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Marriage by fdjerue7eeu


Today is my sister wedding day, I sincerely wish her sister has been a stronger person,
like independence, and thus to get married now. I think she also believed that things
should be by yourself.

Brother in law is from Shandong, a kind of wild Shandong, masculinity, indeed is a
gentle person, gentle lack of gas. Is a talented man, the master of ceremonies
introduced the talking heads in East China. Indeed, the abdomen with gas from
Chinese poetry and literature.
Although I do not like selling Amway's staff, but I hope they can
flourishing career. Hope that they will Love For All Seasons, Jiaoutiancheng.
    From the ceremony begins, into the infield and then sat down and watched both
parents came to power speech, I believe the most exciting thing they had, that is, they
are most grateful to their parents, watching their eyes are red with the, heart not by a
little sick. And that they drink wedlock, bow. MC is to engage in the atmosphere, the
audience were very excited, of course, more important is to bless the couple brought
    Watching them, I would like to marriage in the end is not the tomb of love? I want
to believe it is not. Have a saying: do not marry will be 45 Victors Well, huh, huh. I
believe marriage is a wonderful organization of families of two people, two people
together by their own hands to build up their own happiness. I may be marriage
worship it, because I was afraid that alone, even if the two people together will be
lonely, but I still believe in the cold winter nights, there is a person able to cling very
happy thing. So I wait until after graduation, should find a warm person, and then go
out to his marriage. However, the next thing everyone says no, Oh.

When the maid of honor is not a simple matter ah, followed by the bride running
around, finally able to sit down and prepare something to eat, something to stand up
and stay with toast, Oh has been too tiring.



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