year, the "Performing
Arts 18 hairpin" after sales "Pink dream."
If the determination is true, then which of the following must be true?
H Ⅰ to see the majority of college students are buying a "Pink
Dream" or "performing 18 hairpin."
Ⅱ H college most students are not equipped with adequate appreciation of literature
and do not have enough moral self-discipline.
Ⅲ H College at least some students do not have enough appreciation of literature, or
do not have enough moral self-discipline.
A. Only Ⅰ.
B. Only Ⅱ.
C. Only Ⅲ.
D. Ⅱ and Ⅲ.
E. Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ.
43. The new models just a routine test flight, not only can not be considered
successful, it can not be considered unsuccessful.
Which of the following is most appropriate for the evaluation of casual working?
Casual working in the statements are without flaws.
A. casual working in the statements of loopholes, this flaw also appears in the back of
the statement: The problem of social surveys on prices results not only reflect public
opinion can not be said that, we can not say is also not reflect public opinion.
B. a statement of casual working loopholes, this flaw also appears in the following
statement: This exam counseling, neither very successful, can not say that a complete
C. a statement of casual working loopholes, this flaw also appears in the following
statement: people have specific functions, is neither a scientific conclusio n to be
proved, nor is it purely fraudulent pseudo-scientific conclusions.
D. a statement of casual working loopholes, this flaw also appears in the back of the
statement: Students debate in the upcoming race, I do not think my school team will
enter the top four, I do not think our school representatives Teams may enter the top
44. S City, number of persons holding a driver's license increase over five
years hundreds of thousands, but fatalities are over five years, significantly reduced. It
can be concluded: At present, the driver's driving skills S City proficiency
than five years ago has significantly improved. The following, if true, could
undermine the argument, in addition to
A. Traffic is mainly due to driver violation of rules of the road.
B. S City traffic management now than five years ago, efforts to significantly
C. S City Driving strengthen the management, improve the standard of training for
new drivers.
D. As the higher oil prices, many owners take the b us or subway to work to change.
E. S City, the current road conditions and safety over five years, a significant
45. Shaw group five days a week, this week unless there are statutory holidays. In
addition to Friday at the Volunteer Association, and the remaining four days, the
insurance company Shaw Group to work in Ohira. Last week, there is no statutory
holidays. So, last week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday shore insurance
company Shaw Group must work.
Which of the following is assumed in the above argument?
A. can not be any more than two days a week statutory holidays.
B. Ohira insurance company four days a week working system.
C. last week on Saturdays and Sundays Shaw group do not work.
D. Shaw group's work in voluntary associations and the insurance industry.
E. Shaw group is a competent employee.
46. In the treatment of patients with lumbar muscle strain, it was only accepted
therapy, physical therapy and medication was also received double treatment. Before
the same can be expected with the latter treatment. For the patients receiving drug
treatment for lumbar muscle strain, such a drug is to achieve the desired therapeutic
effect is indispensable.
If the determination is true, then which of the following must be true?
Ⅰ part of lumbar muscle strain for patients who want to achieve with physical
therapy treatment, drug treatment is essential.
Ⅱ patients for part of the lumbar muscle strain is to get treatment, drug treatment is
not indispensable.
Ⅲ patients with lumbar muscle strain for all concerned, to get treatment, physical
therapy is essential.
D. Only Ⅰ.
E. Only Ⅱ.
F. Only Ⅲ.
G. Only Ⅰ and Ⅱ.
H. Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ.
47. In the humid climate in the cactus is difficult to survive; in cold climates, is
difficult to grow citrus. In most parts of province, cactus and citrus growth of at least
one is not difficult to survive.
If the determination is true, then which of the following must be false?
A. half of the province areas, both wet and cold.
B. hot in most parts of the province.
C. wet in most parts of the province.
D. certain areas of the province is neither cold nor wet.
E. Orange all regions of the province can not grow.
48. Moderator: Chinese Studies have friends call you a shaman, have friends call you
master in Chinese studies. Which name do you think is more suitable for you? The
question of improper but also in to the, in addition to
A. low speed you want socialism or capitalism speed?
B. You can sacrifice the environment to develop ideas, or wo uld prefer no
development can not damage the environment?
C. Do you think people are selfish, or that people are not selfish?
D. Do you think the "911" terrorist attacks inevitable, or that it
was possible to avoid?
E. Do you think the Chinese team must win, or that can not win?
49.     Zhang      Shan:      different   from      the    "knife",
"gun",                                  "Arrow",
"Ji", "the", "hu",
"who", "also" within the meaning of these
words not identified.
Si- : I agree. Because "the", "hu",
"who", "also" These words meaningless,
therefore, should be abolished in modern Chinese.
Which of the following is most likely Si-Chang Shan's determination that
the implied meaning?
