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Management is a management, rational, can be called with the management,
organizational unit, through the choice of market economy, scientific, rational,
optimal allocation of resources, economic factors, to organize management of low
input, high purpose of business conduct.

Philosophical sense, the management (which is the abstract expression of the various
management is the essential meaning of various management):

Management is focused on people's mental and physical activities to
achieve the desired objective. Management not only on human relations in the
adjustments, but also decide how to use their own physical and mental, the example
up in the morning workout, then go to their workplaces, such as Gong Zuoxian do,
after the doing of the means. No matter what, all need to focus on their mental and
physical strength, or the purpose can not be completed
Management development
Management activities associated with human evolution, the initial goal is to human
reproduction. Matrilineal and patrilineal society was born. Modern industrialization
and the birth of a very complex version management and management science.
Management of advanced stage
Is information management.
What is Management
Logic that the concept is reflected in the general objective things, the nature of the
feature, defined the concept of connotation or meaning of words made a brief and
accurate description.

Management is defined as the composition of the basic content management theory,
clear definition of management is to understand management issues and research
management minimum requirements.

From the meaning, management is often interpreted as chair or take a job. People in
their daily lives on management's understanding is so, ordinary people are
also in this sense the word go application management. However, the concept of
management into the human form, nearly every common labor from the human
thinking management who will make some description of the phenomenon of
management and general, and stubbornly maintain the correctness of this description,
and even general uniqueness of the human has never been defined have not achieved a
common understanding for management.

As the management concept of ambiguity itself, it is not only the distinction between
broad and narrow sense, but also because of the times, different social systems and
professional, resulting in different interpretations and understanding. With the
production increase in the level of society and human knowledge in the field of
development, people management awareness and understanding of the phenomenon
of the difference will be obvious.

Over the years, many foreign scholars from different research perspective, the
management made a different interpretation, however, management of different
researchers in different starting point, therefore, their management of the
term's definition is different. So far, management has no single definition.
Especially in this century, a variety of management school, because theoretical point
of view of different interpretations of the concept of management is even more mixed.
Management scholars is that the definition of "management",
such as:

◎ 1 Taylor: "know exactly what to do to others, and pay attention to their
best and most economical way of using shop and go";

◎ 2 [U.S.] F. Taylor, "Principles of Scientific Management",
unity Press, January 1999 version 1 release translation Korean p. 104 Fayol:
Management of all human tissue (whether family, business or government ) has an
activity that consists of five elements: planning, organizing, directing. Coordination
and control. Management is the implementation of planning, organizing, directing,
coordination and control;

◎ 3 Fayol original, CAO first translation, "Industrial Management and
General Management", unity Press, January 1999 Edition 1 Han Fang
translation, p. 7 Koontz: Management is to design and maintain a good environment
that people in the group where the efficient completion of established goals;

◎ 4 (U.S.) Harold Koontz / Heinz Weihrich, "Management"
Economic Science Publishing House in August 1998 the first edition, p. 2 Little James
Donaldson Lee: Management is by a or more persons to coordinate the activities of
others in order to receive the individual alone can not have the effect of the activities
carried out various activities;

◎ 5 [United States] Small James Donaldson 利詹姆斯吉 Busenyuehan Ivan,
"the basis of management functions / acts / model", in January
1982 1st edition, p. 18 Peter Drucker: the final analysis, management is a practice, its
essence is not "know" but "OK", the
validation is not logical, but in the results; its only authority is the achievement.

◎ 6 [U.S.] Peter Drucker, "Management of foreign economic
management classic books - Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices (on)" China
Social Sciences Press, 1987, p. 7

Management definitions can cite many more have some representation of several
comprehensive analysis of the following different points of view, in general, they
have insight, but also have shortcomings, but these definitions focus on the
phenomenon of management to describe the management of their own, without
revealing the nature of management. So, how to manage this complex concept of a
more comprehensive and generally summed it?

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