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Maritime University_ China Introduction by fdjerue7eeu


									Maritime University, China Introduction

China is the former Maritime University Shanghai Maritime University and Shanghai
Ocean University merged to form, the one it features the subject of marine shipping,
science, engineering, philosophy, literature, law, art, economics, management,
agriculture and other subjects coordinated development comprehensive university.

Modern China, a broken land was lost, see foreign powers invaded and affairs on
Africa, a group of men of insight, industry education efforts into saving the country.
Industry of the first, when the push education as a defensive imperialism and
aggression, safeguard our country's sea rights and fishing rights, 1909, Jian
and the Department of Postal Administration Shanghai Higher Industrial School Ship
Division; in 1912, Zhang Jian old founder of Jiangsu Provincial Simon Fisheries
schools, and created a Higher Maritime Education and fisheries education precedent.
Maritime University of China and China's growth has always been the
cause of the sea and shipping, and strengthen the international position closely linked.
At present, the China Maritime University has a new standing in the East China Sea,
dripping lake, and the Yangshan Deep Water Port Phase shine away. She heritage
predecessors Eternal Flame, gather students wish the Sea, in a pioneering spirit,
innovation, excellence, for the Chinese shipping by the shipping power to a power,
marine power forward. A new historical starting point of China Maritime University,
as if one filled with blessings and hope the wheel, whistle blew, sailing ... ... to build a
world-renowned, notable features comprehensive, research-based university level
work struggle.

China, Shanghai Maritime University, located in Harbor City Lake dripping university
district, with a total area of 3600 mu, a total of more than 30,000 undergraduate, 3,140
graduate students over. There are now equipped with the Marine Institute, Marine
Science Institute, Fisheries College, School of Traffic Engineering, Institute of
Petrochemical Technology, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Food and
Pharmaceutical University, Foreign Studies University, Xu Beihong Art Institute,
School of Law, Faculty of Arts, Economics, Management Academy. Among them, the
Marine Institute with navigation system, marine engineering, marine electronic and
mechanical engineering, marine police department. Marine Science Department with
the marine environment and life, marine engineering, energy resources and the
Department of Materials, Marine Physical Education. Traffic Engineering Department
with traffic and transport, logistics engineering, shipbuilding and engineering.
Mechanical Engineering Department of Electronic Engineering, with microwave,
refrigeration engineering, information engineering, set the English Department of
Foreign Languages Institute, Japanese series, Korean series, the French-speaking.
School of Economics set up a financial and accounting system, financial system,
international economic and trade systems, logistics, Department of Economics,
Forestry and Fisheries, Department of Economics. Xu Beihong Art Institute with
artistic design, industrial design, music system. School of Management with Business
Administration, Public Administration, Department of Marketing, Tourism
The school has Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree conferred, EMBA
grant rights, Master of Public Administration (MPA) Degree awarded the right to
apply for agricultural graduates and master's degree equivalent
qualification, with Key Laboratory of Ministry of Communications - Maritime
Technology and Control Engineering Laboratory; have the Ministry of Agriculture
Aquatic Genetic Resources and Aquaculture Ecology Key Laboratory, Ministry of
Agriculture, aquatic pathogens library and refrigeration testing center and teaching
center in Shanghai - Aquatic life sciences, teaching centers; building a number of
characteristics of specialized laboratories, such as shipping technology and Control
Engineering Laboratory, France Galileo Intelligent Transportation Research Institute
and Marine Safety, United States (SFU-NOAA) Marine Information Research Center
of Remote Sensing and Fisheries, Freshwater Processing and Utilization Research and
other fisheries, with world-class advanced level of sailing simulator - Mulan shipping
simulation Memorial Centre; water training base, tons education teaching internship
front wheel boat, Aquila, Tian Qin 2 ocean training unrestricted navigation area
training vessels and 29 water craft, built three breeding base. The school has to
shipping technology and Control Engineering Laboratory, Logistics Research Centre,
Institute of Automation, Electrical, Water Transport Economic Science Institute and
the Institute of Marine culture composed of Sciences, and the port of Mechanical
Engineering Design Institute, navigation, Science and Technology Research Institute,
Maritime Law Research Center, China Fisheries Development Strategy Research
Center, Agricultural Research Institute, Museum of Chinese fish culture, marine
remote sensing and Fisheries Research Information Center and other research
institutions; a Shanghai Port Machinery Quality Inspection Center, National Marine
Transport Intelligence Network so for the shipping industry to provide consulting and
technology services. School-sponsored and publicly published the "China
Maritime        University",         "container"        and
"Shipping Management" and "Computer Aided
Engineering", "Fisheries Science" and other
academic journals. Construction of the "China Sea" Website
Platform, China - Singapore Economic and Trade Cooperation Website information
collection center and the Chinese - Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation
Website information collection center. With Shanghai Port Machinery Quality
Inspection Center, National Marine transportation information network to provide for
the shipping industry such as consulting and technology services.
China Maritime University Library is divided into North and South Library, Southern
Museum of professional literature collection to the main water transport, including
maritime, logistics, shipping management, trade, finance, insurance, accounting,
travel, computers, navigation technology , marine engineering, electrical engineering,
machinery, electronics and so on, especially maritime, logistics, shipping management
literature as the characteristics and form a certain scale. South construction area
36,000 square meters. North Hall to fisheries, food features, documentation related to
ichthyology, aquaculture, marine fisheries and resources, aquatic biology, aquatic
products for domestic collection of scientific literature, the oldest and most complete
library disciplines, one was domestic Fisheries in the scientific literature as an
important fisheries information center. North Hall premises total area of more than
20,000 square meters.

Maritime University, China attaches importance to and continue to develop and
abroad (foreign) exchange and cooperation. Meetings with nearly 30 in the U.S.,
Canada, Chile, the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland,
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea,
Singapore, Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam and China Taiwan and Hong Kong universities,
international organizations, such as port and shipping enterprises established
cooperation and exchange relations, covering cooperative education, collaborative
research and student exchange and other fields. Student enrollment growing. China
Maritime University and Maastricht School of Management Master of Business
Administration in cooperation (MBA), University of St. Martin in cooperation with
the United States, English (business English), the accounting profession specialty
items, and the World Maritime University "International Transport and
Logistics "Master Training program, and NYK NYK Liaison classes, and
the University of Western Australia Master of Logistics Engineering and Management
training program, organized in cooperation with the 荷兰泽兰德 University of
machinery and electronics engineering, electrical, organized in cooperation with the
University 荷 兰 泽 兰 德 engineering and intelligent control of a professional,
University of Tasmania and the Australian National University set up Ian.

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