A. Unless the word meaningless, or else there must be determined within the meaning
B. If a word has a definite meaning, it certainly makes sense.
C. not sure if a word meaning, it should be abolished in modern Chinese.
D. not only determine the meaning of the word, it should be abolished in modern
E. Most of the characters are determined referring to.
50. China to have first-class national power, must have a first-rate education. Only
first-class national strength, China's international contribution to make due.
The following are consistent with casual working means, in addition to
A. China is difficult to make due the international contribution, unless it has first-class
B. As long as China has a first-rate education, can make international contributions
C. If the Chinese have a first-class national power, not without first-rate education.
D. can not imagine that China has made international contributions due, but the lack
of first-rate education.
E. China faces choices: either to give up due international obligations, or to create
first-rate education.
51. Science can not do without measurements, measurements can not be separated
unit of length. Kilometers, meters, centimeters, centimeters to establish the basic
length unit is a completely man- made convention, therefore, scientific conclusions is
a completely subjective agreement, far from objective criteria.
Which of the following is most similar to the argument with the casual working?
A. establish a good social security system can not do without a strong comprehensive
national strength, strong comprehensive national strength can not do without
first-class national education. Therefore, to establish a good social security system,
must have first-class national education.
B. size of business do not do without advertising. Advertising is to have large capital
investment. Not everyone can have a large capital investment. Therefore, not
everyone can do the scale of business.
C. allow visitors to sit on a park bench. To take a park bench, they should close. A
path near the bench to trample the grass. Therefore, to allow visitors to trample the
D. dance with solid basic skills to go through long years of unremitting hard training.
Spring Festival evening party in the performance of dancers must have solid basic
skills. Long years of unremitting hard training is boring. Therefore, in the Spring
Festival evening show was boring.
E. family can not do without love, love is inseparable from the trust. Trust is built
based on good faith. Therefore, a genuine departure from the family crisis began.
52. All of the gray wolf is a wolf. This determination is clearly true. Therefore, all
suspected SARS cases are SARS cases, this determination is true.
Which of the following is most appropriate that the casual working demonstration of
the vulnerability?
A. casual working argument ignored: a proposition is true, does not mean that the
proposition has the form of any proposition is true.
B. casual working argument ignored: the relationship between the gray wolf and the
wolf, unlike the cases of suspected SARS cases and SARS relationship.
C. casual working argument ignored: the suspected SARS cases, most are not SARS
D. casual working argument ignored: not a lot of gray wolf.
E. casual working argument ignored: the way this argument will come in clear
violation of the fact that many other conclusions.
53. Prosecuting violations of law, but hardly any ethical violations be punished, if this
becomes a routine, then people will lose their moral obligation. Moral control the
threat to social stability as much as the law out of control. Therefore, in order to
maintain social stability, any violation of ethical behavior can not go unpunished.
Which of the following is most appropriate for the evaluation of the argument?
A. The argument is valid.
B. The argument has flaws, it is ignored: some violations have not been investigated.
C. The argument has flaws, it ignores: there is that violators are prosecuted, not
wicked will promote research.
D. The argument has flaws, it exaggerated the violation of ethical behavior harmful to
E. The argument has flaws, it ignores: the negative "moral violations are
not punished," Can not "moral violations should be
54. Zhangshan Xi Huan drink green tea, like coffee. No one of his friends both like to
drink green tea, and he likes to drink coffee, but all his friends like to drink black tea.
If the determination is true, then which of the following can not be true?
A. Huan Zhang Shanxi drink black tea.
B. Zhang Shan of all my friends like to drink coffee.
C. Zhang Shan of all the friends like to drink tea in the types of the same.
D. Zhang Shan had a friend not like to drink green tea, do not like coffee.
E. Huan Zhang Shanxi drink beverages, he had a friend like to drink.
55. A good act, must be both a good motivation, but also good results. If it is to hurt
others, or do not intend to hurt others, but the possibility of injury is foreseeable, in
both cases, causing harm to others are acts of evil behavior.
Which of the following describes the determination consistent with casual working?
A. Mr. P wrote an attempt to provoke his girlfriend, the relationship between Mr.
E's letter. P's behavior is evil, even though the letter and his
motives played a diametrically opposite effect.
B. In order to express themselves in front of the new leadership to compete for a
promotion quota, J, Mr. spare time to solve the backlog of medical claims,
J's behavior is good, because Ms. S requested medical claims in a timely
manner so compensation.
C. Way to work, M, Ms. own breakfast burgers to the streets of a beggar. Beggars,
eager to be swallowing accidentally choke on the. Therefore, M, Ms. inadvertently
implemented a bad behavior.
D. After heavy snow, T eradicate the front of the President to help neighbors of snow,
but do not accidentally leave the ice on the steps. So his neighbors fell over. Therefore,
a good act leads to a bad result.
E. Ms. S obligation to help a neighbor child care for 3 years. Ms. S was not looking,
kids went to the street results were hit by a car. Although no intention to hurt the child,
Ms. S, but her behavior is evil.
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