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									           BIG 3 NEWS
LIVE SHOWS:   Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
TIME:         10 PM Eastern
CONTENT:      Covering The Stories That Matter Most.
SEGMENT #1:   “Lead Stories” – Breaking News & The Latest Headlines
SEGMENT #2:   “Gov’t & Politics” – In-depth team coverage of political,
              economic, legal & military news at home and abroad.

SEGMENT #3:   “Faith & Spiritual” – Exploring faith, supernatural &
              paranormal news & experiences that determine our destiny.

SEGMENT #4:   “Love & Relationships” – News, surveys and
              studies focusing on matters of the heart, relationships & health.

SEGMENT #5:   “Science & Technology” – Spotlight on the hottest
              gadgets, coolest computers & scientific news from around the world.

SEGMENT #6:   “Arts & Creativity” – Featuring the most creative writing
              & entertainment news from our staff & readers.

SEGMENT #7:   “Sports” – Scores, rankings & stats from all over the sports

SEGMENT #8:   “The Strongest Link” – An interactive news game.
              Only one news link survives…and it might be yours!

SEGMENT #9:   “Off The Bookshelf” – Share your favorite book titles
              with our viewers. Email and we’ll feature it!
SEGMENT #10:   “Photo Gallery” – Artwork, event pics, nature shots…let
               us showcase your creative work! Email

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